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AllHarlowsEve commented on a post in r/bestoflegaladvice
RashitheSt -23 points

That's really funny. By the time OPs harassment case gets fully investigated back traced to mom, then mom to the powerful people, that dismissal will change or new charges can be brought, entirely.

Cute theory.

AllHarlowsEve 5 points

Do you have to put chapstick on your ass, or does talking out of it not dry it out that much?

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AllHarlowsEve 33 points

Can you reach out to the agencies she's harassing you through and get any paperwork they have, then use that to get a restraining order? It might also be a good idea to save her Reddit post where she debates breaking and entering, as well as any other posts that reference you.

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AllHarlowsEve 8 points

Wait, he jerks off to Kik? Like, the messenger? That's... not okay.

I dated a guy like this, constantly jerking off, lost his erection quickly, I think he only came maybe 3 times in the year we dated when I was anywhere near him.

If he wants to jerk off so often that he can't stay hard in a pussy, then that's his loss. He doesn't care enough about you to work on it, or use his tongue/fingers, so I'd leave tbh.

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AllHarlowsEve 10 points

Ignore the redpill/incels, they always show up when a woman's at all questionable.

Frankly, there's a difference between banter, flirting, and sex talk. The first should be fine, flirting gets more questionable, then sexual talk shouldn't be acceptable in a committed relationship.

When you're sober, have a serious talk. If she doesn't respect that you consider a marriage as between two people and don't appreciate her practically dirty talking with your best friend, it might be a good idea to start marriage therrapy or consider leaving.

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AllHarlowsEve 16 points

You need to learn to love yourself for you, not your rank in some imaginary filing cabinet.

It doesn't matter if his ex was a literal Victoria's Secret model who left modeling to become a lawyer and a doctor at the same time, who ran a soup kitchen and shelter out of her third house and was a literal goddamn princess, she's still his ex and he's with you.

My boyfriend's ex likes to post shit about my boyfriend, talking about how he's a cheater, abusive, how he always hit her, how he talked to her like she's scum, etc. All over her social media is posts shit-talking him.

But, I knew that, at the end of the day, nobody who knew who she really is, the crazy cunt who throws knives, who breaks stuff over not getting enough attention, who will have phone sex in front of her boyfriend then claim it was a joke... nobody who knows her like that would believe her.

I had to block her because I knew I'd facebook or instagram stalk her to see what she's saying and to keep up with her crazy ass.

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SaturnBaby21 53 points

Stayed at hotel with my cat once. When I checked in, the FDA asked me, “you’re not the one who asked if she could bring her bobcat are you?” I almost died laughing.

AllHarlowsEve 10 points

I was gonna make a Steve French reference, but he was a mountain lion, not a bobcat.

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AllHarlowsEve 4 points

Here's my thoughts.

He's told you it was a boy's day, which it clearly wasn't.

He told you that he couldn't even go into town with you, so I'm thinking they're picking the girl up, not meeting her in town.

He didn't tell you about the double date.

He didn't tell you that it was a setup to get him to date other girls, by his best friend. That means his best friend has no respect for you or your relationship.

He literally only told you the truth when he was backed into a corner.

You are so much better off without him, as much as it might hurt now. He doesn't respect you or himself enough to put his foot down, and he tried to gaslight you by calling you controlling and smothering.

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AllHarlowsEve 15 points

No, neither of those happen for tiny things.

If your BFF is rude in front of you, I'm gonna venture a guess that she's worse around strangers.

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9gagiscancer 43 points

That kind of reminds me of my ex's grandpa, although not a perv (to my knowledge). I was the only one that figured out he was faking most of it. The slow walks, the being "blind", the waking people at night because he made so much noise going to the bathroom you'd swear you're listening to a marching band.

"Oh no, he's just old and blind, it's ok".

He never knew I once watched him outside of a window, just walking around normally and not walking sliw or as a blind man would.

I wonder why people start doing this? Attention most likely, but damn that is some sad shit.

AllHarlowsEve 27 points

Just FYI, in their own home or places they're familiar with, even totally blind people can walk "normal".

And legally blind is anywhere from thick glasses to no vision.

QueenAsa 0 points

He didn't mean the slow walk was from being blind

AllHarlowsEve 0 points

He never knew I once watched him outside of a window, just walking around normally and not walking sliw or as a blind man would.

Yeah, it sounds like he thinks blind people walk different from "normal" people.

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AllHarlowsEve 5 points

If it's the place I'm thinking of, not positive if its in Daytona or a surrounding town, the review is totally fair. The place was hella dingy and I literally gave the waitress the "wtf do you mean" look when they said they didn't have iced tea.

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TheDickJustice -3 points

So the fanfiction that carried the themes of the original and maintained its spirit ruined the original, which you'd have otherwise liked?

God this fanbase is giving me an aneurysm sometimes... And then most of the people calling things out as being "Cringe" are like: "Dark Lord 666" or "Belphegor1992" or "DemonKingUS" or "PusseySlayor999" and shit.

AllHarlowsEve 2 points

I literally haven't subbed for this reason. Every other fanfiction subreddit that gets suggested is full of people who love the fandom and the stories.

This sub is constantly "I hate this character" or "This part of the story is stupid" or "this fandom is trash and so is the fanfiction" or "I hate all of this"

Like, just leave? Stop reading if you hate it?

AllHarlowsEve commented on a post in r/AskReddit
catwithaglasseye 9 points

If you’re out and someone seems passed out, and don’t respond to their name, “hey you” or other general things people at least will look at you for, knock on their sternum. It’s a pain reflex trigger and if you do it to someone else or yourself it really hurts. Just take your index and middle fingers together and tap the chest right under the two little collarbones. Call 911 immediately.

AllHarlowsEve 1 point

I have a narcoleptic friend and learned to use my second knuckles, not the ones on the back of my hand, to practically grind down between boobs or pecs. That hurts like a bitch and will definitely wake people up.

ConsistentBeach 1 point

Is there a chance that you can turn off the phone under your mom's name and get a new phone with a different number? And not tell her your phone number?

AllHarlowsEve 1 point

That's the plan, but I probably won't have the excess money to pay to start a new plan until after the summer, since my electric bill is low key killing me

ChatteringCyclops 2 points

Some of the bare-bones pay-as-you go services are decent, especially for the short term. TracFone sucks, but Virgin Mobile & Verizon were OK.

AllHarlowsEve 1 point

Yeah, I'll probably get Virgin, but legit rn I can barely afford food so I'll have to wait until we don't need AC on. 😬

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[deleted] -7 points


AllHarlowsEve 2 points

Not if you work in banking. Even off the clock, it'd be considered bribery.

[deleted] -14 points


AllHarlowsEve 3 points

I don't think you know what Autism is.

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frankwashere44 1 point

Professional doesn't equal cop, like, ever.

She wouldn't have to recount what happened to a cop, what world is this? How do you report a crime without that happening?

Also, how would the brother knowing what acts were performed help anything? He's already mad, a confirmation would just make it worse, and as a rape victim, I can guarantee you that his reaction would make her feel worse.

I said her Mum. And I don't see how it would make her brother more angry. I doubt what actually happened can be any worse than what he's imagining.

AllHarlowsEve 1 point

Are you being purposefully obtuse right now? I'm saying that she needs to talk to a professional, like a therapist, not a cop, to work through this. I never said she wouldn't have to talk to cops?

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