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Which vanilla server should I choose?

Hello folks, title says it all, after a decade of playing on retail and tons of private tbc/wotlk servers I feel like reliving the hype of vanilla while preparing myself for official release of classic wow by Blizzard. I want to pick a classic 1.12.1 server that: a) is fairly fresh so I don't feel like I'm light years behind players with AQ40/Naxx/BWL gear, the newer the better b) Has working original honor system with playerbase big enough to have constant stream of battlegrounds, especially AV. c) No p2w donation bullshit. I've found out that there is loads of vanilla servers with some of them doing fresh starts like Kronos or LH. Could you guys recommend me something please?

EDIT: Thanks for both serious and shitposting answers. I didn't know people in here are so rabid about their favorite servers, probably due to fear of playing alone. I think I'll pick K3 as I don't care about cosmetic shops on private servers and well.. Let's be honest I came here straight from Legion where Blizzard literally allows you to boost your characters to level 100 while exchanging money for gold. If something's gonna get on my nerves I'll try LH in June. Cheers everyone, keep it easy.

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Kronos 3, Light's Hope, Elysium - the big three.

This so called "kronos cash shop" was all cosmetics, tabards and pets for those who wanted to donate. Have people already forgot that Elysium and LH GMs made/created 60s and sold them for 500€ a piece? Haha You call Fortnite or dota2 or Cs;go market/shop pay2win? They are all COSMETICS.

bruh i bought 60's for €100 what are u talking about €500 lol.

You mean i got scammed? Now i hate'em even more!! Reeeeeeeeeehhh!

If you choose LH, I recommend taking a Chinese language course.

fresh server with no p2w would be kronos 3. its as fresh as it gets

Lights hope is opening a fresh server soon but they are p2w

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GMs generate characters and gold to sell, that is p2w

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stop spreading lies because you are playing on LH

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It's not legitimate criticism if it is presented as a fact. You either have evidences that they are selling characters or they are not selling them.

It is one person, he was fired. You are also basing your "facts" on pure speculation that has no evidence to back it up.

Kronos had cash shop open for years, and will have one soon on K3 when donations fail again.

Kronos shills are jokes. The pets go in circles.

i could care less if they open up the cosmetic cash shop. it doesnt affect the game play like the LH GMs corrupt cash shop

one server used to sell tabards and pets while the other is spawning level 60s and gold...

Cash shop is P2W. Kronos had and will have one.

Link for LH cash shop? anyone? anywhere?

you would need some sort of advantage from the shop for it to be a win. when you pay for a tabard you are not winning, you just look different.

unlike lights hope were you can get gold or a generated level 60 with some gear

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Cash shop of any kind is P2W garbage and you are defeneding it along with the terrible scripting.

Where is the fucking link? give me the link to the LH cash shop.

Or keep repeating the same shit with ZERO evidence whatever

how is it "winning" when you buy a special tabard or a pet that follows you around? its not, nice try though

unlike lights hope where this happens:

Kronos has a cash shop for years/will soon have another cash shop


Where is the link for LH cash shop? I'm still waiting for the link.

Bud. Your actually retarded for thinking buying cosmetic items is P2W. Sorry to say and be blunt about it but Mshaffy is right. I like both servers, but I favor Kronos a bit more because they sell Cosmetic items that doesn't affect gameplay.

Cash shop = P2W

Good luck convincing anyone that is reading this otherwise.

Of course you favour Kronos, you play on it even though it doesn't work properly.

BTW where is the link to the LH cash shop?

What evidence do you have that k3 will implement a cash shop.

OR keep repeating the same shit with ZERO evidence whatever.

Right on the Kronos front page. They have had a cash shop for years? seriously? LOL

They will try with donations and that will fail because they always fail and Kronos scripting doesn't work properly so many people won't pay anyway.

BTW where is the link to the LH cash shop?

So the shop in fortnite for skins and other cosmetic shit is P2W? You’re such a bad troll


Any cash shop of any kind is unacceptable in Vanilla wow.

If it comes down to paying for a server with either a cosmetic cash shop that doesn't impact game play or an underground ring of staff selling generated level 60 / r14 characters / legendaries, I know which server I would rather play on.

Me to, the one with no cash shop and working scripting.

Lights hope.

Go Kronos 3 and you're likely to have awesome stable experience for years to come.

Or wait for LH fresh and you're likely to have awesome stable experience for years to come.

LH said they're closing with WoW Classic ("if Blizz deliver") though, would be a shame if it comes out just before Naxx on LH fresh. No such risk on Kronos (oh well there's always some risk, but whatever).

Only server worth playing on right now is K3. Lightbringer will die when its fresh server is released. K3 isn't going anywhere, you can play there until classic.

There's been quite a lot of discussion regarding 1.12.1 private servers as of late on this subreddit. Have you tried finding your answer using the search function in the top right corner(ish) of your screen?

Original Poster-1 points·1 month ago

I want info that's as fresh as possible.

F R E S H info for F R E S H server

Freshest of fresh is in June. Start lifting heavy now, work 80 hours a week til then, eat well Bc u need to be fresh for fresh in order to play fresh. If u don’t freshen up u might as well quit now Bc ull stay behind the top players n have to shave ur neckbeard. N git gud.

A server literally came out a week and a half ago. Do you think every one who bought original wow started on 11/23/04 else they just said “fuck it, it’s too late”


I think the freshest of fresh is 2030. Just enough time to prepare and not fall behind.

Azeroth Online!

2 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Lights hope. The server works properly.

  1. Kronos 3 (10 days old but a big amount of players already left due to scripting issues, blocking Chinese IPs)

  2. Lightshope 2 (starting in June with higher pop and better core, no geolocation restrictions)

LH has corrupt GMs doing p2w and the scripting is not superior

Talking about corrupted GM on a private server....too funny.

why is it funny?

Too naive to realize most if not all private servers are ran to make money

ding ding ding

Yet one server makes their money in a way that doesn't give you an advantage in the game. The other is a p2w LH

Link to the cash shop on LH?


I sent you a link from a GM exposing corrupt p2w.

You lose

Where is the link to the LH cash shop.

We are discussing the different ways they make money. One had a cosmetic cash shop but now uses donations.

The other generates characters and gold to sell

One of my guildies was one of the first people to see generated characters on Elysium.

Generated toons and gold are pretty obvious to spot. High warlords with low HKs, thunderfuries, full bis and no raids logged. Also the fake gold was injected into the economy and you noticed a huge increase in prices around the board. This isn’t the case on Lightbringer.

As far as I’m concerned they got rid of the corrupt GM that carried over from Elysium and I haven’t seen any evidence of generated characters and gold on lights hope.

This is coming from a player that has been in the scene for 5 years now. I’m well aware of corruption in the scene but I think LH corruption is overblown.

It's ok if you don't care about this stuff. The guy got upset when I pointed out the GMs are involved in shady p2w

keep telling yourself that and mby someday even you will believe it

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puts on nerd glasses actually you can boost to 110 now in Legion with a BFA preorder

Wait for K4

LH fresh launching in June

Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

That's like an eternity away but cheers I'll keep that in mind.

Kronos 3 opened 10 days ago

Lh is p2w so becareful

Oh they're pay to win? Can you direct me to their gold site and equipment store? I don't have time to play as much as I need to and I can't seem to find this store anywhere.

you dont consider it p2w when the GMs are generating characters and gold to sell for money?

Kronos literally had a cash shop open for years and your calling lights hope pay to win?

send me LH cash shop link plz? LOL

GMs got caught generating chars and gold to sell. sorry snowflake, that is p2w

plus the server is run by white kidney who is famous for these type of shady dealings

kronos has a cosmetic cash shop where you would could buy cosmetic items, but this is gone now.

0 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Kronos had a fucking cash shop talking about P2W is hilarious

Where are the links to where can buy a Character and Gold on LH? hook it up?

are you denying the server is ran by white kidney and that the staff was caught generating characters and gold to sell? because that would be denying reality


You like that? Lol these guys are so down to propagate that dead meme from server to server.

As a raider, Someone buying a toon and gear affected me zero so I honestly could give a fuck. It's not like they buy the toon or item and it's not available to anybody else without cash. I don't play for statistics or server firsts and I don't poop sock to try and get rank so, no, as a person who played wow to have fun I don't consider them selling gear P2W.

Selling gear is literally the definition of p2w

No, that's pay to progress. Exactly how do you "win" at WoW?

By progressing faster then the rest

And how does that affect your toon exactly?

It's called pay to win. I didn't invent the term, it is what it is

You didn't invent the term and you obviously don't understand its definition. Pay to win gives paying players a significant advantage over non paying players. The only thing that you can claim them selling gear and toons did was remove the grind for gear. Everyone on the server who didn't pay had the same access to all the items.

The only case you might have is PvP where ranker gear does give you an advantage, but wins and losses have nothing to do with your rank as its all about the HKs. Nothing that anybody claimed was sold is unavailable to the players who played for free or only contributed server money.

It's funny, nobody in this thread, or any thread I've seen for that matter has provided any proof of this happening in the first place. Hence me asking for the link to this gold, toon, and gear marketplace everyone claims WK is running. I'm still waiting for the link.

Kronos 3 is a new server that is decent and high population. Light's hope is a current high population server that has the best scripts and coding of any servers. You don't need to wait for their new server if you don't want to. So, 2 immediate options, and 1 new launch that will be big (light's hope's new server).

Try ascension wow. Its a classless experience and it feels fresh and different.

The community is also really nice. Easy to get into mc and zg runs. No-one cares what gear you have. It's mostly about the build.

Also. Don't bother bashing. If you don't like it you don't like it.

Go play retail

Original Poster3 points·1 month ago

No point till BFA release.

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