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Windows 10 pro license automatically registers?

I have Windows 10 pro and I recently bought a new SSD (I just stored away the old HD). I plugged in the new drive and installed windows from USB. I skipped activation during installation. After logging in for the first time, Windows is already activated for Windows 10 pro. What gives? I'm afraid that later on this will create a headache trying to contact support or something. Anyone have any experience like that?

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That's how it works now. You have a digital licence based on your mobo hardware id which was registered with MS first time you activated with windows 10. Look in activations n menu - it will say activated with a digital licence.

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Original Poster1 point1 year ago

Thanks for the response. I appreciate it!

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Like @danskeman said it's tied to the hardware when first activated. However, you can transfer the license to a MS account. This is useful if you want to move your W10 to different hardware. Caveat this is meant to get around a mobo upgrade - it is not meant to circumvent MS licensing. I used this feature to move my HDD from a laptop with a failing mobo to another of the same make and model.

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Not only that, but if you experience catastrophic hardware failure of any sort or just decide to do a new system build, your license transfer is still easily accomplished by a call to Microsoft after install even if it doesn't automatically activate, as your unique key is also kept and digitally signed on their end. Win10 Pro comes with 1000 activations.

To be precise - they will ask you to recite your key, they will check it against their activation and telemetry database and then manually activate your system for you. I did this myself already.

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