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Though it's 3rd party (not published by Paizo), there's also a psionic class that's built around summoning a weapon, the Soulkinfe class, and it can cast psionic powers if you take an archetype. It's a bit underpowered, but fairly new player friendly since, for the most part, it boils down to "hit thing with magic sword".

There already is a cost associated with copying spells, along with some extra things:

That being said, you're free to change the prices if you feel that's too low a cost. Just remember if you do allow them to copy spells, be extra sure they're keeping track of spellbook space. A standard spellbook has 100 pages, and a spell takes up a number of pages equal to its spell level (with the exception of Level 0 spells, which take up one page).

As for asking how much health an enemy has, I think it's fine if you do it by description instead of the numberic amount of health left.

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Made this one (ilevel 81) in one try as well, give it a whirl! (Make sure to not use a sceptre dagger or staff)

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Why not use sceptres or daggers? Too many caster mods? I was thinking about trying to make one of these, but as a sceptre/dagger so it can ideally roll some caster mods in addition to the shaped ones.

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Nah, you just need Radiant Elemental + Cubes. Easy. It's a build-around card.

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And it costs exactly 8, so that even if you have a full board of Elementals, you can't make it cost 0.

Totally a Millhouse counter though.

What I've always wanted to know is this:

Let's say you wear a headband to raise a stat. You use the raised stat to qualify for a feat. You use the feat to qualify for a prestige class. You take 10 levels in that prestige class. Then a ninja steals your headband just before the battle with the final boss of the campaign. What the hell happens?

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Some feats have prerequisites. A character must have each indicated ability score, feat, base attack bonus, skill, class feature, and other listed quality in order to select or use that feat. She can gain a feat at the same level at which she gains its prerequisites. A character can’t use a feat if she loses a prerequisite, but she doesn’t lose the feat itself. If at a later time she regains the lost prerequisite, she immediately regains full use of the feat that prerequisite enables.

You don't lose the feat, you lose the use of the feat. Since you still have the feat, you still meet the prerequisite for the prestige class. So, all that happens is that you can't use that feat (and also your mental stat is 2 lower or whatever)

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Hell, both parties could be your typical lawful good, but simply belong to nations at war. Paladins are called upon to honor an old oath, and you could even have two chapters of the same faith on different side of the battlefield.

Propaganda can play a major role here too. Paladins are not omnipotent, A king says their enemy's country is ruled by a tyrant and their war is just. If the paladin's own information network is not up to par (or is subverted), they could go to war to liberate people who do not need to be liberated.

There's nothing in the paladin code that says you can't kill people with the same alignment, just that you have to uphold the tennents of your faith and you have to have due cause to use force. Defending your homeland, even if the people invading it aren't evil is due cause, as is liberating the oppressed from a perceived tyrant. One group believes the old way is right, the other calls for a new order.

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Going to be sort of awkward when you actually manage to liberate someone, and they then tell you they didn't want to be liberated. Makes you start questioning the legitimacy of authority and all that. On the other side of the coin, seeing people being oppressed will do that too.

I mean if you want to get real technical about it, a kingdom can press a claim on a bit of land (the more legitimate the claim the better) and the paladin could still technically be lawful good so long as he treats the people well in the area he is occupying.

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That seems more like liberating the territory rather than the people, though. I'd expect the paladin to be more like the person sent to evict you when you haven't paid your mortgage, rather than "liberating" you from tyranny and oppression.

Also, though the principle of self-determination may not be part of the law of Golarion (or whatever presumably pseudo-medieval setting you're in), it still probably wouldn't sit well with most paladins to force someone into becoming a citizen of their nation, even if it was deemed necessary and lawful. So taking over their land probably entails kicking them out.

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Wait, didn't we learn this lesson already with Courageous weapons?



Pretty nice boon, and what are some of the negative emotion effects that would be ripe for abuse?

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Not very many, actually. Most of them have non-numeric penalties (Will save to inflict X condition), and those that do rarely go below -2. Really, the only good one is Crushing Despair.

Potentially useful:
-2 to attacks, saves, ability checks, skill checks, and damage rolls: Crushing Despair
-2 to a random ability score: Psychonaut Manifestation(also gives +4 to a corresponding score)
-2 to attacks, saves, mental ability and skill checks: Heckle

???: -2/3 to attacks, saves, ability checks, skill checks, and damage rolls: Pessimism(which can be a -3 after a nat 1)
Interesting rules question for Pessimism: you always round down when you halve, so half a -3 penalty would go to -2. But if the halved penalty becomes a bonus, then is it +2, or +1?
No morale bonuses probably means it's useless, though.

Probably useless:
-2/4/6/8/10 to a mental ability score: Ego Whip
–4 to ability checks, skill checks, and concentration: Stage Fright
-5 skill and ability checks on a particular subject: Apathy
-5 to crafting checks: Crafter's Nightmare
-8 to a roll every 10 minutes: Mischievous Shadow

Almost definitely useless:
-2 to attacks: Mantle of Calm
-2 to skill checks: Smug Narcissism
-2 to attacks and skill checks: Delusional Pride
-2 to AC: Terrible Remorse, Overwhelming Grief, Rage
-4 to Init and Reflex: Unprepared Combatant
-5 to concentration: Battle Trance
–4 penalty on Handle Animal, Ride, and wild empathy checks: Unsettling Presence

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Any chance of using the PFSRD archetype tables instead? They're not always accurate either, but they're a lot more consistent than the AoN tables (e.g. for Gunslinger, splitting up Gun Training 1-4 into separate groups and being consistent with the name of Gunslinger's Dodge and other deeds), and they have symbols for modified/optional/replaced. Probably a lot easier to parse too.

well, there is gun training as a whole and gun training 1 2 3 4, if it alters the former, it does alter them all, same for replacing and nethys has the exact text from the book.

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That's not what I'm referring to. There's cases where AoN lists Gun Training 1-4 being changed (e.g. Mysterious Stranger), where only Gun Training 1 was replaced. It's also inconsistent in naming them: in the entry for Buccaneer, it's "Gun Training 1, 2, and 4", and in Gulch Gunner, it's "9th, 13th, 17th-level Gun Training".

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Half of them are golden

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Gotta play Elise, Zola her back to hand, play Elise again for the golden pack, play Marin, Brewmaster the Marin, play him again, kill both chests and get 2 Goblets, and have both Goblets hit both packs.

Auto racing is a great example of this, actually. Teams are constantly looking for ways to think outside the rules and gain advantages that aren't explicitly banned.

Smokey Yunick is probably the best example of this. His most famous...creative interpretation...of the rules was that the cars had a specified gas tank size but no one specified the length of the fuel line. So made the fuel line 11 feet long to store extra fuel. NASCAR found out and made him remove it then specified the length of fuel lines so no one else could pull this stunt.

Here's a semi-recent example. Jeff Gordon's team built a car that was a full second faster than the competition but completely within spec and yet NASCAR still banned it.

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Once, NASCAR officials came up with a list of nine items for Yunick to fix before the car would be allowed on the track. The suspicious NASCAR officials had removed the tank for inspection. Yunick started the car with no gas tank and said "Better make it ten," and drove it back to the pits.

We had create water banned from our didnt like the idea of dropping 2gal/level of water on enemies heads to knock them out as a cantrip.

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A creature or object brought into being or transported to your location by a conjuration spell cannot appear inside another creature or object, nor can it appear floating in an empty space. It must arrive in an open location on a surface capable of supporting it.

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Varus, Nidalee, and Jayce. So much poke...

Come to think of it, Dragon Soul is not a bad idea in this Tavern Brawl.

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I tried it one game. It was a bad idea.

For lower numbers of PC's, you can do what other people are saying and consider the goals and intelligence of the monsters. But for larger battles, you have to sacrifice a bit of realism.

If there's enough monsters to challenge 7 players, having them all focus fire one PC means that player is dead on the spot, often without a chance to take more than one turn. This is a sensible tactic from the monsters' point of view, but leads to a poor gameplay experience for said PC.

So, you have to spread target selection out over all possible PC's. One arrow per PC, if feasible, and melee enemies distribute themselves across those PC's in front as much as possible. Enemies are always honorable/stupid and never target a KO'd PC, no matter how many times said PC comes back in the fight with magical healing.

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All mods: Write a response to any prompt, but your response has to interpret the prompt in a way that you feel confident wasn't what the person who posted the prompt had intended.

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I think I've been applying this challenge to myself for literally every response I've ever written...

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If I was your DM, I'd make you roll initiative to battle those rats and roll the rats in groups of 3600 for initiative. Better hope the rats roll low on their attack, even though they only do 1 damage per rat, you'd be dead in a single attack. Ever play Dishonored? Let me tell you, rats don't fuck around in giant hordes.

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DR 1 will do the trick, just dip 2 levels in Invulnerable Rager or find another source.

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I farmed my Humility cards in BA like every league then promptly found 2 tabulas before I'd cleared to T3 maps. Gratz OP.

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My tabula luck has been progressing steadily.

Bestiary: farmed a tabula (and then one dropped in uber lab)
Incursion: farmed 3 cards, then a tabula dropped in BA
Delve: tabula dropped in a Haku mission around Act 4

What are the win rates on those picks?

Also, 4 out of 5 of those would be on my lists for worst mage spells.

Shifting scroll isn't super horrible, but because it's so RNG heavy, it just isn't reliable enough to justify putting in most Wild decks. Also, the lack of the 2 mana discount on it makes it an even worse pick.

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You also can't even use Shifting Scroll until the next turn when it transforms.

The engine here is pretty good, actually. What does it have going for it? - Good trashing (Counterfeit, Bishop) - Workable draw (Wishing Well) - Scoring not totally reliant on Provinces (Bishop can mill 1 Rats per turn for 3 VP) - Big Money can hit 4 Provinces quickly enough, but then struggles for Provinces 5-8 -Easy +Buy for multiple components a turn (and later to buy Rats food if you need it)

It's all there, you go for the engine here. It's whether or not you have the skill or discipline to build it properly that determines the game. But this isn't just some big money board by any means.

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Wishing Well isn't what I'd call workable draw when you have a deck with 9+ cards to name (4 treasures, Rats, Bishop, victory cards, and WW). I think here, Silver is a better card than Wishing Well.

Storeroom also lets Big Money easily hit 6+ Provinces without a struggle. Because Rats takes so long to set up and slows down your ability to buy other cards, you're just not going to have the time to build up VP before the Provinces run out. There's no +Action here, so you're limited to 1 Bishop a turn, and 3 VP a turn isn't enough to win.

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How much is a lot of gold?

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As much as you can, just buy Gold whenever you have 6-7, and also on 8+ if you only have 0-1 Gold (otherwise buy Province).

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My calc says that it only takes roughly 167 instances of Quarry to get 5k sulphite I do not know your concern?

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5-10 second loading screen between zones. That'd be hours of my life spent loading into Quarry; I'd rather do a bunch of maps in that time. (yeah, yeah, get an SSD I know, I'm too cheap)

You can't just put a broken cheap item in the game and expect every single party to use it.

Healing potions have been the staple for this kind of fantasy trope.

If they have to pick one, I wouldn't mind healing consumables being dirt cheap.

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There's also typically a limit to how many you can carry though, which prevents the player from having an HP pool as deep as their wallet.

Hmmmm, maybe the solution is to just make healing items really heavy....

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As a reminder, Primordial Glyph is a 2 mana Mage spell that reads "Discover a spell. Reduce its Cost by (2)". The discover picks with the highest winrate are:
- Pyroblast: 58.1%
- Fireball: 56.3%
- Molten Reflection: 52.8%
- Spellbender: 52.7%
- Frostbolt: 51.3%

We'll post the least popular and lowest winrate picks later. Which spells do you think will make the list?

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Research Project, Shifting Scroll, Lesser Ruby Spellstone, Snap Freeze, Astral Rift

I think Research Project will be unpopular, but have a decent winrate. People don't like giving their opponents cards, even if they would benefit more from the draw.

Shifting Scroll and Lesser Ruby Spellstone I think will have the worst winrates, Shifting Scroll being worse because you can't immediately use the spell you discovered.

Snap Freeze is unlikely to have a frozen target off a discover, and Astral Rift is unlikely to give you relevant minions.

tempo mage is the only deck in the meta right now that runs glyph and 99% of the time the only thing they want from it is more burn. if they wanted flamestrike or blizzard they would put that in their deck instead of glyph. what should be the takeaway from this data is that just putting pyroblasts in your deck is probably a better option than running glyph.

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You can't play a Pyroblast on turn 8, but if you Glyph into it you can. That makes getting Pyroblast off of Glyph a lot stronger than just running Pyroblast instead. Glyph also acts as a 2-drop and activates Mana Wyrm.

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What's preventing low-level characters from getting access to these items as well? Usually it's that they can't afford them. And that brings you right back to the whole monetary efficiency problem.

Alternatively, you can design a spell where the effects are directly dependent upon whom they're being cast. E.g. "Night's Rest" and it gives you back one hitpoint per hit die of the subject. Unfortunately, spells that force you to dig out the subject's stat block can be unwieldy, so it's better in general to design spells that have a constant effect, especially if it's an effect that you'll want to use very often, like healing.

Or you could just give high-level characters more actions per turn. That lets them use a wand of CLW faster. And you'll completely annihilate what little balance we have at high levels.

Or you could invent a feat that lets one squeeze more charges out of a wand in one action, requiring a minimum number of ranks in UMD (to bar low-levels from getting it) which is ALSO OP as fuck because that also short-circuits action economy. What happens when the enemy wizard is firing three Scorching Rays per turn?

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They can do what they did for scrolls: caster level check if you have a lower caster level than the spell in the wand.

Can make the check harsher to lower efficiency even further(e.g. 5+caster level of wand, 10+, etc.), or impose penalties for a failed cast.

You can't hire anyone to cast 5th level or higher spells unless you can find a large city i.e. one with 10,000+ people, which might not even exist depending on setting.

And, if it isn't your home, you're taking anywhere from a 6-23% chance of failing the teleport (presuming that you don't have 7th level Greater Teleport, since if you did, you'd just Limited Wish for your Raise Dead instead)

Or, even worse, you have no teleport (since your party Witch died), it's a month's journey away, and you'll have to walk, in which case you'll have to shell out for a Resurrection as well and find a metropolis (25k+ people) to hire the caster, and also you're set back 2 months in your epic journey to save the world or whatever.

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