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What server(s) are you playing now? looking for a vanilla or tbc server to start fresh. Atleast 1,000 people online.

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i've been playing on felmyst. up until about 30 dungeons were easy to find. 30-41 (current level) was a bit rougher. A healer and I (tank) waited about 15 minutes for 3 dps to do Uldaman. I also play from 10pm - 4am west coast though which is not peak.

to do Uldaman

that explains it

Lol yup

when 1k or more is what you ask for, roll on felmyst. black temple will release soon.

it has by far the best scripting of any private server. keep in mind that your ping is higher when you're from europe (server is hosted in NA). the population is at around 1,5k at peak so you sometimes have to wait a long time for battlegrounds.

110-120 from middle Europe, that seems pretty acceptable in my opinion. Still can pvp fairly decently.

It's annoying when you're used to ~30ms on Sunwell, Kronos or Light's Hope. I know it's a luxury problem but it bothers some people.

Felmyst seems to be great, I never have a problem finding groups, but there’s not so many people around that it makes questing impossible.

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whats the pop?

You cant see the pop (blizzlike/who) but i would say it feels more populated than my retail medium server back in the day.

Blizzlike is showing 50

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Good thing he only said 1K+ population, which means he probably don't care about those 6k+ warmane faked...

You call everyone out for being a felmyst shill, yet you're picture perfect warmane shill.. I played on warmane, and hell I even defended it, fact is it was a shitshow and horrible scripting - Best for its time yeah, but compared to felmyst it's terrible...

Cool story, I’m sure you do have five or six level tens on Outland.

Also, how many times does the population numbers have to be explained? The website reflects the number of unique logins within the last sample period (probably the past hour) and not a live reading.

Edit: lol nvm I checked your post history. Hope gummy is compensating you well for all the time spent defending both him and felmyst!

Yeah, I've zero posts talking about gummy except for one ASKING what gummy was. Also I've a 70 priest on warmane since release.

Me, an intellectual: Warmanes been around forever and has a healthy population across their entire platform

You, a dullard: boy I hope gummy notices me

Me, an intellectual: Prefers quality, and appreciating a product

You, a dullard: I'll eat the next turd as long as 3K others can do it with me, no matter how bad it tastes

felmyst has been fantastic so far. More people showing up every day, While i can't see the server pop i can see the zone population increasing all the time, especially in the lower levels.

Right now it's K3, Felmyst and Sunwell imo.

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yup add tauri and hades to that for mop/cata. although lights hope fresh will probably replace kronos.

vanilla: Kronos3

tbc: felmyst

are the best choices atm


Felmyst IMO. I always meet friendly people who randomly buff you or give me bags or gold. I play really late, 11PM-3AM pacific time, so pop is about 800 at those times.

Kronos 3, and felmyst tbc are your current bets now. LH is opening a new vanilla server on june though

I’m sure gummies is a great server, but you may want to consider Outland as well. This is depending on how much population matters, and your opinions on p2w and high exp rates.

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I just finally hit 80 on Sunwell with the 3x xp after stopping in the mid 70s and I'm really enjyoing it.

I wish I had just pushed through the last few levels while everyone was still hitting 80 and getting geared up. Pretty much every heroic I've done so far I'm anywhere from 600-1000 gearscore below everyone else which is a bit dissapointing, but getting enough gear to run through Naxx was really quick and I'm pretty excited for Ulduar.

Outland(Warmane) or Felmyst, both are good servers

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or it might just be a nice place to play and is relevant to the question...

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That is website traffic and has no actual indication of server population diversity. Most web crawlers come from Chinese IP addresses and will drastically change the usage statistics of small websites. People have explained this to you before on the subreddit but you keep posting your misrepresented “server population statistics”

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Because felmyst is a smaller server, so web crawlers will skew data more than larger servers, and felmyst doesn’t have a donation shop or much on the website, so peoples pretty much just create their account and don’t visits the site again

So by that logic other smaller servers should have the same results?

Oh wait...

What you're saying could be true, which case I'm honestly curious as to why the fuck the chinese are overrunning the site. Even the rank in china is far above the rank in the US, while most other servers China isn't even in the top 5.

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