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High guys,

I've been smoking for about 2-3 years now. I smoke every day and the last time I went on a break was about a year or a year and a half ago. Here's why I'm going back on another break(today is my 3rd day sober):

  1. What I suspect to be Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

Unfortunately there's little research on this subject due to stupidity of not letting researchers study illegal substances, but quite a lot of what's known currently applies to me. I started experiencing almost regular morning nausea about a year or so into my chronic usage. I never actually vomitted from it, it never lasts that long, but I do definitely get vomitty sensation after waking up, almost everyday. I don't think this is cancerous or anything, but with the little research and findings there are on this subject, and the fact that it seems chronic and it's not something I've ever experienced before taking up cannabis, make me believe that this is a real thing. I don't think it's gonna kill me or anything, but obviously it's unpleasant and a sign that chronic prolonged cannabis use (or wake and baking) does have some undesirable side effects on the body, so I want to give my body and brain a break.

  1. Sleep quality

The last time I went on a break, and also why I was kind of scared to go on another break this time, is that I had trouble sleeping when I stop smoking. I just had difficulty falling asleep, even with melatonin, and I was constantly waking up - sometimes 5 times or more, which was absolutely dreadful because I do not have problems like that. So many people on r/leaves say they experience this also, and that it goes away after 2 weeks, which is EXACTLY what happened to me. I was almost surprised that literally after 2 weeks I was sleeping perfectly normal. So obviously cannabis does affect your sleep some way. Also I think I believe the theory that on weed, you don't dream.

And this is more of a conjecture, and possibly made up in my head, but I'm not sure if sleeping high results in a great restful sleep either. I still feel a little bit high in the morning, which affects getting ready for work, etc.

Lesser reasons include:

- I have problems with social anxiety, and I definitely have given thought to whether weed makes this worse. Funny thing is I had a social occasion yesterday (after my first full day of break) and def felt like I was less anxious? haha this could just be placebo but who knows? It could be true.

- That blissful first smoke after a hiatus!

So these are why I'm going on another break. Tough thing is, obviously none of these are that severe as far as negative side effects of a psychoactive substance, which is why I love weed, but that's precisely why it's hard to decide to break, because none of these side effects are THAT severe - I'm not losing jobs, I'm not destroying relationships or ending up on the streets. Makes you think, oh it's just slight nausea in the morning, my sleep is probably fine - it could just all be placebo or just me being high. But all things combined, I can't imagine quitting weed for 3 weeks will hurt me in any way, and it'll probably definitely help with those things above, and give me a clear head for the first time in a while. Oh boy spending a whole Sunday sober felt weird lol but I was definitely more motivated, concentrated, and productive than the usual high me.

Just wanted to share.

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