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GenePark 1 point

Interesting debate in the comments: Is BC a pretty niche thing? I admit I actually just recently bought an Xbox One S (not X I have a Pro) PURELY because of how strong MS's BC program is. I enjoy booting up my old Red Dead Redemption or even Halo Reach multiplayer saves and seeing everything just the way I left it 5-7 years ago.

Beckerbub 4 points

they sold 52 F35s so he might actually just has slipped...still think he is an idiot but let's keep things in perspective

GenePark 4 points

That's a fair point! That possibility is brought up in the story.

Trump was reading from a statement, and it appears he combined the figure of 52 planes with the “F” designation assigned to fighter jets in the U.S. inventory, like the F-35 Lightning II.

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GenePark 2 points

Semi. Bayos 1 and 2 are obviously the best there ever was. But I also played the HELL out of them and I'm not all that jazzed to dive back in, not to mention it was a huge time and stress commitment to unlock everything in both games.

So yeah. I'm semi-excited. But I'm definitely getting it again.

GenePark commented on a post in r/StarWars
BlahBlahBlasphemee 64 points

I feel like I watched a different Rogue One than everyone else.

the Rogue One I saw was so boring for the first 2/3 that i wanted to walk out, with mostly forgettable new characters and creepy CGI old characters.

a few good action sequences near the end wasnt enough to save it.

its my second worst SW movie. thats my controversial opinion

GenePark 17 points

I'm with you. I am weirdly the odd man out anytime I express my general distaste for Rogue One. Like you said, characters that weren't developed at all. Most of them barely go through any arc, Jyn's motivations are definitely shaky, and honestly I've already forgotten the names and faces of most of the characters in that film. It was completely forgettable.

Only thing is that it's far from the worst or second worst. It is the worst film outside of the prequels IMO, I'll say that much. And contrary to you, I might even rank Episode III over it, which was really stupid but at least it served a purpose by finally showing us the only scenes that really mattered in the prequels.

EDIT: R1's best moment is definitely the Vader sequence. It was horrifying, and it was SO nice to finally see Vader cut loose.

DirtyNickker 5 points

I think people’s enjoyment of RO is directly related to if you care more about characters or the overarching story. To a degree I think that’s also true for TLJ. If you love Star Wars for the universe you loved RO and were meh or worse about TLJ. If you care more about the characters and their development then your opinion is reversed. I’m not saying this is true for everyone nor am I saying one is better but that’s the vibe I’m getting. This is just a theory though so it could be wrong.

GenePark 1 point

That's not a bad theory. RO definitely wasn't very character driven especially since we all figured they have an expiration date. I did rewatch some of it last night and FWIW the planets and setpieces felt so different from TFA and the original trilogy, I can see why people loved it regardless.

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DragonsBlade72 1 point

I've been replaying Doom and I'm finding it hard to get through because the story is garbage compared to Wolfenstein, whereas on evert other level theyre basically equal.

GenePark 2 points

Doom has never been about story though, no one plays Doom for the story. This is like comparing Uncharted to Super Mario and saying Super Mario is worse because the story is garbage.

GenePark commented on a post in r/NoStupidQuestions
Kresley 1 point

The closest I can get you to that is a carved walrus penis.

We each bought a few small carvings. And it will probably not surprise those of you who regularly frequent my Tuesday chats that the thing I spent the most money on were those two walrus penis bones.

Which I know about from Gene Weingarten.

That reminds me... /u/GenePark what do you think the chances are that Mr. Weingarten would ever do something like an AMA here, maybe? Now that I'm thinking about might be actually be a good subject/interest area match up.

GenePark 2 points

If there's interest/demand for the other Gene, I'm down and will convince him to get on board!

iamcline 2 points

The 1X is awesome but so is the Pro. But it hasn’t replaced my Pro.

GenePark 1 point

That's kinda what I feel like I'll be doing. There are still too many PS exclusives on schedule for me to ignore and just jump to the Box. And I could careless about how great Call of Duty or Titanfall looks, especially since I vastly prefer third person action adventures over FPS. Thanks!

That_Otaku 2 points

I dont have a Pro, just the regular PS4, but I have been buying games that Xbox One X "enhanced" and I love it. So AC Origins, Shadow of War, Wolfenstein. Ive been enjoy all my single player games there (revently) while playing games I would play online on my PS4, regardless if they are Xbox One X enhanced or not because my friends are on PS4.

The X1X made me a believer in 4k gaming, especially with Forza 7, but I will stick with my PS4 for multiplayer games, unless I have all the games of a franchise on one platform already like Dark Souls or the new DMC collection Ill get for PS4.

GenePark 1 point

My only thing is I dont' see myself buying Shadow of War (I kinda hate the game anyway) or AC: Origins (great game but way too long) just to see it on 4K again. But yeah you sound just like others in saying that the difference is huge.

Just wondering if people who have the Pro or X can see if there's a sizable difference, for those of us who aren't Digital Foundry heds.

GenePark commented on a post in r/nintendo
tadayou 3 points

Overall, I think the DLC is geared more towards those player who may have finished the game but haven't explored every inch of the overworld. So someone who stopped playing in the summer and now comes back to explore a little more of Hyrule while doing new quests.

I think that's a very valid strategy. But of course I can see how some may be disappointed that the DLC doesn't include new areas (beyond shrines and a dungeon) or really much story development. The way they initially described it as a "story expansion" probably set the expectations for many people a little too high.

GenePark 1 point

This weirdly works for me.

So I actually did get all the shrines but not every korok seed (I simply wouldn't bother because even if I do have time, it's not fun).

So I started a whole new game while the dupe glitch was still active and I didn't update until I farmed myself enough korok seeds to unlock every inventory slot in the game. And also farmed myself dozens of star fragments for upgrades later.

Then I panicked because I forgot how goddamn long it takes to clean out all 120 shrines, and when the new DLC dropped I thought I was woefully behind. I only finished 50 shrines in my new game, but all four beasts defeated, every inventory slot unlocked, my inventory filled with star fragments and the Master Sword unlocked to its full power.

Now that I see the DLC still makes sense in the context of journeying, it's better for me. The motorcycle is now actually still useful to me! It makes cleaning up the rest of the shrines much easier. On Friday I had done only 50 shrines, but by the end of the weekend I mopped up about 40 more thanks to criss crossing the land with a motorcycle, on top of super increased mobility with revali's gale replenishing every 2 minutes.

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GomaN1717 2 points

I liked him for a minute because his positive/optimistic take on Nintendo was refreshing since he surfaced during the shipwrecked Wii U-era.

Now I just think he's a bit too positive and forgiving, which tends to turn into him droning for 10+ minutes per video. It's not necessarily bad; it's just kinda boring to me now.

GenePark 2 points

I like him quite a bit too. I'm still subbed but that's exactly my problem too. It's too positive and even the positive stuff isn't exactly bringing anything new to the conversation.

GenePark commented on a post in r/StarWarsBattlefront
GenePark 2 points

Sounds like Day 1 is going well.

Also I know this is still a fresh announcement but I hope they'll be a bit more transparent step by step in terms of what they're doing. Because this really tells us nothing other than "we're still gonna have in-game purchases."

GenePark commented on a post in r/assassinscreed
GenePark 1 point

I just got this last night. Went into it thinking I was going to be "meh" on it. Walked away WAY more impressed than I expected. I'm still not sure how much I like the combat system (I really miss a proper and stylish countering system) but it hasn't bugged me much.

Weirdly it reminds me of a proper "Prince of Persia" open world RPG. I always enjoyed the AC series as spiritual successors to the Prince, and this game feels way more solid and with enough diverse things to do to feel like a well-rounded title. I'm excited to keep going.

GenePark commented on a post in r/announcements
Deadpan9 0 points

You're using reddit as a giant, international, billboard! And washpo doesn't have to pay a dime for it!

You're disingenuous statement is too fucked to bear any respect.

GenePark 1 point

Welcome to the internet? You are literally doing the same thing, using reddit for free like anyone else. I'm not being disingenuous, I'm just trying to understand your logic.

So should brands pay Twitter or Facebook to even be ON it? No! They may pay for ads, and you can do that here on Reddit. That's not what we're doing. You can't just call it an "ad." That's literally not the definition.

Deadpan9 0 points

You're not operating here as an individual. I am. You're operating here as a shill. A corporate mouthpiece who no longer has to pay to run ads on reddit as you can just post links to your birdcage liner for free. The profile page makes that evident in that u/washingtonpost operates as free adman for their followable ad page explicitly about The Washington Post. The washpo can't get people to pay for their shit and so they come here and peddle their propaganda a la /r/FellowKids

GenePark 3 points

First of all, I'm not a shill. I'm a journalist employed by the company and I make that very much known and transparent. To be a shill is to promote WaPo under the premise that no one knows I work here. I do. My u/ name is in the bio. I'm easily searchable. Nothing to hide. That's not how shilling works.

I'm sorry, this conversation isn't really going anywhere. If you don't like The Washington Post that's well within your right. We wish you felt otherwise, but it's a free country. Take care.

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amilias 109 points

Might sound silly, but that's definitely a reason for me to skip out on this game once more.

GenePark 18 points

Welp. I already played the game once so it's not like I was eagerly awaiting this. And I might've sprung for it again if it wasn't for this news. I'm definitely going to pass.

GenePark commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
32104782034790823647 9 points

true. but yet you maybe want to have some fun when you are unemployed or generally struggling financially. I totally feel OP. Although I can't even afford the switch itself :(

GenePark 3 points

This is true. Enjoy your gaming time while you can OP. I've only gotten busier as I've gotten older and I'm finding less and less disposable TIME to play, even though I have a lot more cash now.

So at this point I just have a few dozen games I've bought and have barely played, if at all. Frustrating. :(

GenePark commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
PopDownBlocker 5 points

3D World has one of the best videogame soundtracks of all time.

This is one of my all-time favorites.

GenePark 2 points

God I forgot all about this track. 3D World isn't my favorite (and remains the only core Mario game I haven't 100%-ed, other than Odyssey which I'm not sure I'll do either) but the music is among the series best.

GenePark commented on a post in r/washingtondc
chesterworks 13 points

u/genepark assured me on Twitter this is not a typo :P

GenePark 1 point

'Tis true. :P

buckiguy_sucks 5 points

I'm pretty sure this is a dank meme reference and not a weed reference

GenePark 5 points

It can be both? lol I mean take a look at our cake day (which first of all, is purely coincidental, but also happens to be the same anniversary of my start date at WaPo).

But yeah, definitely more a reference to dank memes than anything.

GenePark commented on a post in r/beta
superkuh 1 point

I get that. But "users" like /u/washingtonpost only post in their own profile. How are they getting any upvotes at all? Some of the profile posts have thousands.

GenePark 1 point

Hey there, u/washingtonpost mod here! We do have over 20,000 "followers" of our profile, so many of the upvotes come from our subscribers to our profile.

GenePark commented on a post in r/LateStageCapitalism
Steel_Wool_Sponge 7 points

Hey /u/washingtonpost, explain this shit.

And don't come at us with legal niceties; no one is interested in the courtroom drama about whether you can or cannot wriggle out of having violated labor protections.

We want to know why, in your editorial judgement, the original article did not deserve to be published, and just as importantly, how you believed that refusing to publish it would not cast any further doubts onto your already suspect neutrality w.r.t. issues of big business and its influence in the media.

GenePark 4 points

Update (for u/marxist-lemonist too): The union today picketed outside in support of Freddie, as well as for a fair worker's contract. Proof

EDIT: To clarify, I man the u/washingtonpost account.

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