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Tell me the most interesting piece of mythology that exists in your world

My pantheon has gods from different races together and they're either genuine gods or beings from a race who got so lucky/powerful that they were able to ascend to godhood.

Mine: once upon a time, the (human) trickster god Addagera stole some of the aphrodisiac elixir brewed by the (elven) love god Merische, he used it on the (dwarven) blacksmith god Tharomog's favourite keg.

Now Tharomog was a recluse and the aphrodisiac elixir got him so heated up that he ended up making love to a rock. It is believed that said love-making resulted in the birth of the seven divine metals.

To hide what happened from the other gods, Tharomog spread the divine metals across the earth and oceans, breaking it up in small pieces.

Later when one the divine metals was found by an elven king, that king requested of his gods that they cast it into a crown for him. In turn, he would spread the wisdom of the elves across the continents, so that none would ever violate nature again.

The elven gods were intrigued and accepted the elven king's request. However, they found themselves unable to shape the divine metal and thus they sought out Tharomog. To further persuade Tharomog, the elven gods decided that the incredibly beauty Merische should be the one to visit Tharomog with their request, as no man could ever hope to deny her requests.

What the elven gods didn't know however, was that Tharomog had long since created an artifact that could dispel Merische's influence over him. Still, Tharomog accepted Merische's request and fulfilled it, but not before tampering with the crown. He had made it so that whoever wore the crown, would be stilled with a feeling of absolute power, a feeling so powerful it would corrupt them.

The corrupted crown caused the elven king to wage war and ended up warping his tribe of elves in such a wicked way that they became dark elves.

Of course plenty more things happened but this is long enough, haha

So how about you? Do you guys have any crazy myths in your world?

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18 points · 1 month ago

Narvak the Mother of the Wood, sat within her great grove. Here all the trees willingly bore fruit to travelers and pilgrims.

So idyllic it was that travelers began to settle within it. At first taking branches and leaves for shelter, but eventually whole trees. And the grove changed from forest, to camp, to village, and one day to city.

All that remained was the great tree Narvak, and everyday she asked. Why did you kill my children? And everyday the people of grove said for our homes, for our children.

So when the next seeds of Narvak were planted in the ground, they did not sprout trees. They sprouted beasts. Creatures that breathed flame, birds that consumed man, plagues that rotted homes, and monsters in the shape of men.

The people cried to Narvak, why!? And all she said was, for my home, for my children. So she swelled and grew fat on the spilled blood that fed her roots.

She had become Narvak the Bloated Oak, Mother of Monsters.

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Pls ama about my world13 points · 1 month ago

So Old Aenea was this huge empire. Controlled all of the known world thanks to its grand navy. All of its power was concentrated on the large island named Aenea (go figure), where the government and millions of people lived. Tales from the Dawnland mythologies talk of the Aeneans growing arrogant and full of themselves, conquering land after land. The Sun, almighty deity of the Dawnlands, supposedly decided to warn them: He hid below the horizon for three years straight, turning the world dark. Crops died, trees died. A lot of things died. But the Aeneans didn't learn! They started fishing for food, and kept expanding. When the sun rose 10 Before Dusk again, the Aeneans were proud of themselves. Arrogant.

So, after ten years, the Sun smote the world. (Smited? Smitten?)

Temperatures rose. The large icesheets up north and west melted, flooding large parts of Aenea's realm, earthquakes shattered cities, and volcanoes buried entire princedoms in ash. Finally, Aenea itself fell: a Yellowstone-esque supervolcano erupted and exploded, shattering the capital island into an archipelago of ash and death.

Aenea fell after losing its capital, devolving into hundreds of citystates and kingdoms. And the Sun saw the world, and it was good.

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People belive that when the world ends the multipantheonic temple (a wonder of the world where anything that is worshipped can be worshipped correctly) will survive. Floating through the void into the next unuverse. This has led people to live in some areas of it if there are cataclysmic events happening

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Spiral Arm, Parallax, Dead Suns3 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Long ago, as the Yorn crumbled from corruption and decadence, the prophet Sohaim found the great tree of the Goddess. Sohaim had ran, far from the Yorn devils which had chased her, far from the harvesting fields of Mirh and the cries of the forsaken. As the Yorn's flight chariots gave up the chase, Sohaim heard the call. She felt the pull to the Grove, and found the great Goddess Tree. There it lay, greater and larger than any other tree on Teir, pulsing with life and power. As she sought shelter beneath the tree, she found a passage beneath its roots. The corridor wound its way deep beneath the great tree, and at its terminus was the Seed of the Goddess, a kernel of pure power, encased within its onyx and gold shell. And so She spoke to her. They filled Sohaim's mind with light, and burned their image into her soul. The Goddess and her Zhaan shapers had bestowed upon Sohaim what she needed, and when Sohaim returned, the Yorn shook in her presence. Sohaim unshackled the forsaken, and sundered the Yorn before her. The Yorn brought their star ships and descended on Teir in a rain of fire, but they could not stop Sohaim and her apostles. For at last, the forsaken of Teir were free, and none would threaten their freedom again.

(This has not been revised at all, my apologies if it needs improving)

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Humans are born from volcanic vents on the ocean floor. Babies rise up in bubbles which pop on the surface. The currents of the Sea carry them to all corners of the Cage.

Each region has it's own birthing rituals, which make you a part of that culture.

Because of this, the human population is young. To be 14 is comparable to 35, reaching you 20s is rare.

Also, if the moon is out, all vents birth drow instead. Making humans and drow the biggest percentage of the population.

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The Shattered Gate / Earth Hive3 points · 1 month ago

Shattered Gate:

The Winter Spirit

There's a alien planet with their own version of Santa Clause, they call it the Winter Spirit. It left food in a pre-industrial village during a winter they weren't expected to survive. Though 450 years later the inhabitants consider it a fairytale.

The kicker is that this mysterious being is real and he's still around. It's a artificial humanoid with a built-in ability to turn invisible. It used a bio converter to create food for them. He's Primon Sagis, a notable leader in the Iskarn Collective (major stellar power).

His secret was only ever discovered by a diplomat who considers him something of a grandfather figure. She put two and two together when the she was offered the same treats "gramps" used to make. He eventually told her the entire story, but requested that she would't tell the native population, he didn't want to ruin the magic of the celebration.

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The most interesting myth from my world is the creation of all life. The goddess of life, who at that point was the goddess of nothing, was feeling upset by that fact. The god of desire, her younger cousin, tried to cheer her up by getting his mother (the goddess of the moon and ocean) to help him with something. And that is how the first fish came into existance. This made the goddess of life happy, and she decided to take the idea and run with it. This is also why life and desire are so closely linked in my world, their deities are best friends.

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[edit this]2 points · 1 month ago

What religion is complete without an end of the world myth. The Böhmlanders believe that the world will end with the White Death. A great unstoppable snowstorm that will consume the world. They believe that every dead person who's soul is not set free to their second life on the funeral pyre is taken by Dauðadagr to fuel the White Death.

The gods will come together to try and fight off Dauðadagr and his world ending storm, but all will fall. Vald will bring the first warning of the White Death, soaring across the skies she will see it bearing down from the polar north and will send her eagles out to the clans and gods to warn them of the impending doom. She will also be the first to fall, her overconfidence in her skill and control will be her undoing as she tries to fly to the heart of the storm to fight Dauðadagr. She will be battered and buffeted from the violent winds, her feathers torn from her wings and her wings torn from her body she will fall.

Flára will be next to succumb to the White Death. He will try to trick the storm, confuse Dauðadagr into turning back on himself and wear his power out over the seas before it even reaches the Böhmland. He will fail as the seas around him freeze and icebergs pick away at his flesh and once Dauðadagr passes directly over the seas the water will be frozen in a flash and Flára frozen along with it.

Orka and Domári will be the next to stand against Dauðadagr. Together to two will stand on the edge of the Böhmland as a bulwark against the storm. The two will use their strength and honour to face down the White Death and Dauðadagr, to beat him into submission. They will fail as the snowstorm surrounds them Domári, unable to pierce the blizzard with his keen sight of judgement will accidentally drive his horn into the chest of Orka, killing him. Distraught and stripped of his honour Domári will easily be consumed by the storm.

From the moment Vald's warning came and while the others stood and tried to fight against the Líf and The Sveit have been working together to save the Böhmlanders and as much life as possible. Líf draws life close to her so they can be sustained by her radiance and warmth while The Sveit forge on ahead looking for shelter. Dauðadagr fuelled by the deaths of Orka and Domári quickly forges across the lands eager to hunt down the remaining deities and put an end to the world. The Sveit are able to find a small cave, deep in the mountains that is big enough to only fit either The Sveit or Líf, not both.

The Sveit go to face down the powerful Dauðadagr and his White Death, against Líf's wishes to buy her enough time to make it to the cave. They known they cannot survive against Dauðadagr's might but are happy to face him down as they are together. They are easily overwhelmed by the storm and the Dauðadagr rushes to chase down Líf and as she reaches the small cave the White Death surrounds her.

Líf's ultimate fate is unknown.

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Mine is that Heiliege believes in ‘The Heavens’, a place where the righteous go where they die and inhabited by angels, cherubs, and other holy beings. Their whole religion is centered around it.

What makes it so interesting is that this belief is based off of observations of the Deurons, a humanoid race that lives in a sky realm. Really rarely, they can be seen in the sky.

The Deurons themselves, other than being able to fly and living in a unique hardcloud biome nobody else inhabits, aren’t particularly special. They’re mortal, physically weaker on average than humans, have a very small population, and are technologically stagnant at a pre-industrial level. They do have a mastery of magic and really awesome architecture and music though!

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The gods aren't gods, all the races started out as humans.

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Mad Jenny is the "goddess" of creatures that go about in the daytime (and love, secret places, madness, freedom, and cunning).

Asavik ("goddess" of beauty, mercy, vengence, storms on the sea, and things below the sea) is a "goddess" who's sigil is the full moon on the horizon.

Despite this, it is known that the full moon is Mad Jenny's eye.

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1 point · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

The Duel between the Jade Warlord, Erlang Jian, and Tsagaanbar of the Tomorild

When Erlang Jian, the Warlord of Illustrious Jade, set out to conquer the Tomorild in his quest to unite the Five Kingdoms under the banner of the Jade Emperor, word of his personal martial prowess reached the ears of Tsagaanbar, Tiger-God of the White Mountain Spring, Sovereign of the Western Deserts.

Tsagaanbar was always looking for a challenge, and after proving his superiority over the Warlord's forces challenged the Warlord himself to a duel to decide the outcome of his campaign. They would meet at the centre of a valley at the heart of Tomorild land, and whomever caused the other to step out of the valley would be the victor. If Jian lost, he and his followers would leave Tomorild land and never return nor take up arms against them. If Tsagaanbar lost, he and the Tomorild would do obesience to the Jade Emperor.

Erlang Jian agreed, and the two met at dawn to take up arms against the other in view of their armies. But by the time the sun had set, neither had gained ground over the other. They continued the fight every dawn for a full moon cycle, but neither could hold an advantage on the field of battle. Tsagaanbar, who had become bored, sought another way to gain clear advantage over his opponent.

Tsagaanbar requested that they take a moon cycle to rest before meeting again, so that his armies were free to spend time with their wives and lovers. Erlang Jian granted it, and retired to his own camp until they would meet again. In the Warlord's camp, he had brought his family and all their attendants. The Warlord had three virgin daughters, whom he loved dearly. Tsagaanbar secretly infiltrated the camp and seduced the eldest daughter over many nights, receiving from her a jewelled comb as a token of love.

After the duel resumed, Tsagaanbar used the jewelled comb to ornament his hair. Jian recognised it as his daughter's, and questioned how his enemy received it. He was greatly vexed by the answer, but after another month, Tsagaanbar had only suceeded in gaining three paces from whence he started.

The Warlord agreed to wait another moon cycle, so that their armies could gather in the harvests from their farms. He took his daughters and their attendants back to their own home in his own lands. Tsagaanbar followed them there, and seduced the second daughter over several nights.

He received from her a jewelled brooch, which he wore into battle with the Warlord. Again, Jian was aggrieved when he recognised it, but Tsagaanbar could only drive him back seven paces.

When Tsagaanbar requested another repreive, Erlang Jian was wise to his tricks, and sought to test Tsagaanbar's resolve. He sent his last daughter far to the east, to the island of Kobayashi, where the Dragon-God Seiryu kept the Great Treasures in a fortified palace. He left his eldest son, Erlang Shancai, to guard the daughter behind a door with one thousand locks.

When Tsagaanbar finally reached the palace of Seiryu and evaded the guards upon the outer wall, he only had a single night in which to defeat Shancai, unlock the one thousand locks, and seduce the daughter before he must return to meet the Warlord for their duel.

When he stepped into the valley at last, he was without armor, and was not carrying his usual weapon, the Seven Thunders Naginata. Erlang Jian asked Tsagaanbar what weapon they would use for their duel that day, and a smiling Tsagaanbar produced the Red Jade Nodachi, which belonged to Erlang Shancai. Tsagaanbar explained that this weapon was the first thing to hand when he had risen from Shancai's bed in a hurry to return in time for their duel.

A dismayed Jian asked what it would take to restore honor between them, and Tsagaanbar agreed to a deal: he would marry both daughters he had seduced, and would take Shancai as his 'first' concubine, giving them due honours under his first wife. He would then swear fealty to the the Jade Emperor and unite the Tomorild under the Emperor's banner. In this manner did the Tomorild become the third kingdom to take the banner of the Jade Emperor.

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Everyone knows there are five gods. But could there be others?

The first two were the Crone and the Mistress of Whispers, twin sisters. The Crone came first; she knows everything. The Mistress came second; she knows everything else.

They say that the Crone shielded her sister, by knowing things that even a god shouldn't have to bear. There are rumors that there was a third sister, before the Crone, who was afflicted with such disturbing secrets that even a god's mind snapped like a dry twig. They call her the Screaming Sister.

She's been locked in the metaphysical attic like the metaphorical mad aunt since the five gods existed, an untold eon. What grave ends would drive the gods to imprison the oldest among them, and what more terrible still must be the crisis which drives them to unlock her prison, and ask her council?

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No one is too short for an ADVENTURE!1 point · 1 month ago

The origin of blood drinkers, (vampires). A plant long ago existed that was highly addictive when eaten or smoked; however if it was the blood of the user would taste sweet like nectar to others that have also eaten or smoked the plant and thus the mythos of blood drinkers started. The plant quickly died out do to the plant having no other purpose and a non-existent trade of it.

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Jorania 1 point · 1 month ago

To explain it Overly Sarcastic Productions style: Filantro (goddess of humans, mother of humanity) found out that Verto (god of change and transformation) had been tampering with humans, creating elves, orks, dwarves, and anthropomorphic animals. She threw a hissy fit and went to go sulk in her room for a bit, and told an oracle to tell humans to not trust Verto's creations. Long story short, humans are xenophobes now.

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The multiverse is dead. Almost no one knows that.

Most of what is "out there", like elemental planes, outer planes, deities major and minor, are all disappeared, dead, dying, or something so close to it the difference is mostly a technicality. The material plane is almost all that's left, with divine and fiendish interventions being mainly residue of their energies manifesting. The Emperor and the all-encompassing Empire, which spans the entirety of the known world, might seem like a half-disguised totalitarian distopia with obfuscated and probably nefarious ends, kept by the Emperor's 13 Arbiters, but it's actually an attempt at preserving what little there's left while keeping everyone oblivious to the true state of affairs. The Arbiters are powerful and knowledgeable of a very wide range of topics, assembled over the ages by the Emperor to help dealing with the situation, but now they mostly tend to their roles and keep up the illusion for the mortal people while eagerly waiting the return of the Emperor, who may too have disappeared.

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Thorned Roses0 points · 1 month ago

.....all I got from that is someone got freaky with a rock. A ROCK. What is this, Steven universe?

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