My new laptop can change gears by hikarux3 in pcmasterrace

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Literally working on the same computer right now.

February 2018 Brag Thread by ABMBadman in PosterNews

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https://imgur.com/gallery/exB3y Does this count? 😅 Got the recent BNG Cuphead drop, and I got #1.

Press releases can be boring sometimes. by biranouk in gifs

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I'm flying Delta from Detroit to Amsterdam in a few weeks. Wish me luck.

There's Always Money in the Banana Sta... ah screw it.. by Reporter_at_large in arresteddevelopment

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I was in New York when they did this. Met Jason and Will in Times Square, I think the day after the picture. It was some retail brand with a bluth sticker on top.

[Video] After Woodkid's live performance, the audience starts singing the hymn of his song. His face is just ecstasy by TacticalHog in Frisson

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I saw Kaizers Orchestra at their only US show ever. The guys were in shock us Americans knew their Norwegian songs at all.

Transformer leg? by Derp_a_saurus in OfficeDepot

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We have a huuuuuge back room. This is an extension off of it, just where the truck pulls in.