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And many minds were changed that day

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Well, you updated the title for the year, I'll give you that.

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I always hate when I forget my Ghostspeak Amulet in the bank.

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Unexpected runescape..

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Hold on let me use spirit speak.

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I think both sides make valid points

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The best part is the woman holding a sign that says "speak openly".

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nah you got it backwards....the girl showed up and immediately began screaming incoherently as soon as the first speaker got up on the stage to speak...she was trying to silence the speaker by screaming at them, so that sign very much speaks against what that girl was trying to do, which was silence someone else's opinion.

I mean realistically she doesn't give a shit about the cause she's fronting anyway...she's an attention whore and got that sweet sweet attention.

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Yup, that shows exactly what she did.

The irony is her tantrum is definitely enabling the trump supporters...all she did was cement their belief that the "right are fucking nutballs." Good job lady...

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Just remember that it’s never good to have the mentality that the people you disagree with are all extremist nutballs. You see videos like this on the internet with both hardcore left-and-right-wing people looking like complete idiots and it makes you almost start to think that everybody but you is insane.

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Oh entirely....confirmation bias is what makes people live in their own little worlds.

These videos are very much showing "the worst of the worst" because that's what's entertaining. No one posts videos of calm peaceful protests where nothing happens and no one freaks out, and if they DO post those videos, no one cares about them.

This applies to sooooo many things too. Pretty much any contentious subject. So....cops beating people up, BLM being violent, firearms only being dangerous, overt racism and bigotry.....we're seeing mostly the extremes, not the averages.

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I always try and remember that despite everything, we're still in the most peaceful era of human history.

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You see videos like this on the internet with both hardcore left-and-right-wing people looking like complete idiots and it makes you almost start to think that everybody but you is insane.

the important thing is that you've found a way to feel superior to anyone who has views anywhere to the left or right of you, right?

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Exactly. As the other guy said, it's confirmation bias.

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He specified hardcore left and right wing people often look like complete idiots.

He never said that all firmly left or right wing people are idiots.

He technically didn't even say that the people shown in videos like this post are idiots, only that they're portrayed to be idiots.

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Hillary supporters are centrist tho

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    Welcome to politics 2016 and onwards

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    Why, the, commas,?

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    this woman had no stance at all. Clearly has some sort of mental issue

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    she looks like she is turning purple. girl needs to breathe.

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    “O yea o yea” really finishes it off.

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    The best thing about this video is whenever it resurfaces, in the comments are always people who ignore their side and instead focus on how crazy the opposing political party is acting in their video, despite both acting exactly the same.

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    We’ve all seen this

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    U S A

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    They were mocking her.

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    They really showed her...

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    Doesn't make it any less embarrassing for all parties involved

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    I was only acting retarded

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    Wait, they were?

    Looks like I forgot /s, so... /s

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    Seem to have been

    Of course it's not exactly surprising that in the current political climate someone would cut the video to be misleading

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    Of course it's not exactly surprising that in the current political climate someone would cut the video to be misleading

    Now the title really makes sense.

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    But in an attempt to expose ignorance, they instead showed their own immaturity. I think both parties are equally guilty here.

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    Speak for yourself America

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    Utterly depressing.

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    what in the world?

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    Here's the context.


    Lady showed up to scream like a child over their event and they responded in kind.

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    This is beautiful, i crie every time, should win an emmy.

    "the pinnacle of humanity"

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    I...I think it's trying...to communicate?

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    I don't think any of them are trying to communicate :/

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    This is actuley just a tiny fraction of the video, there actuley mocking the girl who showed up to there March and would only scream and flip her off, after asking her to leave, drowning her out with chants of USA and asking if that was she could do it if she needed a ride to a mental hospital this segment of the video starts up

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    They all were hecka dumb

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    "I will act like a retard to make fun of this retard, that will show him"

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    shrug they tried being nice so why not have a bit of fun

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    I think the guys were trying to communicate in her native tongue.

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    The last time we communicated with fascists they were still killing civil rights activists in missisippi.

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    No its literally from 2016 lol LITERALLY POLITICAL DISCOURSE IN 2016

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    this is scary.

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    S O L I D A R I T Y

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    Adults behaving badly.

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    Politics was a mistake.

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    american politics looking lit

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    Look for the full video, this snippet that gets spread around isn’t particularly explanative

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    Even in context, that's not how adults should act. I understood why they were angry, but they're still behaving like young children...

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    Fair enough and all but they did start by asking nicely, but when she wouldn’t even talk, well, why not have some fun

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      e d g y