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This isn't news, though, is it? I've been thinking it's common knowledge Page has been under suspicion. Even before '15. Iirc, he was under suspicion in '12.

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Now it’s official

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While it isn't technically new, it is a publicly accessible federal document stating that the FBI believes Page is an agent of a foreign government and FOUR separate judges saw enough cause to put him under surveillance.

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This document was released in a FOIA lawsuit brought by judicial watch. Trump congratulated them this morning.

This document is the main piece of evidence showing the FBI lied and abused FISC to spy on Trump.

The Page investigation ended when FISC found out it was based on circular evidence. The judge who signed it was removed from cases involving Trump. The IG is currently investigating the FBI because of this document.

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You seem to be confused. The Nunes memo made those assertions...and they all turned out to be false lmao.

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They are proven in this very redacted document.

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No, it is literally the exact opposite of that. You can see the Nunes memo destroyed step by step by reading this twitter feed that has scans of both the Nunes memo and the warrant side-by-side:

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0 points · 29 days ago

First tweet corroborates Nunes memo. Application doesn't even broach to FISC that the research was oppo research funded by Clinton campaign and DNC. It attempts to make an argument that it was to discredit DJT campaign, but no where even close from what is required.

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Except it doesn't. Clinton wouldn't have been mentioned for masking purposes. You can see here in the application they won't even use Trump's name despite it being obvious as he was the only person elected President in 2016. FOUR judges absolutely ruled that the application and the individual renewals met the standard, so your opinion means squat.

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0 points · 29 days ago

FOUR judges absolutely ruled that the application and the individual renewals met the standard

That didn't happen, first of all. FISC denied renewal of the warrant. The FBI is now being investigated for not admitting to FISC about the funding of the dossier. They are also being investigated for not reporting that the **corroborating evidence** from Yahoo news was actually leaked by Steele himself. The FBI had a duty to report this, and they did not.

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It is quite clear that you have not read the FISA warrant application that was just released.

4 judges - one signing off on the original application, with 3 separate ones signing off on each of the 3 renewals:

Yahoo News being cited in the FISA warrant:

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It’s big and newsworthy because the DoJ has never released a FISA warrant.

This one was only released under a FOIA request because it had been partially declassified by the President for use by Nunes. Therefore the DoJ was forced to acknowledge its existence and therefore it became subject to FOIA.

The big pieces of it show that there were more sources than just Steele to acquire the first FOSA Warrant, countering a right-wing talking point.

It also shows that the FBI believed Page to be a willing conspirator with Russia, not unwilling or unwitting.

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This isn't news, though, is it?

That's exactly what I think about Russia helping Trump win in 2016. That fact was clear way before the election.

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