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$5 weed vs $500 weed

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Prepare for more red

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Down over 4% today. The video delivered.

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Aphrias Facility looks awesome

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I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating cookies as well...

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Would you kiss your sister though?

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Oh hell yeah brother

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wow shitty videography and lame story with no facts or ..erm story.

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That's journalism. Neutral, unbiased and educational. Not too in the 'weeds' but just enough to peek your curiosity.

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BuzzFeed, the peak of journalism.

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Stop that manspreading.

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thicc dicc in da houseeeee

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I.F. Stone does another roll in his grave

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I'm triggered

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What you described is called reporting, not journalism.

Journalism would be finding the facts and presenting them regardless of how the parties involved feel. Journalism isn't unbiased. Its supposed to be biased towards the fact.

Too many people mix this shit up today. Thats how we have cnn, msnbc, abc, and fox.

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"This is John Doe, CNN, Journalizing from the White House"

Or replace CNN with any news agency

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First and last time I'll consume Buzzfeed journalism.

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My biggest concern always comes up in pieces like this as well as comment sections.

Too bad the licenced producers don't meet users standards & have pesticide ridden crap compared to the craft growers the black market has.

The optics of large businesses entering the space really rubs a lot of people the wrong way. I feel it's something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. There's a massive stigma that: companies + government regulation = evil corruption. Even though it's entirely an hypocritical mindset. The mantra for activists was "legalize it and tax it" or "regulate it like alcohol"... as soon as it actually happens a large number of people (who are supposed to be the market companies are selling to) get upset when they realize it opens the door to large companies. Comments like the one quoted above are basically double-think. How sure can anyone be that craft and black market growers don't use pesticides and are completely altruistic growing weed out of love? They're in it for the business opportunity too. Differences are that cannabinoid content is uncontrolled and untested, pesticide use in completely unregulated, and health codes aren't necessarily followed.

What I would like to see is a grandfathering of non-legal growers into the fold. There are unlimited licenses after all, it just requires going through the proper approval process. Maybe have an accelerated micro-grower licensing program. That doesn't even necessarily mean extra competition. These small growers would probably be thrilled at the prospect of receiving a cash injection of capital from any LP willing to extend investment. It would allow access to more variety in genetics for the large LPs. It would be good PR and optics which has the potential to reassure people that have sour tastes in their mouth when they see their favourite non-legal growers embracing and aligning with large LPs.

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I can't believe only one LP is truly focused on a 100% organic model. I think that is important to people.

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The only NON-LP growers that should be allowed are the Natives! All the other activists can fuck off, you don't deserve to grow anything more than your 3 plant limit.

~white man

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Yeah fuck all those activists... they're only a large segment of cannabis consumers that LPs want to turn into customers! I agree that they're wrong in their logic, but alienating people does nothing constructive. That attitude is terrible, I hope you don't run a business yourself. I'm not even talking about activists per se, just people who feel taken advantage of and by default distrust big business. To be fair from many peoples perspective, big business has continuously fucked people over again and again and again in other sectors.

And it's a four plant plant limit.

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The segment you speak of is insignificant.

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I disagree. It may be a vocal minority of users, but that has influence on public perception, and public perception matters.

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Why is it not at 20$ wtf

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....why would it be...

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Because I reloaded on it in January like a bitch.

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    How much did APH pay Buzzfeed for this?

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    More then what ACB will make on their sky project. About $4.50

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    They said they were not aloud to disclose the exact number

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    English isn't even my first language and the amount of bad spelling in this sub is like nails on a chalkboard.

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    Eye think they spelling ease correct!

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    Bought about $2k more, will grab another batch this week if still cheap.

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