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Warlock questions

So I just started playing again. You don't need my back story with wow but I am playing warlock as title says. I have gone with demo talents so far I am liking that the most but what I'm confused about so far is felguard vs voidwalker. It seems like both can tank for me I'm guess felguard since it's from demo tree but not sure if I am missing something or not. Thanks for the help

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Felguard excels at DPS. He can generate enough aggro to tank two mobs at the same time but has a hard time with AoE pulling. If you are just AoE farming the void is your best bet. For level appropriate mobs taking one to two at a time with your felguard is faster. In dungeons the felguard is your best bet. When the tank pulls a group of mobs make sure you are casting Felstorm on CD and using pursuit only on the mob the tank has the most aggro on and isn't actively kiting them into other mobs as it does stun briefly.

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Your instinct is right, felguard is best.

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Level questing with voidwalker. Your spec's preferred pet (Felguard for Demonology) is best for dungeons, PVP, and max.

Since Felguard can pull a decent amount of aggro on its own, it's a fair choice for leveling too. It's just not going to survive as long if you pull the entire zone (as was common practice for Affliction in Legion) even though it does more damage.

I want to see some who knows more math than me calculate for what number of enemies Felguard is better relative to Voidwalker.

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Voidwalker good at tanking, fel is for aoeing imo, im a level 69 Lock

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