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Stickied post

Servers on the list have to:

  • be opened already
  • have active development and/or active playerbase

Information gathered and compiled from DKPminus
Big shoutout to /u/Hyptu for all his work in the original thread!
Previous threads here and here.  

Vanilla WoW
Server Rates Type Language
Classic-WoW x1 PVE German
Covenant-WoW x1-Instant 60 PVP English
Elysium x1 PVP English
Kronos WoW x1 PVP English
Light's Hope x1 PVP, PVE English
Nostralia x1 PVP English
NostalGeek x1 PVP French
RetroWoW Instant 60 PVP English
SymmetryWoW x1 PVP, PVE English
Vanilla Gaming x1-x15 PVP English
Burning Crusade
Server Rates Type Language
Ares x1 (optional instant 60) PVP English
Back2Basics x2 PVE German
DeathSide x50 PVP Russian
ExcaliburWoW x2 PVP English
Felmyst x1 PVP English
The Geek Crusade x1 PVE French
Korakion x1 PVE English
Primal WoW x1-x3 PVE English
PsychoFun 2.4.3 Instant 70 PVE Slovak
Smolderforge Instant 70 PVP English
Vengeance WoW x4 (1-59),x1 (60-70) PVE English
Warmane x5 PVP English
Wrath of the Lich King
Server Rates Type Language
Dalaran-WoW x1 PVP English
Elementary WoW x7 PVP Turkish
Eternal-WoW x2, x10, x180, Instant 80 PVE, PVP English
Firestorm (Icecrown) x5 PVE English/French
Gamer District x1 - x7 PVP English
Havoc-WoW Funserver PvP/PvE English
Heroes of WoW x10 PVP Portuguese
Inner-Realms x1 PVE English
Nexus WoW Australia x1-x6 PVE English
OmegaWoW x2 PVP English
Rising Gods x1 PVE German
Sunwell x2 PVP English/Polish
TrueWoW x1-x3 PVP English
TwinStar (Hyperion) x1 PVP CZ/SK/English
Warmane x1, x7, Instant 80 PVP English
WoW Circle x1 - x100, Instant 80 PVE, PVP Russian/English
WoW Mania x2 PVE English
WoW Mortal Instant 80 PVP English
WoW Sulvus Instant 80 PVP Spanish
WoWGasm Reloaded x1-x7 PVE English
World of the Gods x1.5, Instant 80 PVP English
Server Rates Type Language
Atlantiss x1 PVP English
Eternal-WoW (Apocalypse) x7 PVP English
Firestorm (Deathwing) x5 PVE English
GPLP x2 PVP Spanish
Monster Wow x12, Instant 85 PVE, PVP English/International
TwinStar (Artemis) x1 PVP English/CZ/SK
TwinStar - (Hades WoW) x1 PVP English
Warmane x7 PVP English
WoW Circle x1, x100x, Instant 85 PVP, PVE Russian/English
WoWMortal (Destiny) Instant 85 PVPVE English
Mists of Pandaria
Server Rates Type Language
Firestorm (Garrosh) x5 PVE English/French/Spanish
Pandaren Br x60 PVP Portuguese
Panda WoW x10, x100, Instant 90 PVE, PVP Russian/English/Spanish
Tauri WoW x1, x2, x15 PVP Hungarian/English
Warmane (Frostwolf) x7 PVP English
WoW Freakz Instant 90 PVP English/Romanian
Warlords of Draenor
Server Rates Type Language
Firestorm 6.2.3 x5 PVP English/French/Spanish
Server Rates Type Language
Firestorm x3 PVE English/French/Spanish
Monster Wow (Sargeras) x12 PVE English/International
WoW Freakz x10, x3 PVP English
WoWMortal x10 PVP English
Custom & RP Servers
Server Expansion Type Language
EpsilonWoW Legion All GM English
Heroes WoW x100 Custom English
Paragon WoW Legion Blizzlike RP English
Project Ascension WotLK Custom English
RP Heaven Legion All GM English
Tales of Warcraft WotLK RP English
Unknown Shores Legion Custom English
Y.H.O.O.L. 1% WotLK Custom English

What’s the population like? Is it worth rolling a character at this phase or will the areas just be empty?

If so, any other recommendations for a server ?


Hi everyone! Im looking to get into my first TBC experience, so quick question: -Which server is better for me and why? I've heard about Warmane's Outland but I want some opinions first. Thanks in advance and sorry all the fails in my writing, english is not my mother tongue!


So the fresh Vanilla Feenix server launched on Friday with x12 Exp rates and It's pretty sweet.

Y'all on r/wowservers were shitting on it but I decided to ignore you and play it anyway because you shit on any and everything.

Me and a friend got to 60 in one night, which is fucking sweet after levelling up on countless normal rate servers in the past.

Our experience has been overall really positive. If you want to have a quick crack at Vanilla WoW but don't have the time to dedicate 10+ days playing time to level / gear up then I would strongly recommend giving this server a go.

You can connect with any old 1.12 Vanilla game client: set realmlist

We've got about 1000 players at the moment and the server looks to be growing every day. Lots of groups forming to get Pre raid BIS etc.

Positive features imo:

- Friendly community.

- Devs listen to playerbase

- hold votes on possible changes to implement.

- Both EU and NA guild available to play with,- Active playerbase gearing up for pre raid bis

- Accelerated content release, no MC grind for 6 months

- Fast GM's response with ticket / problems-Queue for BGs from anywhere using command

x12 EXP rates, 20 minute HS CD, x2 Honour Rates x2 Profession Rates x2 Loot Rates


-Old Feenix server has a bad reputation, old players hesistant to try again.

-Accellerated EXP rates means less mobs killed to hit 60 - This can mean less gold / mats

- They allow Multi Boxing strictly for PVE (this one always pisses me off but what can you do)

Like I said. With the server being accelerated you should really come and try it out for yourself, nothing ventured nothing gained. It took like 2 days and I'm getting ready to hit up Molten Core already. This is a good thing for those of us with jobs or other commitments that still want to enjoy some of that hype vanilla nostalgia without neglecting our real lifes too much!

Just my honest opinion on Feenix anyway. No need for hate. You do you



I played on a WoW 3.3.5a private server a couple years ago.

Stuff I remember:

There's a PvP Zone that you can get to through a portal just below a tower. (The zone is like grassy hills with a path + set respawn point +a small lake + a farm + towers + a rare? npc at the top by a gate that would've lead to another zone but was closed off)

PvP zone is cross faction (so horde can kill horde pretty sure)

Instant max level (80 not 255)


I've heard others say the mob aggro range on Lordaeron (Warmane's "hardcore" non-P2W WOTLK x1 server) is higher than on other WOTLK servers, and that certainly seems to be true based on my experience. Has anyone tried to quantify it, though- such as comparing how far away a same-level mob attacks you on Lordaeron as opposed to, say, Sunwell or Gamer District? I'd be interested to know how much larger it is.

I actually like leveling on Lordaeron as a change of pace. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a more challenging leveling experience, and, while I won't exaggerate the difficulty, it definitely makes you think about the paths you are taking to get to a certain spot. If you're one of those guys who just wants to rush to max level, then it's not the server for you.

Lordaeron has always had a nice, old-school WoW vibe to me. You go to Stormwind and see a lot of guys still leveling, wearing the gear you normally get from quests and it's how I remembered my days starting off on retail. Definitely a worthwhile server, imo, though you have to be in the mood for it.


RELEASE JUNE 15th, 2018

• Discord -

• Website -

• Realmlist - set realmlist (Client is 3.3.5)

What is Renegade-WoW? - Renegade-WoW is a progressive PvP/PvE WotLK server emulating Vanilla on a 3.3.5 client, aiming to give players the feel of Vanilla with the graphics/talents of Wotlk and experience content at an accelerated pace.

What will happen after Vanilla Naxxramas? We will progress to Burning Crusade, and copy all characters to a separate server and keep it locked at lvl 60 for those that still want to enjoy vanilla content with the benefits of a Wrath client.

Players will be able to chose from 51 TP's on wrath trees (however final 2 rows are locked)

Raids will be 20 man

World bosses will be 20 man

Mounts Level 40/60

Dual Spec 1k Gold

Draenei and Blood Elves will be enabled from Vanilla.

DKs will be released alongside WotLK

Jewelcrafting will be enabled in TBC

Inscription in WotLK

Leveling/Skills/Profession Exp:

x5 Mob Exp

x5 Quest Exp

x3 Exploring Exp

x5 Skill Exp

x3 Profession Exp

Drop Rates:

Poor [Grey]= x3

Normal [White]= x3

Uncommon [Green]= x2

Rare [Blue]= x1

Epic [Purple]= x1


(This is for vanilla btw)

I'm talking about all kinds of situations of course: 1v1, small wpvp battles, premades, large pvp events...

Thank you.


I started playing on Algalon about 3 weeks ago, currently at level 71. It's a decent server, I haven't encountered any game breaking bugs. However when I was looking for a well-scripted 2000-3000 pop server for PVE and PVP, people consistently recommended Dalaran. They praised Dalaran's progression system, which supposedly made the leveling and the raiding scene feel alive.

My own experience tells me it barely reaches 1800 pop on good days. PVP is close to non existent. PVE is decent but everything feels very empty, even in Dalaran or Orgrimmar. So many people out of an already below average pop are raiding and seem to do just that. Wanna do a 70-74 instance? Tough luck. Group quest? Yeah just delete it. The AH is close to empty if you're looking for any gear 1 to ~78.

I'm not one to complain and this post isn't meant to ridicule the people who recommended Dalaran.

This post is my way of telling those who are looking for a server to try it yourself, reality vs what people tell you are often two different things.


I'm interested in a blizzlike WOTLK server with higher rates. I've looked into Warmane, but every other person in town is full (or close to) BiS gear. This makes the whole pvp scene seem intimidating / not fun, for a new player at least, since a huge portion of the population are grossly geared. Maybe someone who plays on there can give me their impression? The 2hr que on weekends isn't all that appealing either (unless you donate to skip).

Do any other blizzlike wotlk servers exist, with high rates? I looked into other servers like kingwrath and gamer district, but they didn't seem to have many players.

A fresher server would be a nice change of pace, but is not entirely necessary. Unlike vanilla servers that are cycled through like mad, fresh, quality WOTLK server's never seem to pop up.

Thanks all!


What do people think of a starter pack on a server. Maybe even just basic bags and 5g to start off?

Sunwell for example you level x2 so unless you spend time making money you'll run out of cash for skills.

A starter pack would be restricted to 1 per account and give you enough to start off.



I am a 5.4k gs mage and I have been trying to get into any sort of icc content that I can but every group requires you to have an achievement whether it’s an alt group or not. I can’t get into any icc groups so am I supposed to get the achievements?


I am kinda new to private servers and dont know which mop server to go to.

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