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    just asking this here since it's fresh and so i don't have to start a new thread - horde or alliance for felmyst? which side is winning bgs/better for pvp?

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    Alliance could use more players for sure, but the ratio is pretty even. Gummy keeps a faction lock pretty tight.

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    What i've read is that Alliance has more 70s at the moment and Horde has more people leveling, but that might have changed over the weeks.

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    m e d i u m s i z e

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    Felmyst for non cash shop.

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    It's legit the best private server out right now. By far the best kept secret

    So please do not roll here - we have a solid 1600 players and we don't want the massive reroll toxic train here ;)

    But for real. It's great! Just dinged 66 last night. Me and a friend have been taking the leveling pretty casually, mostly only playing together since the group loot feature is awesome, and having a great time!

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    Felmyst b8

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      Question for everyone who mentioned Felmyst: the website says "Please note that after the release of Classic this realm, project and all related contents shall be discontinued". Is this true? If so, why would anyone bother playing on it?

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      Why does this put people off, what player is going to stay on a private server once classic is launched??

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      Well first of all not everyone likes vanilla and secondly what if Classic is gonna suck? Bet Blizzard is gonna put a lot of crap into it like microtransactions and stuff.

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      If so, the demand for private servers will be great enough that they will either re release or toll out a fresh server. It's not specific, the time they would shut down. The release of classic is a pretty ambiguous thing. Do they mean day of release or after its released an they've evaluated it?

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      Felmyst is 1x with no cash shop but pop is on the lower end, and the server has a shady history. Warmane is 5x with a cash shop but has a huge pop and probably won't disappear in a puff of smoke. There are a few stragglers that were FOTM in days gone by, like Vengeance of Azeroth. They're mostly dead with a few loyalists that pop up and shill once in awhile.

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      Fuck yeah we shill. Come play on Vengeance, we're awesome and not hungry for gummy cummy in our tummies.

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      Better enjoy T4 content cuz that's all you'll ever get!

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      Hyjal out in May ayyy Lmaooooooooo

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      Felmyst is 50% chinese by the way, you can look it up.

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      Dang look at this guys post history, nothing but depression, anger, and china. Can't post proof outside of web hits, yikes.

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      Kek, your worse than those LH shills who can't accept reality. This isn't even an opinion, it's a fact. The origin of the web visits are tracked and recorded, sorry you seem to be blind to that fact.

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      Cant figure out your and you're, rages on wow forums and says shit like kek, this dude is sickeningly immersed.

      Web hits dont equal players, we've told you multiple times that there's not even a chinese guild on felmyst doing anything, we do have 1 big chinese streamer though, god bless man hope you figure your depression out.

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      Show me facts that state otherwise, because right now all I see are opinions like 'oh I haven't seen any chinese guilds, there must be none!'. I gave you a fact that shows otherwise, and you can't refute it.

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      Ben is that you?