There's Always Money in the Banana Sta... ah screw it.. by Reporter_at_large in arresteddevelopment

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I was in New York when they did this. Met Jason and Will in Times Square, I think the day after the picture. It was some retail brand with a bluth sticker on top.

[Video] After Woodkid's live performance, the audience starts singing the hymn of his song. His face is just ecstasy by TacticalHog in Frisson

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I saw Kaizers Orchestra at their only US show ever. The guys were in shock us Americans knew their Norwegian songs at all.

Transformer leg? by Derp_a_saurus in OfficeDepot

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We have a huuuuuge back room. This is an extension off of it, just where the truck pulls in.

Sid Haig presiding over my sister's wedding ceremony at Mad Monster Party 2017 by thesil3nced in horror

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I've had dinner with Sid a few times. He's a great guy, has tons of amazing stories.

Crawling Under a Broken Moon's Kickstarter: The Umerican Survival Guide, has launched! by Bront20 in dccrpg

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I just printed these for Reid to use at Garycon. Damn, this is nice.