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Hello everyone, i have recently decided to revive this subreddit. I love the idea of this sub and want to continue this. If anyone is interested in becoming a moderator send me a message and we can talk. This week i will be finding new subreddits and promoting the revival. Hopefully this Sunday i will release the next weekly list. I am glad to be taking over the subreddit with the already amazing subscriber base and hope to grow this subreddit exponentially. Thank you all for your patience i would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments :)

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Full disclosure: some of these subreddits may be moderated by mods of r/weeklyreddit. We are promoting these first because we haven't had enough time to find other subreddits to promote.


Ads are everywhere. On billboards, on TV, on your phone, cars, they're literally on everything. What about that post you upvoted half an hour ago? Was that an ad too? What even counts as an ad, anyways? At/ r/CorporateOverlords, that is the topic of discussion. This subreddit is a forum for discussing Reddit posts that are blatant advertisements, posts that act as advertisements, posts that are brand worship, etc. Be mindful of what you look at, it could very well be just an ad.

Top post: Mods of /r/hailcorporate are shilling [cryptocurrency.] If you're sick of it, join us here!


Honestly, words cannot describe what this subreddit is about. It's for fans of Crusader Kings II, a grand strategy game made by some Swedes. The content in this subreddit is so easily taken out of context that it is a banned subreddit from /r/NoContext.

Top post: Charlemagne. If you vote this up, it will show up on Google Images when people Google search Charlemagne


This subreddit is dedicated to showing off general computer electronics in any way that makes them pretty. Show off your PC, your CPU, some RAM, an old PCB from some ancient PC, whatever. It just has to be hardware and it has to be a good picture.

Top post: More 1080ti's than you can count all watercooled


Have you ever seen a gif and wondered if it was from GTA or Russia? Well now you can see more of those gifs and videos here. Soon you might wonder if GTA is Russia... or if Russia is GTA. Or both.

Top post: When you harass a NPC on the road.


It's hard to find a subreddit more incomprehensible than /r/CrusaderKings. Well, /r/vsaucememes is one of those subreddits. Here you can find memes of Vsauce turned up to 11. Viewers beware, these memes are not for the faint of heart. Seriously, some of these are just awful... or are they?

Top post: And as always, thanks for watching?


Full disclosure: some of these subreddits may be moderated by mods of r/weeklyreddit. We are promoting these first because we haven't had enough time to find other subreddits to promote.


everyone loves a beautiful photo but how about a photoshopped photo? r/photoshop_creations features breathtaking photos by photo manipulators from all around the world!

Top post: North Korea would be more terrifying if Kim Jong Un was skinny


Everyone loves to get things in the mail and r/sticker_exchange brings an inexpensive way to trade with people around the country and world. On this newly revived subreddit users can post photos of the stickers they would like to trade and other users can comment and trade their stickers and up their trade score!

Top post: READY TRADE! - 50x Tradepacks are ready to SHIP!


Featured as a trending subreddit for June 30, 2018 r/Notinthemovie is a place for movie scenes you seen in the trailer but never made it into the movie.

Top post: Kylo Ren's hilted-lightsaber reveal from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)


The internet is filled with fake news but, how about a subbreddit filled with only fake news that sounds surprisingly real. Well, meet r/FakeFacts your #1 place for getting and spreading misinformation that actually sounds real!

Top post: Did you know the word "News" is an acronym for "Notable Events, Weather, and Sports?


r/Unorthodogs is the place for dogs pictures that aren't necessarily "cute", but more of an unattractive kind of cute.

Top post: "Smile, look straight into the camera..."


Full disclosure: some of these subreddits may be moderated by mods of r/weeklyreddit. We are promoting these first because we haven't had enough time to find other subreddits to promote.


Sure, /r/nvidia has about 100k readers and objectively the best GPUs. But everyone loves an underdog story! /r/radeon is dedicated to news, photos, benchmarks, and rumors about Radeon GPU and other AMD products.

Top post: Some Vega 64 Love


Although a healthy lifestyle is a good goal, having a good diet or exercising may not necessarily increase the average lifespan. /r/longevity is a forum for discussing the latest advancements in age research and how to increase the human lifespan.

Top post: A bitcoin millionaire is giving away their fortune to psychedelic research, curing ageing and clean water


Sometimes interviews go badly. Badly enough to warrant not calling the interviewee. But, as the saying goes, comedy is tragedy plus time. /r/wewontcallyou is a subreddit where you can share your amusing stories of bad interviews or resumes.

Top post: Hiring for medical research, candidate had a small phobia...


Now, when this subreddit was suggested to be featured 3 years ago, it was alot smaller. However, it is a very interesting subreddit; Black Desert Online is an MMORPG that does not require monthly payments unlike MMOs like WoW. /r/blackdesertonline is the premier subreddit for all Black Desert Online discussion.

Top post: <-- This many people want this removed


It's a subreddit for Nintendo Memes. It's Nintendo and memes, in one subreddit. But they could probably change their name to Waluigi Memes and it would still be an accurate title.

Top post: Which would you choose?


Hey everyone, you've all heard that this subreddit is back up and running, and tomorrow will be the first post in over 3 years. And yes, it will be Volume 79, and the input that thread got will be considered. We have 5 subreddits to showcase! Stay tuned for Sunday!

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Have or know a sub you want to see featured? Let us know about it here!

The sub should have fewer than 25k subscribers (but more than a couple hundred, unless it has a lot of posts) and at least a little activity. (We're here to help breath new life into dying subs as well!) Thanks!

Edit: Since I've been busy and missed the last two weeks, I'll be doing a giant post either May 2nd or 9th.



Revenge is a dish best shared with internet strangers. This subreddit is for revenge that starts out petty, but continues to escalate to be more pro. (So a mix of /r/PettyRevenge and /r/ProRevenge)

Top post: I thought you liked pink?


Everyone needs a place to vent and solicit advice about their bad roommates. It's hard not to get ruffled at almost every story posted here.

Top post: My dirtbag roommate tries screwing the other roommates backfires.


"Public transportation is for jerks and lesbians" and this sub proves that can be very true. (Well, minus the last part from what I've read. More poopers than lesbians.)

Top post: Probably the nastiest thing I've ever seen was on public transit /u/OracleFinancialsNerd


Ever be that customer that people would bitch about on /r/TalesFromRetail? Or maybe you were the kind that they'd write praises about. Either way, this sub welcomes your story!

Top post: "You're underage!" "I'm just buying cheese!"


And finally, a sub where spontaneous kindness to complete strangers is encouraged. After all the above subreddits, this one should restore your faith in humanity :)

Top post: I gave the pizza guy a $20 tip on a $25 bill.



Not your average Easter egg. These "eggs" are neat things hidden in websites, games, movies, and other media.

Top post: Homer Simpson x-ray in Bones season 5 episode 7 (2009)


Everyone loves bunnies! They even have a PSA sticky about giving someone a rabbit on Easter.

Top post: I don't know why I thought this would work



Top post: You know what goes good with eggs? Bacon!


Delicious sweets that everyone will be eating today! (What else is there to write about candy; who doesn't like candy?)

Top post: Look what I found in IL--thought they were a no-no in the USA...

ArchivedModerator of r/weeklyreddit

Hello /r/weeklyreddit! There's been a bit of a hiatus, but we'd like to bring everyone a great list this Easter.

If you have a subreddit you'd like to see added to our list, post it in this thread and we'll check it out :)


But you need to be running a legitimate bestof 2014 contest---so this is it! Nominate or vote for your favorite small subreddits of the year here. Winner(s), as chosen by the mods, will get gold (as in, the person who nominates the best small subreddit).


Just one, your favorite small subreddit. Post a link to it in this thread. It doesn't matter if you mod it, but only one nomination per person.


  • Subreddit must have posts in the last two months--i.e. this sub would have been disqualified before today ;)

Also, the admins have issued a clear challenge to all the subreddits to vote on which of their posts best fits the criteria of "most inspiring configuration" so feel free to nominate one sub for best of 2014 and one for that category (however you'd like to interpret it). No promises for gold for the latter though.

edit:gratz to all the winners.


First post here please be gentle.

/r/floridaman Has anyone else noticed that whenever something stupid happens on the news that the perpetrator is always from Florida? This subreddit follows the horrifyingly idiotic misadventures of the world's worst super hero. FLORIDA MAN!!!

/r/imgoingtohellforthis 18+ Leave your morals at the door. This subreddit is for the assholes in all of us. This is a collection of some of the most offensive, racist, and indecent humor on the internet. You will hate yourself for laughing. Example of some of the content. Be warned, very NSFW.

/r/dadjokes Well, I thought we needed something a bit more innocent after having our feels destroyed by the last sub. This is a subreddit for puns, stupid jokes, and pointless humor to make you facepalm.

/r/holdmybeer As the subreddit description puts it "Hey man, hold my beer. Check this out" the classic words that end in either awesomeness or injury. Watch people injure themselves with their own stupidity.

Well, thats it for this post. I hope to post again soon!



A place where all answers and questions are asked and answered just like in the 1400s!


Ever wondered why your brilliant comment was downvoted? This is a place for you.


Hilarious sub where you ask Reddit to explain anything as if you were [something].


Get answers from actual professionals to all your questions!


Have all your questions answered by a true bro.



Normally, this sub is about the readers' impressions with their meal at a fast food restaurant. Lately though the mod decided to make it about the good burger ^_^


A place for eating delicious cereal as well as posting some original stories you've made up.



(A place for all kinds of bird gifts showing the superiority of our feathered masters)


Formerly /r/projectawesome, this is a subreddit for those who love military simulation games.


Like running around and are too hardcore for airsoft? Subscribe to this sub to keep up to date with the newest development in paint-based armaments.



For free eproducts such as games, services and software.


Just for free software, as well as news and articles surrounding it.


In purpose it's for anything free, in practice however it tends to have free software and games.


Have a picture you want a wallpaper of but are having trouble with resizing? Have an idea for a perfect wallpaper but can't do it yourself? /r/WallpaperRequests is a great subreddit where you can request just that.


Tired of the same default fonts, but don't know where to start? /r/freefonts is a great little community for it. It' has tons of sites with free fonts on their sidebar, and it's postings are a mix of the best of the best free fonts along with fonts made by redditors.

An honorable mention, /r/freebies, which at nearly 250,000 subscribed is a bit too popular to be on this WR as anything less. A great subreddit devoted to finding and sharing free samples of almost solely real physical products, with a community savvy enough to quickly find and downvote, report and remove scams.

Stay tuned for more freebies lists, as this is just part 1 in a multipart series.



A place to share pictures and experiences about street food from around the world


This is the subreddit for the University of Reddit class called Cooking For the Single Life.


Experiences information and questions are most welcome. Discussion of Healthy Food - nutrition news and research, food types and how they effect you. Discussion of Healthy Cooking - Recipes, thoughts, and ideas for healthier cooking!


Did you eat something? Was it delicious? Why not rub it in everyone's face and post a picture of it?


A place to discuss techniques, tips, recipes, and pictures of smoking meats, vegetables, fruits, or anything else consumable.



This is the high-end. Populated mainly by real graphic designers, the comments can be biting, and critiques are harsh, but if you can hack it, there is a lot to enjoy here.


Mind-blowingly good ads


Design discussion, suggestions, and feedback on your work.


Designs so beautiful they should be porn.


All things related to Industrial Design. Industrial Designers are the people behind the scenes who make products and things look like they do.


For everything involving sleep!


A general subreddit devoted to the subject of sleep, the science behind it, articles about it, and how to get a full restful night's sleep.


A wonderful little subreddit for things to browse to help make you sleepy as the name implies. Typically music, but anything goes as long as it makes you tired.


For those that don't know, lucid dreaming is the state of being aware you're dreaming and being able to consciously control your dreams. The /r/luciddreaming community contains guides of how to do this (And yes, just about anyone can learn to lucid dream! It just takes a few minutes of work each day for most methods, and within as little as few weeks you'll start experiencing them), questions about it, and a place to post your experiences.


A simple place to talk about your dreams, whether troubling or intriguing, though of course lucid dreams would be better served with a post in the previous entry.


For pictures of Asians that look sleepy, truly proving reddit has few if any limits on what a subreddit can be about.

Honorable mentions: /r/nosleep and /r/coffee, if you don't wish to sleep.



Quotes from the everyday person


Network and information security


The largest community for iOS jailbreaks


Get paid iOS apps free when they go on sale or for free


Great hip-hop community, great stylesheet, great mod team



America's favorite serial killer turned lumberjack.


A place for pictures,videos,text posts or AMAs which are funny as well as sad/weird.


Self-explanatory, really. Includes community events, like movie night.


parody sub pretending that outside is an rpg


A subreddit for challenges and testing what you can do.



Embrace your kitty overlords.


ARMED BIRDS. 'Nuff said.




Houses you can fap to


Want to get into torrenting? This is the place to go



A reddit version of the gameshow "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", where everything's made up and the points don't matter. Come up with the most humorous answers to the questions and prompts asked.


Jeopardy on reddit, again part of the fun is attempting humor, of course getting the answer (or rather question) "correct" is good too.


Where redditors post a screenshot of a movie and others have to guess which movie it's from. (Honorable mention /r/guesstheshow)


Based upon the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, the goal is to link any actor to Kevin Bacon through no more than six connections, where two actors are connected if they have appeared in a movie, show or commercial together. (Source)

SixDegrees takes it a step further and lets you issue or take any challenge between any two actors or things.


Simular to guessthemovie and guesstheshow, but with photographs in which you have to guess the location.

A final honorable mention to /r/OpenTales, a subreddit devoted to character roleplaying, growing very fast.



Tired of seeing mobs of people angry about things? Remember the beauty of what unites us by watching some of these videos.

Top submission:

Sax Battle in NYC subway - [4:37][2013-04-07]


After watching the above, come over to this subreddit to be reminded of the kindness within us as expressed through paintings drawings and even gold-plater figurines!

Top submission:

A Belly-Warming Painting (I finished it today!)


Gone through all the submissions on /adorableart and crave more cute? Tired of just kittens and puppies on a certain default subreddit? Want to see the japanese twist on "cute" and find out what "moe" means? Then this is the sub for you. Come scroll through enough moe to make your heart melt from the latest anime as well as the all-time greats coughharuhicough. This is also one of the few subreddits that aren't modded by me that I can say from having watched it blossom myself has praiseworthy moderation.

Top submission:

Every time you downvote an awwnime post [Reddit]*


After getting an eyeful from the above subreddits, get an earful and laugh at jokes brought to you by reddit's top comedians. All submissions here are around 1 minute so you'll get a laugh even if you're short on time

top submission:

A quick story about Daniel Tosh - [0:47][2013-02-03]


You got inspired, you laughed, you fell in love and you laughed. Now it's time to once again relax and get serious, return to that peaceful beginning.

Top picture:

Adventure Time Hit Home

*Honorable mention: if you liked that top awwnime picture, /r/redittan is the official (half-dead, unfortunately) place to find and post more pictures like it.


Holiday/black friday edition!


Post gift suggestions and/or ask for gift suggestions. Search for flair:BF/GF/mother/father etc. to find previous suggestions for each category.


Links to various black friday deals and other general posts that have to do with the day.


Monday is when all online retailers slash prices, and this less-known subreddit specializes in those deals. Avoid the rush and shop at home :)


Want to brighten somebody's day this christmas? Can't get enough of giving? Visit this sub and choose a random person to give something to.


When you get tired of all the crazy shopping, cool off in this anti-consumerism subreddit.


Pokémon Edition


Want to play Pokémon? Sick of the official games? Come here and see what we can offer!


A free Pokémon breeding service!


A subreddit made for fan-made Pokémon!


Everything is a conspiracy...even Pokémon.


Realistic Pokémon art!

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Because the devs of the Universe hate us.
top post


The place to make your iPhone more like an Android.
Top post


Where to catch up on Pokémon biology or how the hell a fish evolves into an octopus.
top post: a summary of lapras


Bored? Go on this subreddit and play some games to pass the time!
top picture--a preview of kingdom rush 2


Post a challenge and see if people can do the complete the challenge! Fun subreddit with endless possibilities.
top post

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Watercolor paintings! Better that /u/Shitty_Watercolour!


Music guides for the discographies of relatively unknown artists, as well as some popular ones.

Guide to Green Day


A subreddit where you post a picture of a place and people try to guess where the place is.

Where and who is this guy?


A subreddit to "kickstart" your subreddit--post a subreddit you've made here and people from this sub will submit content to it.


The place to go if you want to get a quick overview of what a game is like.

Braid: A platformer in which you have the option to reverse/meddle with time. Extremely arty and pretentious/ambitious, but is also mindblowing, and quite beautiful in its own way. Imagine Super Mario 3 crossed with American Beauty and you have something like it. Take about 6-8 hours to play through, and is definitely worth it.


Vol #58 July 15-21. 2013

We were a Little late in posting this, but here it is.


Tech support at its best! Come here for tech-related advice and help.


The place for photoshopped photos that look like shit.


Clogging a public toilet 101.


Answers from the experts at Yahoo! Answers.


Find answers to your dumb questions!

SMALL SHIT BONUS! (Small Shitty Subs)

/r/ShittyBuildingPorn, /r/ShittyRoomPorn, /r/shittylego, /r/shittysubredditDrama

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A weekly list of Great Subreddits! Every Sunday we'll choose good subreddits. Since there are a ton of new subreddits, and discovering the good ones can be hard, you can discover them here. Weekly list of new or not-well-known subreddits.

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