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Posted byFormer YT Talent Scout2 years ago
ArchivedStickied post

Subreddit Rules

Welcome to /r/YouTube. Just a couple things before we get started:

If you are about to post a link to a video - please stop there. /r/YouTube is about the discussion of YouTube, not funny/fail/viral videos. If you have a video that is relevant to YouTube-related features, or questions you have about YouTube, then please feel free to post.


  • We do not allow soliciting for subscribers, views, likes, upvotes.

  • We also do not allow memes/image macros/rage comics.

  • Please follow proper Reddiquette or your post may be removed.

  • Please follow reddit's self promotion guidelines.

Suggestions / Feedback

If you have ideas or suggestions for this subreddit, please share it in the comments below.

--- Thank You!

Posted byTrusted Flagger3 months ago
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Found some info you think should be added? Comment it below and I'll add it!



The bot works by using the metadata (tags, title, description, etc) that you put into the video. Using this data, it plugs it into a machine learning program that determines if the content is likely to be against the ad-friendly guidelines.

If you have any tags/description that suggest the video isn't ad friendly (Ex: Violence related words, sexual related words, hate speech related words, etc) you are more likely to be hit by the bot. If you don't have enough tags or description, the bot is likely to hit. If you have a thumbnail that is sexual or violent, the bot is likely to hit. There's no solid proof yet, but CC data may also be used.


Update: 4/19/18

Update: 4/11/18

Update: 4/5/18

Update: 4/4/18

Update: 3/31/18

Update: 3/10/18

  • Limited ads = Advertisers can opt out. Non-limited means it's all ads.
  • "These advertiser guidelines are based on direct feedback from advertisers"

  • Political, Terrorism, or other suggestive content.

    • Ex: Orlando Nightclub Shooting; LGBTQ+ vloggers made videos about this and were demonetized (not because of the LGBTQ+ side of it, but rather the tragedy)
  • Drugs/Dangerous products

    • Educational content is allowed ads.
    • Sales, promotion, etc is not.
    • The bot is not going to be the best at detecting exceptions and will make mistakes here.
    • Advertisers get the choice if drugs appear.
  • Harmful/Dangerous acts

    • Prank videos (buttered floor) is allowed ads. Separation is when it's clear everyone is ok.
    • Prank videos (blood/serious injury) isn't allowed ads.
    • Lots of grey area for this.
    • Focus on graphic isn't allowed.
    • "If it's allowed on America's Funniest Videos, it's allowed ads"
  • Inappropriate language

    • Titles/thumbnails will likely get it hit if there's swearing
    • Censoring will help lessen the chances.
    • Swearing every now and again won't get you hit.
    • Swearing 10 times in 30 seconds is likely to get you hit.
    • Is it in a harmful/hate manner? If yes, likely to get hit.
    • Context (cultural) affects being hit. Some cultures have less leniency than others based on cultural differences. Intent plays more role.
  • Sexual content

    • Discussion (without graphic detail or imagery) is allowed.
    • Showing sexual content isn't allowed.
    • Showing sex toys is allowed if educational
    • If it's in the thumbnail, it's going to be hit.
  • Inappropriate use of family entertainment characters

    • If it's to trick kids into watching it when it's not for kids, it'll get hit.
  • Hateful content

    • If it's making fun of someone or a group, it's likely not going to get ads.
    • Ex: Slurs, violent imagery, etc
    • Satire is allowed IF THERE IS ENOUGH CONTEXT
  • Incendiary and demeaning

    • Content aimed to get a rise out of someone
    • Ex: Bullying

Update: 3/9/18

Update: 3/8/18

  • It would appear that they changed the system to have videos automatically put in for review upon being hit by the bot.

Update: 3/2/18

  • More people are being accepted into the YPP. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Update: 2/28/18

Update: 2/27/18

Update: 2/26/18



Information to know:

Info on Machine Learning:


  1. YouTube is trying to make itself PG only
  2. Well YT is removing ads on all of my videos!
  3. But we can't appeal without having 1000 views in a week on any video!
  4. But that's hurting smaller creators!
  5. What about the advertisers being able to select strict rules!
  6. What about borderline hate content being censored!
  7. But there's a blacklist!

YouTube is trying to make itself PG only

While this does look like it on the surface, it's far from the truth. Their advertiser friendly rules1 haven't changed in many years; they just gave more info and enforced them a bit more strictly2 .

None of the rules scream "You have to be PG and aim your content at 6 yr olds" to me. I'm getting ads on my game play of Dark Souls. Dark Souls is definitely not aimed at 6 yrs olds.

That being said, maybe you are thinking that they are saying PG only to the content on the site. Nothing in the Community Guidelines3 says that content has to be PG.


Well YT is removing ads on all of my videos!

If you are seeing the "Yellow $", yes. Your video is in a limited state in which you will receive either less ads or no ads. This is due to a new bot4 that is handling demonetization. This bot, I will agree, is not very good. It's trained based off of appeals5 ; off of cases that YouTube feeds to it to tell it "this is ok" and "this is not ok". Due to being in the training phase, it will make mistakes.

Yes. I get that it sucks, but there's nothing we can do about it; advertisers pulled out because YouTube wasn't doing this before.

Both choices have good and bad things about them. For example, automation is quick, but it isn't always accurate. Manually would be more accurate, but it would take way too many people and cost way too much with over 500 hours of content being uploaded every minute6 . (I'll do the math below in the comments to show that this isn't manageable.)

Instead of costing themselves millions of dollars daily, they went with the more feasible solution: They made a bot. This bot was made to try and re-balance the creator-advertiser balance; sadly, they didn't get it right. They released the bot too early. They did however, make the right choice of letting people know that their content was being hit (even though they let people know months after the bot had been out.)

They know the bot isn't functioning properly. But instead of scrapping it and going right back to where they were, they feel it's best to continue training it. That's why people are able to appeal now. Yes, it sucks, but they don't have many options considering advertisers still aren't all back due to the trust that was lost.


But we can't appeal without having 1000 views in a week on any video!

Yes/no. As /u/crschmidt mentioned on another thread, if you leave the video as "unlisted" before releasing it, the bot will scan it, and if you have 10k subscribers you can appeal it before it's live. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for the 1k views (last I knew, that is.)

The only reason I could think of for them to do this it to prevent a back log of appeals, making it that people will never get their appeals in a timely fashion. Instead, they are making it that those who would be losing the most money during the appeal get priority (basically.) Yes, this sucks, but think about it this way: if you aren't getting 1k views in a week, you would be making (on average) < $1 (USD) per video that hits that. While that does add up, it would take at least 100 videos to make the $100 (USD) payout threshold7 . By the time you would make that amount, the bot would be much better, and you wouldn't have to appeal nearly as often. (Assuming 1 video/day upload pattern.)


But that's hurting smaller creators!

I won't deny that. It is hurting smaller creators. But not in a very large way.

Yes, they are losing potential income, but as mentioned above, it's not really all that much.

Contrary to popular belief, search rankings are not affected by monetization status8 .


What about the advertisers being able to select strict rules!

While it is true that advertisers have access to strict9 rules10 about what their ads can play on, that is nothing that the creator or YouTube can change. If an advertisers doesn't want their ads on your content, it's just that simple. They don't. And you can't do anything about that.


What about borderline hate content being censored!

Yes. YouTube recently took initiative11 to restrict access to borderline hate content. No, this wouldn't affect anyone in any different way. Content being hit by this initiative wouldn't have been eligible for ads in the first place. This is because the content being hit by this initiative almost break YouTube's Guidelines3 on Hate Content12 . If it's almost breaking the rules, then it's almost not allowed on the site. That type of content wouldn't be eligible in the first place.

Side note: It's not truly censorship if they are still allowing it to be on the site.


But there's a blacklist!

If you can provide evidence of this, I'd be glad to take a look at it. So far, none of the evidence shown to me suggest black-listing13 . (Showing a page full of "Limited" videos is not evidence, as that is a lot of people's state right now. I'm very doubtful there's a black-list if everyone's on it. That'd be more of a white-list14 , which even then, that wouldn't make sense, as it would be a list of people that never get checked, then.)

Did I miss something? Comment below and I'll add it.


  8. (If you find evidence otherwise, please, feel free to share it and I'll update this. I have yet to find ANYTHING that suggests it affects it.)

Do you have to update the app for it to change the sub feed? Because I haven’t updated the app and the changes is not there yet. So do I just continue not updating the app and everything will be fine? (Haven’t updated in a while anyways cuss it’s stupid to push updates every fucking week. And I don’t like to be told what to do by fucking YouTube.)


You'd think with all the bullshit happening with YouTube, someone would've created a better alternative to the site by now but so far there are none. Why is that?


When you watch multiple videoa from your phone and then going back to your recent videos you watched, you can't. It forced me to go back in the the main trending/sub pages, NOT going back to your recent video. This is sickening.


Hi Reddit!

For the last year, in my spare time, I have been developing an alternative app that replaced YouTube's subscription feed with more of a classic podcast app or Netflix-like approach, where it would only show oldest unwatched video from each channel. It is a much easier way to watch YouTube for those for whom a subscription means a commitment to watch or, at least, consider watching all videos from that channel. It is not a replacement for complete YouTube experience, it is built specifically for watching subscriptions.

It removes a necessity to constantly scroll down to the oldest unwatched video or add them all to playlists in order not to forget to watch them eventually. You can delay watching certain channels until you are in the mood for it without clogging up your playlists. They will slowly drift to the bottom of the page, since it sorts oldest unwatched videos by date, but never completely disappear from the dashboard.

I haven't planned to publicly promote this app until iOS and Android apps are ready, but given the news about YouTube experimenting with subscription feed, I think that many of you would find it useful as it is now. At the moment, there is only a web version, but it works reasonably well in mobile browsers. There is an initial setup available where you can import videos from your playlists or select oldest unwatched video in your subscription feed and it will import all videos that come after that to your watch queue.

I eventually plan to charge for it, but if you join before that it will be free for you to use forever. :) Feedback and criticism is welcome and will be appreciated.

Check it out here:


I'm using the YouTube app and everytime I press the back button on my phone instead of going to the previous video it just minimizes the video to that new little shit screen. I hope YouTube fixes this.


Enter full screen (in Chrome), move my mouse and I get flashing between video frames and black like a strobe along with serious sound ... roboting?

Edit: I noticed that it's happening after the tracker and mouse disappear and then I move the mouse for them to come back. Seems to be glitching off that.


YouTube updated. Hooray said not me. I now see community posts that have barely any content or value to me, and rather not see them. How could I block that now? The previous tutorial doesn't work and the option now sorts through them and not filtering them.


Hey guys this is Spero and I am a budding youtuber! I make videos on anime related stuff! I just want people to watch my amv's and other anime stuff so that they can get the chills and feels I get when I watch anime.. If you like my channel please sub..



I made a fortnite edit using xxxtentacion's song. when i uploaded unlisted it was blocked for copyright. if i upload my video with the title as the song name and the songs link in the desc will my video still be blocked?


I have a question why Can't I get back to a previous video that I watched when i press the "back button" on my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge? I mean with "previous video" a video that I choosed under the video that I was watching and not from the main menu of youtube. I try to get back to it but I stay with current video that I'm watching and It gets small and it's shown in a small window. So i need to get back to history every darn time and this is so so annoying. Pls fix it youtube😔😔


I posted in another subreddit but I figured Id try here too.
- Youtuber reading funny comments with bad grammar
- Its from a fan, showing his appreciation for the youtuber
- Youtuber is laughing while reading it and zooming in on certain parts
- Comment is about half a paragraph long, written with bad english/grammar
- One of the lines was something like "you make good videos and never give an ass fuck" or something like that
- Youtuber has black or brown hair, and is sitting in a chair with the camera facing the sideview (so you can see him and his desk top)
- I think there might be other comments in the video, but this one took up the most time and was the longest written out of the rest
Please help me find this

Edit: A letter


There have been literally hundreds of videos along the lines that YouTube has overstepped its boundaries but nobody has ever striked back against them. Eg. Not monitising their videos so that YouTube can't make money off of it.


Right now there is no video content platform as good as YouTube right now, but if there were, with better features as a viewers and a creator, would you make the switch, even if it was a smaller platform than YouTube or there weren't hardly as many users on it at the time?


Youtube has just shut down a gun channel for "multiple or severe violations of Youtube's policy against spam, deceptive practices or misleading content, or other ToS violations"

This is one of the most educational gun channels on the web, pretty far removed from the likes of FPSRussia (not that I have anything against those types of channels either). The appeal against the ban was rejected just a few minutes after it was submitted. I worry for other big shooting channels as well, which have been feeling the pressure from Youtube for months.

Update 24/05/2018: channel has been restored, but the community strike is still being appealed

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