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Best Instant PVP Server

Hello what's the best instant lvl PVP server with a lot of people? :)

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Warmane and has a instant lvl 80(with wrathfull gear iirc) pvp only server

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3 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

RetroWoW - Vanilla


Warmanes Blackrock - WoTLK

Hades - Cata (recent huge increase in PVP not instant lvl 85, 1x-2x with option to buy max lvl char)

Warmanes Frostwolf - MoP (not instant max lvl, 7x xp, option to buy max lvl char)

Any other expansion GL, not going to find anything good. Unfortunately theres no instant max lvl pvp servers for MoP/Cata/TBC expansions that are populated, but the ones i listed are your best option for that expansion

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Tbc smolderforge

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OP said populated ones, pretty sure its pretty ghost townish there. correct me if im wrong.

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With regard to Hades, is the population high enough to get consistent arena ques at the servers busy times? I would love to play a cata server but haven't found one that has a busy arena ladder.

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Yes, especially during peak times. Every Sunday they also hold 3v3 tournament and they give out honor bonuses for participating

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Do you know how the ping is for east coast NA?

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I usually get about 130ms playing from east coast NA myself.

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0 points · 1 month ago

As you see, this Mario8000 will tell you what ever. Best answer is for you to go check it out yourself. Ive been playing in Hades since launch and any kind of arena / pvp community does not exist there anymore, it all started to die very fast in 2018 january. On peak hours you are lucky if 1-2 teams que, no stable teams queing consistently. On sundays you will get some 3v3 ques. Go Atlantiss if you wanna do cata pvp. Most active currently. I am not pulling these answers from my ass, ive played on Hades since 2017 November and now just transitioned to Atlantiss. Theres over 300+ 3v3 games played on Atlantiss during friday event. 2v2 going on at most hours during daytime.

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If atlantiss is that much better I will try it out, its x1 exp correct?

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1 point · 1 month ago

I think it is 1x yeah, possible raf ( recruit a friend) and get 3x xp.

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Mop panda wow with a good pop instant server and 100x server, legion firestorm greymane wod nonexistant

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Go play in Cata Hades before you suggest it. Any kind of arena/pvp community does not exist there anymore. The server is purely for people who raidlog 1-2x a week for raids. Source : been playing there since launch. Go Atlantiss cata if u want do do pvp OP. Also for MOP the best option is Pandawow. Idk where you take these suggestions from.

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2 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I have also played here since launch and once the recent custom honor/conquest bonuses added to arena participation, I have seen a HUGE increase in pvp esp on during peak time, Sunday’s 3v3 event. Bgs are always going on as well.

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0 points · 1 month ago

Thanks for downvoting me. You play in NA times and say that arena ques are popping? Let me facepalm through all the different dimensions you live in. Wonder why i sit in 25min 2v2 ques during 18-22pm ST with low mmr in Hades. I am here to finally tell people the truth and hopefully get rid of all the shills who tell random shit to people.

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I clearly said during “peak times”

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1 point · 1 month ago

I got duelist title last season in Hades from 3v3 while not queing 3v3 for 6 months, i dropped 1 rank only with 6 months, this shows you how active arena is there people.

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Warmanes blackrock server is insta 80 wotlk pvp server. I like it for 3 reasons

-solo que 3v3 Which makes a team of caster/melee/healer -cross faction bgs and arenas, (have to double check for arenas), makes up for everyone rolling human on wotlk because of the op racial. -no shadowmourne.

If you’re lazy there are npcs who will gear and talent you at a touch of a button.

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Your only option is Warmane's Blackrock, which is a WotLK server. It's not even a shade of its former glory, but it's still the most competitive private server there is.

To succeed, you will have to approach it with the right mindset: WoW arena is a hard game, but you can get better at it over time. You'll have to stop thinking of yourself as a great or even pretty good player, accept that you're trash, and work your way up from there.

You'll also have a face a community full of perpetually angry man children who are incapable of doing the above :p.

With the right mindset, good knowledge of the game and tons of practice (and liberal use of ignore and /dnd), however, you'll have tons of fun.

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AFAIK it doesnt exist :( , maybe pandawow but it is not worth your time.

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