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    Oh look, that retard Kronos shill Mshaffy is here.

    Why don't you just get good and buy your character like every other cool person in the scene.


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    Vanillagaming is x15 exp and high drop rates but it's a vanilla server.

    Don't know anything about wotlk except icecrown like someone else said already

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      At least on alliance, I'm having stupid difficulty getting a group for 5 mans (as a healer — priest — no less)! I like the server a lot but this has been a real source of frustration.

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      Gamer District is WotLK and is x7 exp and loot. Good Scripts, but no one does anything except the three ICC 5-mans and ICC itself.

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      project-ascension ... really well implemented server

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        zombiewow is the server you’re looking for. they’re still in development and havent any advertising yet but the server is still open to play on and has the high drop rates you’re looking for

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        is it called like that cuz is dead since arrival?

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          Thank you for the answer, but the main part of my post was to find a server with high item drop rates. I know many server with high xp rates.

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          When it comes to drop rate - Sunwell is blizzlike. I don't know what's drop rate on Icecrown, cuz I played only on Lordearon.

          Are you aware that servers that have high drop rate have also fucked up economy? And if the economy is fucked up, you have two choices, pay for the mats or not having the mats :P

          Anyway, good luck with searching a proper server for you :)

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          Thank you for the help!

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          are any of the servers on sunwell pvp enabled? Because that would be a boon to my ability to get gear.

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          are any of the servers on sunwell pvp enabled? Because that would be a boon to my ability to get gear.

          What do you exactly mean?

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          meaning that when you go outside of a capital city you are automatically pvp flagged. So when you are going around in a zone like darkshire you have pvp enabled.

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          Angrathar is PvP server, but ganking on the Angrathar isn't the massive problem.

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          That great. Thank you

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          I would completely disagree with ganking not being a problem on Angrathar, if you level Horde. Several zones are unplayable. Otherwise it's a great server.