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Servers on the list have to:

  • be opened already
  • have active development and/or active playerbase

Information gathered and compiled from DKPminus
Big shoutout to /u/Hyptu for all his work in the original thread!
Previous threads here and here.  

Vanilla WoW
Server Rates Type Language
Classic-WoW x1 PVE German
Covenant-WoW x1-Instant 60 PVP English
Elysium x1 PVP English
Kronos WoW x1 PVP English
Light's Hope x1 PVP English
Nostralia x1 PVP English
NostalGeek x1 PVP French
RetroWoW Instant 60 PVP English
SymmetryWoW x1 PVP, PVE English
Vanilla Gaming x1-x15 PVP English
Burning Crusade
Server Rates Type Language
Back2Basics x2 PVE German
DeathSide x50 PVP Russian
ExcaliburWoW x2 PVP English
The Geek Crusade x1 PVE French
Korakion x1 PVE English
Primal WoW x1-x3 PVE English
PsychoFun 2.4.3 Instant 70 PVE Slovak
Smolderforge Instant 70 PVP English
Vengeance WoW Instant 58,x2 (58-70) PVE English
Warmane x5 PVP English
Wrath of the Lich King
Server Rates Type Language
Dalaran-WoW x1 PVP English
Elementary WoW x7 PVP Turkish
Eternal-WoW x2, x10, x180, Instant 80 PVE, PVP English
Firestorm (Icecrown) x5 PVE English/French
Gamer District x1 - x7 PVP English
Havoc-WoW Funserver PvP/PvE English
Heroes of WoW x10 PVP Portuguese
Inner-Realms x1 PVE English
Nexus WoW Australia x1-x6 PVE English
NRGWow Instant 80 PVE English
OmegaWoW x2 PVP English
Rising Gods x1 PVE German
Shadowburn x1 PVP/PVE English
Sunwell x2 PVP English/Polish
TrueWoW x1-x3 PVP English
TwinStar (Hyperion) x1 PVP CZ/SK/English
WoWArg x1-x2-x3 PVP/PVE Spanish
Warmane x1, x7, Instant 80 PVP English
WoW Circle x1 - x100, Instant 80 PVE, PVP Russian/English
WoW Mania x2 PVE English
WoW Sulvus Instant 80 PVP Spanish
WoWGasm Reloaded x1-x7 PVE English
World of the Gods x1.5, Instant 80 PVP English
Server Rates Type Language
Atlantiss x1 PVP English
Eternal-WoW (Apocalypse) x7 PVP English
Firestorm (Deathwing) x5 PVE English
GPLP x2 PVP Spanish
Monster Wow x12, Instant 85 PVE, PVP English/International
NRGWow x5 PVE English
TwinStar (Artemis) x1 PVP English/CZ/SK
TwinStar - (Hades WoW) x1 PVP English
WoW Circle x1, x100x, Instant 85 PVP, PVE Russian/English
WoWMortal (Destiny) Instant 85 PVPVE English
Mists of Pandaria
Server Rates Type Language
Firestorm (Garrosh) x5 PVE English/French/Spanish
Pandaren Br x60 PVP Portuguese
Panda WoW x10, x100, Instant 90 PVE, PVP Russian/English/Spanish
Tauri WoW x1, x2, x15 PVP Hungarian/English
Warmane (Frostwolf) x7 PVP English
WoW Freakz Instant 90 PVP English/Romanian
Warlords of Draenor
Server Rates Type Language
Firestorm 6.2.3 x5 PVP English/French/Spanish
Server Rates Type Language
Ashamane x1-x10 PVP French
Athissa x1-x5 PVE English
Firestorm x3 PVE English/French/Spanish
Monster Wow (Sargeras) x12 PVE English/International
WoW Freakz x10, x3 PVP English
WoWMortal x10 PVP English
Custom & RP Servers
Server Expansion Type Language
Heroes WoW x100 Custom English
Paragon WoW Legion Blizzlike RP English
Planet Io WotLK Lvl 10 Twink Server English
Project Ascension WotLK Custom English
RP Heaven Legion All GM English
Tales of Warcraft WotLK RP English
Unknown Shores Legion RP English
Y.H.O.O.L. 1% WotLK Custom English

Good morning, WoWServers community.

I'm here today with official teaser trailer of the new The Burning Crusade realm that releases October/November 2018 CLICK. The creator behind this video is DrPhil. The name of our new realm is going to get announced with full official trailer – in September/October. Public Test Realm will be available 17th September 2018.

Teaser isn’t the only thing we got for you. Take a look at a developer note written by one of our developers – Riztazz. Enjoy reading!

TBC Project is based on the public version of HellGround Core, which is a result of lots of work of Lukaasm and Siof – the original authors of the core. HG Core has lots of flaws, a lot of things were created with the new – at that time – standards, using informations available back then (nowadays we have got a lot of more info). It needed lots of work and fixing; a lot of things had to be recrea-ted from a scratch.

Works related to core and development:

  • We have ported and enhanced DB Scripting System (SAI), which is being used in Sun-wellCore and many other public projects. It helps us writing scripts quicker and work more effectively;
  • We’ve done a massive cleanup of HG Core’s old programming standards;
  • We’ve implemented Spell&Aura scripts based on TrinityCore, which allows us to quickly modify this core area;
  • We’ve implemented TBB (, which al-lows us to write multithreaded programs and increase the stability and performance of the server;
  • We’ve implemented Math class which simplifies many mathematical issues.

Vmaps and Mmaps

The main problem that we solved was very poor system of mmaps and vmaps on HellGround Core.

Vmaps – vector maps, a system responsible for collision detection, especially when we’re talking about spell casting and movement. It also detects surface height on the map and many other things, such as deciding if a player character is inside a building or not. The whole system has been rewritten and improved, because detecting this kind of activities in context of player<->server uses a lot of server resources. If this system is poorly optimized or just doesn’t work as it should, it increases server-side diff which results in the most hated lag. Our TBC realm will not have a pro-blem with vmap system.

Mmap – movement maps. HellGround Core nearly lacked the whole system, that’s why lots of players thought of HG Core as something bad for us to build a server upon. That’s because the players tend to rate the server basing only on things they could see themselves – and lack of move-maps was one of the most noticeable things you can imagine. When we were creating a brand new mmap system, we had to do two things. First, we had to generate the correct Vmap files, so in-game mobs would know where cant hey go and where they can’t go. Having the correct vmap info, we could start working on valid mmaps: (vmap visualisation). The next thing was creating a system that’s going to generate paths for mobs (using previously gene-rated mmap files) quickly and efficiently. Mmap system is being written by Lukaasm and is crea-ted upon the most recent libraries. After rewriting this system, Lukaasm will start rewriting movement generators, which are responsible for path calculations. Simplifying all of this, move-ment on our TBC system will be really good.

Additionally we’ve did a lot of corrections and optimizations for player moement, desync, move-ment flag checks and creating the first layers of anti-cheat protection.


Talking about content, our inspiration lies in works of Nostalrius team, which we’re very thankful for. However, it’s not copy/paste as many of you think. We’re taking Nostalrius Core scripts, we’re completely rewriting them to our scripting engine and fuctions, which is simply better. We’re just looking at how AI should look like and basing on that, we’re rewriting things from a scratch. We’re also using Nostalrius research; how should certain things work like and which spells should some mobs use. We can assure you that vanilla content is going to be very close to what Nostalrius offers – sometimes it will be even better.

[Tested and finished]

  • Ragefire Chasm
  • The Stockade

[Rewritten, in testing]

  • Maraudon
  • Razorfed Downs
  • Gnomeregan
  • Wailing Caverns
  • Razorfen Kraul
  • Shadowfang Keep

[Rewritten, waiting for testing after finishing last bits of movement system]

  • Hellfire Citadel – all dungeons
  • Coilfang Reservoir – all dungeons

Before server launches, we will rewrite EVERY 5-Man dungeons (Vanilla + TBC) and the first tier content available on the server (first, the whole T4: Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair and Magtheridon’s Lair).

Dungeons aren’t the only things we’re rewriting, as the open world has received many corrections: pathing, emotes, NPC statistics data such as HP and damage, etc. This week only, Dootz, our DB Developer, has added over 1000 waypoints for various mobs in the world.

We’re also not forgetting about spells and class talents. In the closed phase of testing we’re re-ceiving reports of all PvP/spell problems. We’ll solve all of them once we finish rewriting the most important systems, so, let’s say, by the end of September.

Another important thing that we managed to do was motion transports and normal transports (that’s thank to our core developer, Anakin). It means that we won’t have any desync on elevators/trains and pets will follow the player as they should. We have also added many layers of protection aga-inst attacks (we’ve got lots of experience regarding that matter thanks to our WotLK realm, which was under all kinds of attacks).

All of this, plus lots of other corrections, fixes, which would take too much time to list it all. One thing that I can promise you as a developer: it will be the undoubtly best realm created in such small amount of time, and all of this is thanks to professional and well organized team of Sunwell project.

See you in the game at the release.


If you’ve managed to get there, thank you very much. I hope that this note has given you an in-sight of our plans and current status of TBC development.

The next Developer Update is planned for the end of September.


Join Sunwell's DISCORD Join Sunwell's FACEBOOK


I could accept that bgs or arenas not popping all the time, only a few game in the evening, but they are no more, no more than 5-6 horde in que for a bg,there were 18-20 alli in que at peak,now it's only half of them The only way to play 2v2 is if you have friends to play against The 3v3 event on sundays gonna be like you play against the same few elitist guy over and over again Alli wins 90% of TB becouse everyone transferred there,it's always like x horde against (x+10) alli

Now I only wish I could get the time back what I wasted here

So unless you want to do questing in a dead world,or do raiding with pugs, avoid this server

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Server is live!

Hello Reddit!

I am happy to announce that we recently added our Tier 7 Test Realm and started Sign Ups for testing all Tier 7 Raids.

Who are you?

WoW Reborn is a US-based Normal Server with a focus on Raid Progression and general PvE, all though we do support PvP, including Seasons and Season Rewards. Our rates are x1 as we strive to be as Blizzlike as possible and to that extend, we are community-based and depend on the feed back from our community for minor as well as major changes to the server.

We didn't start this project to become the new big thing and to turn the server into a money making machine - We started this project because we love the game and we want to offer a stable platform for people to enjoy the game unaltered.

You can find our Introduction Thread on Reddit here:

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for people with experience in coding languages for future development of the Server, Website & Forums.
We will also be looking into hiring two Game Masters as the population is exponentially increasing.

The estimated Release of Tier 7 will be December 2018 somewhere between Thanksgiving & Christmas, giving new players are fair chance to level on the Main Realm. This is an estimate and may change - A more specific date will be announced at a later time.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below, I will be here all day to reply to every single comment. Only a small amount of our population is active on Discord or even in the Discord, given that our main communication is based on the Forums, but the Administration will be there to answer any questions as well.


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What server would you recommend for a newbie who has almost never played wow.

Only played like ~20 hours or so.

Seeing the new expansion, I got the itch to try out wow again.

Thanks all


Hey guys. Just a simple post. Private WotLK project is looking for people who want to test Onyxia. Only the raid needs testing, just an hour or two to attempt to kill the boss, join if you got some free time & wanna have a good time.

If you wanna come, just send me a PM on reddit, if you got some past raid experience, that helps too. We'll schedule a time together when we're free. Cheers guys, hope you have a good day.


Never player WoW, but after seeing some trailers about the new expansion thought I'd give it a try, I just feel like paying montly for a game I have to buy and then also an expansion for it is a bit ridiculous, just wondering if you can get banned from playing on private servers because I rather not play the game than to lose my account lol


Im pretty much at a stomp in games atm. I heard of a black desert online pserver but they're charging $12 a month so to hell with that. Warmane server getting more stale, everyone max gear , very p2w . League of Legends is having probably the worst updates for my playstyle.

Overall nothing holding my interest.


Been playing with a couple friends and we noticed we can stun and poly dungeon bosses, is this supposed to work or just a bug?


I’m about to jump back into Wrath and start a new character. I knew that back in day, warmane had huge numbers for its pop but I know a lot of other servers have come up. I was curious as to what 3.3.5 server has the highest pop. Also, I prefer x1 xp rates.


Must Be

-100% Blizzlike, Fully Scripted Instances/Raids

-All Quest 100% Working/Scripted

-Balanced Pvp/PvE Spells All Working As Intended

-Minimum 2500 player Active At All Time

-100% server Uptime

-Pandas and Monk's Removed From the Game as Well as retirement of All MoP Content.

-Buff Moonkin

- No Cash Shop

I'd make it myself but too lazy and the USA Marshall kill me if I host server. whelp retail hhere I come :(

/cry :(


Hey, long time only tbc and wotlk player here. After a friend convinced me to try legion, I’ve just thought I’ll ask here for a quick rundown on what’s new and what to watch out for :) (do‘s and don’ts, new forging etc)

I have not played any expansion after wotlk and just need a quick „fact list“ of what to watch out for. Hope it’s not too much to ask, thanks in advance for any replies :)

Edit: Could you also give some info about how to gear up after hitting max level please? :) is ist still just farming badges/honor and start doing 10s/25s when gearscore is sufficient?


for an australian. with a large population and would love to be under 150-200 ping.


I'm looking for the best classic wow server, played when light's hope launched but i'm curious if there's any new one that's better, thanks!


I always loved Alliance. Cities, character design, the role of it and all that. But when it comes to their playerbase, all I found was immature acting, no help to each other and most of all no respect to others. Hence why I rolled horde. Even tough I don't like the horde it feels like home because of their players being the exact opposite of Alliance.

Is it just me that got unlucky or is Alliance really that bad?


Suppose that I made myself a vanilla private server (using SingleCore_Vanilla), which now works perfectly with the 1.12.1 launcher and I enjoy using it. However, I also made an Admin and a GM account using the Account Creator, the same one I used for making my own, normal player account which works perfectly.
Those two accounts (the Admin and GM) also work fine, in the sense that I can make characters and play normally. However, I tried (on both accounts) to write GM commands into the chat and in the macros, with and without "." and with or without "/", trying all the things I saw done on the internet and nothing works.
Does anyone know how to enter these commands properly? (because there are so many tutorials for different versions that I feel I was using the wrong ones)


So a few friends and I started playing on Dalaran-WoW recently, and while we're having a good time, we can't help but notice that crafting items are going for absurd prices on the auction house. I recall reading about this being a common phenomenon on private servers, but I can't remember the economics of it. Does anyone know why this happens? Thanks.


Hello what's the best instant lvl PVP server with a lot of people? :)


Hi, I've been itching to play TBC again. Where should I play? Also on really early progression, if possible.

Thank you.


Wasn't it the new hope of F R E S H vanilla servers?


I'm a bit new to WoW, I tried the retail version until level 20 and I've had a great time, but I'm not willing to pay monthly yet.

How long does it usually take for an expansion to arrive on private servers?


I saw some servers posted but it didn’t say what regions they were for.


Hi, I'm okay with either mop or legion. My problem is I'm from southeast asia with 20mbps net. Would the ping be playable and would the population be alright? Ty

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