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Do people still do old dungeons/raids?

Hello! Basically I want to do a story playthrough of WoW where I start at the beggining, my character “time travels” to the Outland and Northtrend (cliche, Ik but can’t think of any other explanation) and continues on to today. I believe in order to fully fulfill expansions I need to do the raids, for example killing the Litch King is in a raid. Do people still do the old raids or should I just ignore them and keep questing

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With the exception of a tiny number of twink guilds, nobody does the old raids at the intended level anymore. You're going to have to wait until about 10 levels past them, when you can do them in a group of 2-3 people. Or 15-20 levels past them when you're powerful enough to solo them.

Sadly, a "story playthrough" like you're describing is going to be almost impossible to do, unless you spend months stopping your experience gain at each old level cap so that you can spend weeks in each expansion working on old daily quest hubs and rep factions. Some of it can't even be done at all anymore, including certain story-heavy questlines in Wrath and MoP (plus others I'm sure I'm forgetting).

The way the game is currently designed, I'm afraid you're going to be more frustrated than entertained as you try to re-live stories and events that ended years ago.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Ah damn so frustrated I joined so late lol, hope there’ll be expansions in the future I can be a part of, many ppl say WoW is dying and all that, I’ll just follow the story myself and if it’s not complete meh, I’ll try to enjoy Azeroth for what it is

I bought the expansion so I level boosted my main so I can experience a WoW expansion when it’s coming out and I’ll make another for leveling

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Yeah, the game's been around for a while now and there's a lot of stuff you missed. But it's not like it's completely gone - you can do all the quests in game, you can do the raids (at higher level, with none of the original challenge or strategy), and any removed bits are readily available on YouTube.

So it's not like anything has actually been lost to time. But trying to see it in the right order, in game, is going to drive you insane.

In your quest to do this, definitely make sure you don't miss the current expansion as well. You're in a good spot to get in on the events of BFA at the ground floor. I'd prioritize that, and revisit the game's history as a side project that you can work on in your downtime.

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Hell yeah that’s what I’m doing, I may have missed a decent amount but with my level boost I’m going to be in BFA at its prime, then make an alt for my story playthrough, I’ll prob loosen my standards and use my imagination to fill anything the game doesn’t

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People have been saying that WoW is dying since Vanilla. Blizzard still has several expansions up their sleeve. I'm sure you will be able to join in a good number of expansions from start to finish.

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Main issue with doing the raids during leveling is that there are iLevel requirements for queuing in raid finder that you typically don't meet with quest and dungeon blues. So you'd have to have a specific path to have the iLevel required and a group of people to travel with you to the dungeons to get them. It really requires a guild to want to do that from the beginning.

I kind of wish the raids were required for your to progress past each expansion. There's a lot of storyline stuff in the raids that would help keep the lore a little more consistent But that would be difficult to implement in retail. It's possible that's the direction they are going with classic servers. And you will be able to experience at least vanilla content when those release soon™

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I LOVE running old raids and dungeons solo for transmog, etc. If you ever need a partner/buddy let me know, it’s definitely fun to faceroll and end up with bags full of loot. Selling greens/blues/purples BOE and crafting mats also makes a bit of gold on the AH as well.

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I do! I mean who doesn't want to kill Illidan and Lich King? I feel like a part of lore when I do those legendary raids. If you haven't done them I urge you to do them at the appropriate level or even OP, you won't regret it.

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You can always find groups to do most things, sometimes you will find one in group finder, sometimes you will need to make your own group. Or you can get to max level and get some gear then go back and do most of the ones you can solo by yourself.

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I'm pretty much in the same boat. I did a couple dungeons, but they were random as I was tagging along with a friend. Didn't really have a good grasp of how they worked, and I haven't done any raid. I don't mind over-leveling a bit, but would like to find a group at some point.

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Raids are just longer, more difficult dungeons. They're a max-level activity, and you shouldn't expect to do any before then.

As far as how dungeons work- You can think of dungeons as just a cave full of enemies, tuned in difficulty for a group of 5 players.

The whole point is just to clear them out and kill all the enemies and bosses, gathering up loot and experience as you go. They should take an average of 15-20 minutes to complete.

They're usually the culmination of a specific zone's storyline, although when queuing through the dungeon finder you can get any random dungeon even if you haven't done the earlier parts of the story leading to it. They've been regularly adding more dungeons for the entire 15 years the game has been out, so there are now dozens of them that can come up in the rotation. It's expected that you'll get some random ones you have no connection to.

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Pretty much this is what i wanted when i started wow, did a post on r/wow people said that this its kinda no longer possible because some dungeons were removed ( i think Naxx was the one) or people just not doing them heres the post

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Nobody does old raids really so it will be tricky to find people to do it with you. Probably easier to just solo them when you get max level

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