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How is the european population on Felmyst?

Are there enough people playing at european times? And are there more european guilds/players on horde or alliance?

Thanks alot!

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5 points · 3 months ago

I'm playing from EU, horde side. You will have no problem finding groups for dungeons or group quests. There are also EU raids. Don't know the situation on ally side.

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Thanks a lot!

What classes are needed on horde side?

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Healers are the most wanted class, at least so it seems from the advertisements. Especially holy priest and resto sham.

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Oh shit, currently levelling a Warrior for future tanking. Used to play Warlock and Holy Priest..

Ahhhhh now I feel like rerolling (Warrior is only level 25 anyway)

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2 points · 3 months ago

medium sized on peaks

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Are there still a lot of people leveling, or is it mostly a large chunk of 70s?

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I’m in American but I play nights and I never have trouble finding groups

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Mostly American pigs :)

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Granted I'm only level 32 but I've encountered Russians, and various EU players but haven't run across any Chinese I play NA peak though so YMMV

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Humble stop embarrassing yourself and come join felmyst horde. Stillbirth died a long time ago

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Rebirth is still up, my guy - you just need to have an authorized account. <hest> just downed twin emps.

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Why do you actually dislike felmyst humble? Who cares about rebirth its been dead for years

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the only problem with felmyst is that it’s full of people who play on felmyst

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You know what i dislike? Admins who ransom the server for 60k$! btw felmyst is a very complete server

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Exactly. Femlyst is such a scummy server.

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4 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

This data only shows website hits, afaik and not accounts created, so it could well be that there is not even 5% chinese player. I have been messing around here in the last few months, having a couple of characters in the high 30's and I have not met a single non-english speaking person in well over 10 instance runs. By these stats out of those 40 people I grouped with half would be chinese however if they were they spoke fluent english in chat and made no impact to my fun. I am sure there are "some" chinese players but quoting website hits, this could also be attributed to a dos attack from China on the website rather than actual visitors. So rather than making semi-aggressive comment to try and spark hostility actually clarify what the data stands for rather than linking your own assumptions. And before you start on the shill accusations, I am actually playing there to debunk the fanbois and show proof that felmyst is not some super advanced private realm that most people seem to think. just as a trickle of info about on quality, the mob agro range is WAY out, the chain agro linking only occasionally works, some quests are missing rep rewards and some are also offering vanilla exp values not the TBC values, and thats just a couple of things I can mention that anyone can check.

Just trying to stay objective and thought I would counter with a reply rather than silently downvoting.

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I agree with you, but your approach does not account for bias. The Chinese might (for instance) keep to themselves.

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