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CBRjack 1 point

You know men can talk to women, and vice versa, right? Go somewhere with your boyfriend/girlfriend, then ask them what it's like on their side.

Or, in most places, look at the fire evacuation plan displayed on the wall, should show you exactly the layout of every room in the building.

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CBRjack 2 points

Have you replaced the bulbs? Bulbs lose intensity over time as they age, so if they've never been replaced it could simply be that.

TabascoSwet 1 point

Alright I will try that. An what bulbs would you recommend that are brighter but not get pulled over bright?

CBRjack 2 points

I've had good experience with Osram Silverstar bulbs in my Grand Caravan. They were brighter than the OEM bulbs, but not obnoxiously so. They don't blind people and you shouldn't have any problems with cops.

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MrMoonDweller 1 point

It was not burning oil (to the best of my knowledge, and I take very good care of it) BUT I was contacted by Toyota to say that there’s some kind of warrantee that’s about to expire. Basically, if it is burning oil and it fails the oil consumption test they will take the engine apart and give me new pistons and piston rings. I thought “free stuff!? Sure!” But after dealing with them face to face and being left feeling like they’re trying to screw me over, I think I’ll decline any of their offers and stick to my local family mechanic. Who has been working on my families cars for 30+ years haha

CBRjack 3 points

They get you in the door with an offer of "free stuff", then try to bullshit you with a $700 bill.

Classic bait and switch scam.

At a minimum, get a second opinion before doing anything to that water pump.

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Trithis2077 37 points

Could I get and ELI5 on what ISO Auditing is? When I here ISO all I can think of are .iso files.

CBRjack 6 points

Look up ISO 9001, it involves a lot of documentation and procedures.

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CBRjack 14 points

A frame is a Layer 2 construct, a packet is a Layer 3 construct.

In common modern Ethernet networks, you have an Ethernet frame containing an IP packet.

In older networks, you might've had a serial frame containing an IP packet or an Ethernet frame containing an IPX packet, etc.

When a basic Layer 2 switch acts on a frame, it only looks at the frame header and trailer, not at what's inside the frame. When a Layer 3 router acts on a packet, it looks at both the outer frame header and trailer, and the inner packet header.

Taking our common Ethernet/IP network, the Layer 2 switch looks at the Ethernet frame data, source MAC, destination MAC, etc. The Layer 3 router looks at both the Ethernet frame data and the inner IP packet data, source IP, destination IP.

underscores_are_good 1 point

Sorry for being so slow, but isn’t that redundant? An address within an address?

CBRjack 6 points

Let's take a small network as an example:

[Device A] --- [Router B] --- [Device C]

A wants to send data to C. The network stack takes the data stream, and it has to construct an IP packet :

Source IP: A / Destination IP: C

Then it has to construct an Ethernet frame. For this, it looks in its routing table to find where it should send its data to reach C. To reach C, it has to send it to Router B. Then it looks at its ARP table (or makes an ARP request) to find the Layer 2 address of Router B. It can then construct the Ethernet frame :

Source MAC: A / Destination MAC: B
Source IP: A / Destination IP: C

When B gets this data, it looks at the frame destination (himself!) then it look at the packet destination (C). It then knows it will have to forward the packet to C. it then builds a new frame around that packet:

Source MAC: B / Destination MAC: C
Source IP: A / Destination IP: C


Along the way, the inner IP packet didn't change, but the outer frame was replaced at each Layer 3 hop. This is why there are multiple addresses on the data. The outer address indicates the immediate next hop, while the inner address indicates the final destination.

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CBRjack 7 points

You cheated on T. Then you asked your ex to dump his gf to be with you. Then once he did you dumped him.

It's just a trainwreck at this point.

Walk away from both. Take some time to reflect on why you got yourself in this mess in the first place. Maybe some therapy is in order.

At this point, you've really hurt your ex by playing him, and when T realizes that you cheated on him and were ready to dump him he'll be hurt as well.

SublimedCastrato 13 points

Cut both of them out of your life and move on with it.

If you don't want drama in your life then it's up to you to remove it. You've already screwed the pooch with both guys, proverbially, so just cut your loses.

CBRjack 6 points

I'm thinking the same. She was emotionally cheating on T and ready to dump him, made her ex dump his gf, then told the ex to suck it because she wants to be with T instead...

Maybe taking a break and thinking about this whole mess might be the best outcome.

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FoxyFoxMulder 4 points

This chart ranks cars by their insurance losses, surprisingly the Toyota Corolla is 4th right after Audi Q5, Dodge Challenger, and Ford Mustang. I can understand those fancy muscle cars, but why the Corolla?

CBRjack 9 points

Probably because there are millions of them on the roads every single day. Either that, or the stereotypical "bad driver" buys cheap reliable cars like the Corolla instead of more "fun" or "powerful" cars.

Interdimension 7 points

I'd argue both. Lots of Corolla models out there being driven, and drivers buying the Corolla are likely folks who aren't very... er... good at driving. I don't really expect someone buying a Corolla LE, for example, to be someone who's much into driving/cars at all, but rather just looking for cheap/reliable transportation (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Although, if that's true, I have to wonder why the Honda Civic isn't closer to the Corolla in losses. The Civic is definitely costlier to insure due to its younger demographic of drivers (i.e., appeals more to younger drivers than the Corolla does), so how has it managed to accumulate less losses than even a Toyota Camry? It's not like the Civic struggles to sell a crap ton of models either.

CBRjack 2 points

Maybe because you've got young drivers in the Civic, and young and old drivers in the Corolla. I've never seen a Civic driven by an elderly driver, which might skew the stats a bit.

Similarly, most people I've driving a Camry were rather old.

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AppleBlobs 1 point

My honest best guess is a DNS? I am not sure? Does anyone deal with this daily and know how it's done?

CBRjack 2 points

You simply need a DNS server. Set it up with the info you want and then provide it as the DNS server to your computers.

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battaglia92 6 points

Can someone explain this?

CBRjack 20 points

The soda+vinegar solution is producing CO2. The CO2 gas generated by the solution fills the glass and pours over the side, however since it's a colorless gas you can't see that. When you try to pour another gas in (eg. the smoke), it floats on top of the invisible CO2.

Tl;dr: It's the gas version of floating water on oil.

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CBRjack 1 point

Starting idea, to be improved because it takes a lot of parts:

First stage, 8 inputs, 4 gear selectors (2x18946, 1x18947), 4 outputs to stage 2
Second stage, 4 inputs from stage 1, 2 gear selectors, 2 outputs to stage 3
Third stage, 2 inputs from stage 2, 1 gear selector, final output.

Packaging this so it doesn't take an enormous amount of space might be a bit difficult, but it should be doable. There's probably a way to simplify this and to improve on this, but it should be a good starting point.

TH3_R3DD1T_US3R 1 point

My original idea is there would be three inputs, the first would select the left or right four, the second would select the first two from the left and first two right from the middle or the first two from the right and first two left from the middle. And the final would select every other one, or every other one shifted over by one. Essentially

| | | | | | | |

Then in the first either [||||]|||| or ||||[||||]

The second would be [||]||[||]|| or ||[||]||[||]

The third would be [|]|[|]|[|]|[|]| or |[|]|[|]|[|]|[|]

That way, it would only get through if it all aligned correctly

CBRjack 1 point

Yeah that would work as well. 8 is 23 so it's not too hard to do with on/off selectors.

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luthien95 14 points

That is kind of how German works though :) An Airplane is "stuff" that "flies", so we call it a "fly-stuff", a glove is a "shoe" for your "hand", so it is a "hand-shoe". Using logic like this really simplifies things 😊

CBRjack 11 points

Are there any circular references? Like a glove is a hand-shoe and a shoe is a foot-glove?

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