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My SP4 just updated itself recently, and I see Bubble With 3 Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Disney Magic Kingdoms, and March of Empires installing on their own. Did I do something or is Microsoft doing this on its own? If so, how is this okay and how are they getting away with this? I am marginally okay with them preinstalling bloat, but reinstalling bloat is a new low imo.


OS: Windows 10 Home

Error: No Internet, Secured: I can connect to wifi, but not the internet.

Situation: After reformatting Windows, I was installing some security software and changed the DNS. To be more specific, I was installing OSArmor, VoodooShield, and Avast free. I changed my DNS to Canadian OpenNIC servers. It wasn't immediately after I changed the DNS, so I doubt that was the problem. I thought maybe it was the security software, or that I was installing it at once. So I uninstalled the previous mentioned software and still have the issue.

What I've tried: Disabling/Enabling adapter, Updating adapter, Reinstalling adapter, disabling IPV6, Restarting computer, Restarting router/modem, Windows Troubleshooter

Troubleshooter Results:


  • I only have this issue on my laptop

  • I had used DestroyWindowsSpying immediately after windows was up and running.

  • The internet had been working long after DWS was installed/used


So i am getting a new PC today, and want to reuse my current OS SSD as a data drive, is there a way for me to just purge all Windows related files entirely and keep all my other stuff on hand?


If you enable G-SYNC for Windowed & Fullscreen applications, does disabling Desktop Composition (Classic theme.) still cause tearing in games/desktop use?


I am looking to install two copies of Windows 10 on separate SSDs. One will be used for work and the other to be used for personal use.

How would I go about doing this?

Edit: I understand that I need two licenses.


Big newbie here so go easy on me. Im formatting my pc lots of problem. When will they release the new windows 10 april update? Can you make anu possible guesses? If no update insight do I go with the current version or is there a way around to get the new version. Thank you


I have installed Windows 7 with a legit key but then installed in the same computer Windows 10 with a legit key. How can I use my Windows 7 key on a new computer?


I have an Intel 530 SSD that I pulled out of my PC and am trying to install into a Dell Inspiron 15 7000. The Dell uses UEFI, so of course it's nothing but fucking problems.

I was greeted with a completely empty partition screen, great. Ran diskpart, diskpart doesn't see the drive.

I then downloaded the Intel RST pre-install driver, didn't do anything. Diskpart still doesn't see the drive even after the driver installs.

Booted gparted and formatted the drive GTP, still not visable.

Made sure drive is visible in BIOS, it is.

Made sure drive functions in other PC, it works.

Cloned Windows from slow HDD to Intel SSD. Boots technically but freezes and crashes uncontrollably and I can't find out why.

Why doesn't this disphit Windows 10 installer see a generic sata SSD and what can I do to fix it?


im so frustated by this, i cant manually disable it its fine if download happen when im not playing online game any tips to stop this update thingy? idk even what im downloading , there's no notification whatsoever, i really want to downgrade to windows 7, but my laptop only have windows 10 drive


I'm currently working abroad and was given an allowance to buy a laptop - now have a Windows on Acer. I don't know how to do anything since my personal computers have been Macs for years and because of the language taking it out of the box, a flatmate set it up. He made a spelling error on my given name (easy typo to do with my name) and now all my folders have the wrong spelling and it is driving me insane - everything is C:\Users\misspelledname\Desktop even after making a new log in account.

How can I fix this because it is driving me insane - computer is only a couple of days old so no big deal if I have to delete things but I am at my wits end.


Where was this photo taken?

It looks like Norway? I've tried Google Image search and it just brings up links to Windows backgrounds but not a source for the photo.


I'm trying to do an in-place upgrade of Windows 10 LTSB 2016 over the network using command line. I keep getting an error saying "Setup has failed to validate your product key". I tried modifying the ei.cfg file located in the Sources folder of the ISO and nothing I add in there seems to work. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Side note: The PC's I'm working with are not internet connected.

Sample command:

start /wait .\Win10\setup.exe /auto upgrade /migratedrivers all /dynamicupdate enable /showoobe none


Is there still any way to obtain windows 10 for free? Or hugely discounted

  1. Purchased Vista, which came with a free Win7 Upgrade. Then my Win7 got forced to Win10.

  2. My motherboard busted, and I just replaced it. Now says my windows needs to be activated.

  3. activation says my Vista key is invalid. MS support virtual chat says to call a 1-800 number. The 1-800 agent (real human) told me to go to Win support website, and says my he cant help me because Viata is obsolete.

I'm going in circles now. What can I do?


Is there a good Windows utility that will modify application windows (dialog boxes) to force them to topmost? There are some applications that I use that pop up dialog boxes, but they don't make them topmost and many times, I'm busy working in some other application (web browsers, etc.) and don't notice that the dialog has appeared because it is under the app (behind it) that I'm currently using. Is there a utility that will constantly look for dialog boxes (based on dialog title and/or parent application) that will force these dialogs to be topmost? If not, maybe I should write one.


I get this error anytime I right click anything on this tab. I have done everything on every text and youtube video i've seen and nothing fixed it.

I have gone to the point of reinstalling windows (while keeping files) with no luck at all sadly.

Is there anything I can do at all? I'm fully updated and this is really bugging me and I believe its interfering with my devices as well (Such as flat out not working)

Please help me /r/Windows ! If this is the wrong place to be posting this please direct me to the proper subreddit. Thanks in advanced!


I have this strange problem where I cannot remove the start menu tiles after a 'clean' install*. It's insane, as I'm not sure what I did to break it.

This is an image of the menu:

This is after I remove it:

If I kill explorer and restart it, the live tiles come back again, hence, it is not persistent. I have no clue what's happening here. Why cannot I remove this stuff?

* When I mean 'clean' install, I actually mean by using DISM to remove most of the cruft and some features. I believe this isn't the cause as I been using DISM before and this is only a recent development.


I have a work laptop that I used to use a PIN to sign in to (MS recommended security), but my work has just enabled 2 FA for my account. Now the PIN doesn't work (it throws up an error - 0x80070032).
I can log in using my password, but it's 12 characters and not easy to type so I'd prefer to use the PIN.

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