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My biggest issue is the searching for games. All PbtA games are grouped together, then there's no filter for days/times, no language filter, and stuff like that.

Then, there's the mediocre to non-existent accessibility with a screen reader in game. It makes trying to introduce new blind or severely dyslexic, players a shitshow. Not being able to lower or mute background sound without having someone else do it? Not being able to arrow through any of the 5E sheets and how literally impossible the new character builder is with a screen reader... just, ugh.

That's true, but last I checked uploading copyrighted songs would (for good reason) get them taken down in short order.

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There's a shitload of copyrighted stuff, though. At least on the fanburst side or whatever it's called.

If you want to die, you should be able to. An able-bodied person can jump from a bridge or hang themselves or go out and get a gun, but people with chronic illnesses or disabilities may not be able to do any of that.

Plus, there's the fact that many ways to kill yourself leave a terrifying corpse or lots of blood or otherwise traumatize people, so being able to just have an IV put in and go out on your own terms is just respectful.

But, I'm not someone who thinks every life should be lived because it exists. I've been through a LOT of bullshit in my life, and I know that if I had access to a gun, I just might kill myself on real bad pain days. But overall, I don't want to die just yet.

You’re looking I think to say FYI - for your information, not ETA - estimated time of arrival :)

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FYI, ETA on Reddit is "Editted to add".

I used to just use them to buy gift cards I was gonna buy anyway, or at least gift cards for places I wanted to shop at.

Like, I bought cards for my local grocery store for a while, it's not like I'd suddenly not need them. Around christmas, I'd buy either gift cards for the extended family or gifts, and just use up the credit.

I was also big on checking the deals, and would buy stuff that looks interesting since I treat beer money as play money, not as bill money.

At first, I misread your title as, "Yes, I'm hiding in a room in the back..." and thought, "Yup, been there."

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Same, I had to read the title again after I read the story.

Couldn't afford his addiction on $150,000/year hooked was this guy?

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A single pain killer on the streets, especially during the changeover for them from original formula to PitA to crush without neutralizing, could be between $40-$80. Let's say his monthly expenses are like $5k because that's a lot, but not super unbelievable. That's only an average of like 6 pills a day, which isn't a whole lot.

I wish there was a little more granularity like, "exclude crossovers with more than 5 fandoms" or "exclude fics with Character/*" for if you don't want relationships with a character but are fine with them in a fic, or even "hide all fics with more than X tags" for those people that are offended by too many tags.

That said, I also wish you could favorite a filtered search, not just the normal search. Like, if I only want Gen fics tagged with friendship, and a ship name, and excluding a character, it'd be nice to just click that to see if there's anything new.

Also it'd be nice to just hide a fic, like by collapsing it. If I'm already reading a fic that's still updating, I don't need to see it when I search my ship.

Just as a warning, because I didn't see anyone mention it, do not try to power through and marathon read Worm. It will fuck your emotions up, and leave you existentially exhausted.

The emotional fatigue is real as fuck in this series and it can be a lot if you tend to love characters as you read.

Plus, there are a lot of hints as you go through that hint to the end of worm, so you would be best off not missing them.

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They will all be lvl 2 at the start of the mystery. I am unsure about the invulnerability, I could see it getting annoying, too. Alternatively I could make it so that it can still be harmed in light form, but it has some sort of armouring.

For tracking the refracted, maybe I could do 7- no change, 8+ +1 ongoing or something like that? Now that you mention it the -1 might feel kind of crappy.

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In a previous game, a character had 3 armor, which worked like invulnerability to anyone who couldn't do 4 harm/armor piercing. We had a character with 1 armor piercing, one with a +4 hand cannon, and a monstrous to trap the enemy with magics.

Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

That could be a good solution! I’ll think about heavily armouring the monster. Thanks for that! Any other feedback?

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I'd armor the light form heavily, but take off one or two outside that form, but otherwise this looks like a really great mystery and it could be super fun.

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If you think that the /r/scam post you linked of someone not reading the thing they digitally signed is bad, I'd recommend you look into the BBB reviews of Etsy. They're an absolute garbage fire so often, I'm surprised people still use them.

RB is something you build up your business through social media, not through their website. Like any site, they have a LOT of copyrighted things, but if you're not an idiot about it and use social media well, you can make good money through them.

8 points · 3 days ago

BBB reviews

Aren't they a bigger joke than Etsy?

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Oh, definitely. It's just that the BBB site has the largest collection of the reviews about how Etsy fucks people.

Eerie how? Like uncanny valley? Or...?

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My older brother has APD. He can do all the right emotions, inflect right, use all the right phrases... basically, he can hit all the right notes, but it requires forethought and some degree of focusing.

Imagine a grown man crying over an old cat passing away, then immediately going back to resting bitch face. It's... uncomfortable. Not quite uncanny valley, but it triggers your brain to scream "Get the fuck out NOW!!!!"

What were your parent like? did you guys have an abusive childhood?

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Our dad was basically never home, and also a pedophile but as far as I know I'm the only lucky one who was sexually abused.

Our mom is... a lot. As a kid, up until I was born, my APD bro was the golden child, sun shone out of his ass because he was the first grandchild, the first son, whatever. He was spoiled until I came along, then for some reason my mom put the boys, irish twins, in the smaller bedroom. I was never hit, but they were punished with a wooden spoon. There was also a lot of emotional abuse/neglect and gas lighting, but from what I know, my APD brother was the way he is, abusive, with only a margin of control over his emotions, even as a kid. He was just weird, even as a toddler. He was around 6 or so when he stopped being the golden boy, and had already been way too much to handle.

He was tentatively diagnosed with ADHD as a kid but my parents weren't good about taking us to professionals and medical neglect is our nmom's specialty. As an adult, he's been diagnosed with agoraphobia and APD.

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AllHarlowsEve commented on

Tbh this is really funny to me

I just recently finished Worm, and am slowly trying to keep going through everything but it's... a lot.

I was so fucking excited to see a Puerto Rican cape.... and then he got a few minor references then died. Poor Carlos.

Original Poster28 points · 3 days ago

Yeah, Aegis had a looooot of potential, especially since WB once considered having him be a protagonist

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He's also pretty ignored in fanfiction on AO3, which sucks because I want stories about him but I hate the main Worm fanfic sites.

In junior high, I got in school suspension and detention, as well as a long ramble at me by my vice principal, all because I got fed up with being bullied for having short hair and being a tomboy. I yelled, "What if I am a lesbian?!" and my cunt of a bus driver wrote me up for using harmful language towards onesself or something like that.

I like being able to hear my boyfriend without us having to shout at each other, and it's easier to share food horizontally than to reach over a table and try not to drag my tits across my plate.

What are FLEAS? I've researched and nada. Thanks!

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I always forget what it actually stands for, so I always say "Fucking Lasting Effects of Abusive Shit."

I know RaisedByNarcissists has the real meaning but... I like mine better.

I feel this on a personal level. I like cucumbers and lettuce on my sandwiches, but if I forget to say easy on the lettuce I end up with a soggy mess that's like 50 percent shredded iceberg, and nobody wants that.

When I say light and they really take it to heart, sprinkling just enough to create a dam between my mayo with fish and my bread, I just want to hug them.

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Unused engagement rings - a symbolic promise of life together. Someone took the time to be like hey, this is my person. Unrequited love is the most striking pain.

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My local buy/sell/trade Facebook group has engagement rings posted at least once a month.

I'm just staring at them like "das bad juju."

I'd have a series of interconnected sea life gifs as a half sleeve, but my favorite is the nopetopus gif of an octopus just scuttling the fuck away. I'd probably have like, a spinning starfish, swaying anemone and some fish swimming around it, then a gif of the jellyfish rave from spongebob bc I'm an adult.

FFN looks and navigates like they decided they were done updating in the early 2000's and fuck it, they're never gonna look at it again. That's my main issue, amongst all the other, more discussed issues.

The big thing that got me to switch, though, is AO3 defending anything you want to write. I'm very much of the fiction is fiction and YKINMKATO mindset, especially since my current main ships are a pair of fourth graders and a 17 year old girl and her grandfather, so... It's nice to not have to worry about being banned/purged.

The number one thing I'd wish I knew then is this:

There are other groups with other players who play other games in other ways. You do not have to play with this group if you're not having fun.

I've met so many people who play D&D the wrong way... for me, or for the person I talk to who 'tried it once but didn't like it.'

So, my tip is: Keep trying until you find the group and game you like.

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I'm seconding the fuck out of this.

Every time I try 5E, I end up sick of it after a short while.

That said, looking at LFG/Roll20LFG you'd never know that there's more than just DnD.

If it doesn't violate her dress code, LAOP's daughter should get a cheap shirt and those cone spikes, like off a belt, and just stick them all over the boob area. Make it a damn hazard to be creepy.

43 points · 3 days ago

did... did this subject come up recently, because I swear I remember reading this exact comment in a bola thread on something similar a few weeks ago

am I just having extremely stupid deja vu

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.... I have no idea, but if someone else thought of the spiky booby trap, I want to befriend them.

If you're on iOS, 1Q and Google Rewards both are fairly quick, with 1Q paying instantly and GR paying every $2 instantly.

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