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This Submission has been removed for the following reason:

Your intent behind posting this image is unclear, but it appears to be callous towards the subject of the photo. This is not something we're comfortable with. Posts that are mean, vitriolic, or posted with intent to bully someone are not tolerated here.

EddJack 3 points

Sorry man the title was the suggestion of the people in the photo. They're my friends

illegalizer 1 point

I believe you are confusing cropping with resizing. Cropping achieves a desired aspect ratio (or shape) by removing chunks of the image, however in comparing the two images nothing is missing from yours, so I assume you resized it instead. Resizing makes images look fugly in my opinion.

EddJack 1 point
illegalizer 2 points

Still looks distorted. I'm guessing whoever did the original work to edit out the text probably distorted it.

Here's what I'm going to be using.


  • The file size is a little big because where I got it from had put white bars on the bottom/top and when I saved it again I pumped the quality way up to hopefully avoid adding additional .jpg compression artifacts. (1.24MB)
  • The aspect ratio is unchanged so resolution is 1973 x 1294. Fits nobody's monitor :P
  • It has not been resized.
EddJack 1 point

Here is my final edit

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SatoshiOokami 1 point

Full skill slots opened?

EddJack 1 point

Yeah for my NLeafa

SatoshiOokami 1 point

Then that should be okay. As HoloSphere said, check some videos users posted and you should be able to get the desired time :)
Also, if you didn't yet, equip your characters with the best weapons you have (with MP reduction) and the Halloween Accessory (for 10% damage bonus)

EddJack 1 point

Oh I forgot about the Halloween Accessory (I still have the ninja one).

I'll keep you guys updated.

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EddJack commented on a post in r/MemoryDefrag
EddJack 1 point

Guild Name: SmileSaver

Guild ID: 44621979363

Region server: NA

Timezone: PST

Guild Type: F2P Champions

Goal of the Guild: Try to hold a top spot in ranking events and completing all the missions with help.

Criteria: Attempting the ranking events

Vacancy: 4/10

I'll create a discord chat sometime soon

KiloLaLoLa 1 point

What's the average level in the guild?

EddJack 1 point

High 80's

EddJack commented on a post in r/MemoryDefrag
puzzle_quest 4 points

Be careful for her SS3 when she is behind you. Teleport OP.

Every time I col boost she destroys me also. Further more if you lose one because of any reason say bye bye to another as it auto swaps in and SS1's your way to a parry death.

EddJack 1 point

Her SS3 is really starting to get annoying. I can't get the timing down for it and it instakills me.

EddJack commented on a post in r/MemoryDefrag
Jason122122 2 points

Try to earn up to 251 md so that you can do the guaranteed summon for a chance of the os char.

EddJack 1 point

I kept rerolling and on my final try of the night I got an os Kirito👌. I've kept the account and now have SAO Silica and ALO Yuuki

Jason122122 1 point

Nice! Now you need to get the os weapon and you are all set!

EddJack 1 point

I rolled and got os sinon's sniper. Rip

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EddJack commented on a post in r/Android
phendrome 538 points

So many good reddit apps to choose from.

Relay's killing it.

Sync's killing it.

Boost's killing it.

Hell, even reddit's app is killing it.

What a time to be alive.

EddJack 4 points

What about slide... I like slide...

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