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Here's a bunch of recipes for high calorie smoothies

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What do you put in your shake that it has 1000 caloriens?

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There's a bunch of common high calorie or high protein ingredients for shakes. These often include milk, oats, yogurt, olive oil, bananas, dates, protein powder, and peanut butter. You can get to 1000 calories pretty quick by blending a few of these ingredients into a smoothie.

Check out for more details.

San Leandro bay is calm and secluded from ships. I usually just start at the beach in alameda.

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A repeal of prop 13 would likely make a bigger impact

Just a heads up if you are unaware, there is a free bus from jack London square to bart and beyond

I can only speak to rise on Park st, but they have 3 new squat racks and were never overly crowded when I was a member. Definitely less crowded that the 24 hour fitness I used to be a member of.

They close pretty early on weekends though.

Here's a quick comparison of a bunch making bar charts

just go to the shop closest to you, they're all good and will be able to help you unless your situation is very specific. was made by a redditor, as mentioned in the sidebar. You may be able to reach out to /u/DressedUpNowhere2Go and see if he wants to incoporate this into the side (possibly a theme selector) so we don't have to download sketchy browser plugins. Not sure if he'd be interested, but it's worth a shot.

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That was one of the first websites I ever made. I was studying for the CCNA and found other subnetting sites to be lacking.

Since then I've learned a lot about web development and if I were to make any changes to subnetting it would likely be redoing the whole site. Unfortunately, That's something I don't have time for these days.

Angel Island. Not a lot of distance but you could tack on the bike path down to Tiburon from Blackie’s Pasture for some extra miles.

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Like other posters, my first thought was China camp, but that has you riding next to cars. Angel island is definitely a better choice. There is camping, no cars, a great view, a nice boat ride, and adding the bike path to Tiburon is a great idea.

Of course you need people saving money, but ultimately spending is the economy. Money sitting in a vault is just paper.

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I think your original point was that we should discourage savings, which is wrong. Savings are used for investment, which is one of the main factors in GDP (C+I+G+X-M).

There are cases where companies are afraid to invest, such as during the great recession. At those times money is being saved but there is too much fear and uncertainty for that money to be invested. The problem with such a situation is not that there is savings, but that there is a lack of investment. Situations like this are pretty rare.

So the point is that we should not be discouraging saving. Saving is good and is a factor in driving a healthy economy.

I think we've been using alternate definitions. I was using the colloquial definition of saving as "holding onto money," which should obviously be disincentivized. I'm not an economist, just someone with more interest than most, so forgive me if I'm not using the correct academic terminology.

The only reason I started this in the first place is because a sadly large number of people do, in fact, think holding on to money is beneficial to the economy - just look at libertarians evangelizing the virtues of deflation.

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I think the point is that money that is saved is not hidden under a mattress. Sure, some of it is, but most is not. Most is put in a bank or invested in some other way. Money that is put in a bank or invested is then used by financial institutions to finance investment.

Banks make money by taking savings and then lending out those savings. If a company wants to fund something, it will take a loan from a bank. For example, if I have a company and I need a new fleet of trucks for that company, I will likely take a loan. The loan is money that the bank has because someone else put it there as part of their savings. If people were not saving, then I would not be able to take out a loan and I would not be able to buy those trucks.

So savings leads to investment, which is a form of spending. Without people saving money by sticking in a bank there would be no money to lend out to invest.

And yes, investment is a form of spending, so you are correct when you say that spending is the economy. But savings are an important part of creating an ability to spend.

Straight women generally value other attractive women. Women are seen as beautiful by both sexes. Further the standards of male attractiveness are significantly harsher.

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You are implying that men do not value attractive men and that men are not seen as handsome by both sexes. The advertising industry sure seems to disagree, as to plenty of subreddits devoted to posting photos of men, including /r/brogress, one of the subreddits looked at in the above visualization.

You make it sound like there's some huge conspiracy by those in power (mostly men) to hide male beauty.

Honestly, you're best off finding people who are not white who have spent time in Poland, and asking them. I assume most of the people posting here are white and Polish and so they cannot really know how much racism someone who is not white will experiance.

I can tell you that Poland is not very diverse and anti semetic graffiti is common. As others have stated though, violent hate crimes are not common.

I looked at the statistics of the top posts on /r/brogress and found the average weights. It might be interesting to some people to see what the average end weight is for those who post on that subreddit:

Nice. If you end up wanting to expand on this you can make it a bit harder by having the three false choices be similar to the correct choice. You can use reddit mapping that others have done in the past, such as this one/ to find similar subreddits.

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Used Python to scrape the titles of the top /r/progresspics posts.

Plotted using plotly

Some trains will be skipping embarcadero and west oakland tonight due to the large crowds.

Luckily for you, embarcadero is close to montgamary and 19th is close to 12th street, so getting on/off at either of those and walking a few blocks is an easy option.

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An advertising company implementing an advertisement blocker sounds like an incredible conflict of interest.

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Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen

here's a comparison of some popular gainer shakes in terms of how many calories they contain, etc.:

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Dudes a fucking creep

EDIT: I misread the original comment, but here is some data on legal ages in different states and countries.

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You seem very upset by someone simply pointing out that a minor is someone under 18.

Solid answer. Now the opposite question would be: why control the currency at all, why not let them roam free and compete with each other like cryptos are doing.

Frederick Hayek would be ecstatic about the current era of cryptocoins.

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In general, there are very few strict currency controls in the modern world.

However, reasons for a government or central bank to attempt to adjust currency exchanges and currency values include:

  • avoiding inflation or deflation
  • avoiding instabilities within an economy
  • to assist domestic firms in competing with foreign firms

Imagine if your local currency fluctuated as widely as crypto currencies do. That level of uncertainty and instability would wreck havok on the economy.

Probably heavy, but see If the calculator has a definition.

Weight loss (and gain) is all about the amount of calories you consume versus the amount of calories your body burns. To lose weight you will want to make sure you eat less calories than your body burns.

Losing weight sucks. You're going to feel hungry. But smoothies can help in that they can be a low-calorie substitute for a full meal. I recommend making sure you eat enough protein. You can use a protein powder in a smoothie to help with that. A lot of smoothies are going to heavy on the carbohydrates and low on proteins.

Foods that are often used in smoothies that are low in calorie are fruits that have a lot of water in them. Think strawberries and fruits like that. There's a lot of low-calorie smoothie recipes out on the internet.

Here's a list of high calorie fruits you might want to avoid:

and here is a list of low calorie fruits that you might want to eat:

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