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These were sold at charity auctions for St. Jude Children's Hospital years ago for like 1/10th of the price this guy is trying to sell it for, so uhhh good on him for trying to turn a colossal profit on it I guess.

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They were selling for 400? I could've afforded one at that price.

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For example a post on a games blog from 2012 by the person who bought US-Gorefiend stated it went for $210 and EU-Saurfang went for $100. In total they raised $330,000 for charity off the sales so a select few servers were probably quite a bit more expensive, maybe famous Vanilla realms or whatever.


They sold 2000 original server blades according to GamesIndustry.biz, which with the $330,000 raised means the average blade sold for $165 at the time. So yeah, dude is shooting for the fucking moon here.

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Huh, wonder where I was when they were on sale. Might've been just at the tail end of one of the only breaks I've ever taken from WoW.

Took a year and a half off and missed out on Tyrael's Charger and the chance to own a damn server blade. Fuck me.

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I thought this was about buying the shelf the housed this server lol

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Well, that is what the "rack" is. Bad title.

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But can it run Crysis?

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I would totally buy this if it was a quarter of the price. That's the server I started on in 2005!

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The seller bought them for $400 a few years back when blizz was selling them to raise money for st Jude’s. But I don’t think he understands how flipping works. Good luck to him with the sale lmao

Tbh it wouldn’t surprise me if OP is the seller, in which case that’s even more scummy. Like I said it wouldn’t surprise me though

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What do you mean, tho? He's the only supplier and there's a lot of demand. That's exactly how it works. He sold it already.

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He sold it for 3950 USD.

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this is an ibm blade not a server rack

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Hey guys, free shipping!

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I’ll give you 200k gold shipped

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Would there be any useful data on there? Like actual character data which may be used/rebuild on a private server? Or things like item values, monster values etc?

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Nope. Sadly Blades were basically CPU and RAM clusters you could slot into your existing setup, thus boosting computational power or resources. Storage was taken care of elsewhere on the server rack.

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Aww shoot! :(

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165$ a month for 24month! Count Me IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Didn't blizz recently re-attain one of these to use for Classic? Either way I'm in awe to think so much of my time was lost in one of these, but also those signatures.

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Didn't blizz recently re-attain one of these to use for Classic?

No, Classic WoW is running on a modern client and hardware. Even booting up 1.12 or whatever wouldn't actually require the original hardware.

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I remember they joked about that when they announced vanilla classic -- are you sure they didn't actually need a piece of the original hardware for some reason?

I'm no expert, but maybe there's like an FPGA in there or something they need access to. I dunno. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I'm no expert, but maybe there's like an FPGA


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It was exactly that - a joke.

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If they bought any of them, it would have been for a launch event. People bought them because they would make a sweet WoW centerpiece and collector's item. Blizzard probably didn't consider that they might want a piece of WoW history for a future event or they would have saved a couple fewer kids and held some back.

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can someone explain to me what this actually is?

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That’s kinda crazy to look at. So many memories and characters all in one little piece of metal and silicon

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To anyone curious the actual hardware is a HP ProLiant BL25p, you can get these at like $50 from ebay.

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with this si CAN run fully Meachanr script spermtek wow 64k populations xD

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Didn't these sell for likw $200 a few years ago

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When they were selling 2,000 of them at the same time, yeah.

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Just sayin, its kind of fucked to ask 10x as much a few years later... and also the original sales were for charity lol

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You clearly have no grasp on collectible items. It’s not fucked up, it’s simply how collectibles work. That’s like saying that someone selling an autographed baseball by Babe Ruth is fucked up.

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I managed to buy Lightbringer EU for £700 a little while back, I considered that a good price too.

If you want something like Stormscale or Outland then you're talking Thousands.

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This is my old server!

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sold for 3950$ wtf?!? its a machine from 2004-20010 right why would you want that machine?

edit: Moreover what resides in the case that is so valuable? are all the character states from 2010 saved to that machine still? does the machine still have the WoW core on it? Like what gives? or is it all nostalgia...

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Nothing. All nostalgia