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u/washingtonpost (u/GenePark), I disabled my adblock can you please lay off the annoying ads. You are one of the few newspapers I constantly have loaded, hitting refresh, throughout the day.

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Which one annoyed you? We can send feedback!

Hi u/genepark , you may want to ask this question over in /r/nevadapolitics too (shameless plug since I mod that one). Small, but surprisingly consistent group of participants over there. /r/reno and /r/vegaslocals are other great places to get local opinions. I would also suggest reaching out to /u/tetris410 since he's pretty much an expert in all things Nevada politics, but specifically on ballot question 3 and energy related issues, which /u/letmerollit brought up as being highly important.

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Hey thanks a lot! Will drop a line soon! Appreciate the feedback and tip.

weird question but how do you access it? i have the season pass and it says the DLC is purchased for me, but nothing in the game seems changed? i don't have any new menu options and it doesn't show up in my downloaded content menu. thanks!

Did you prompt the switch so update the game from the options menu? It didn’t prompt me to download, I had to prompt it. I find most Switch game updates are like that.

Once it is downloaded, in the main menu (with “Continue game” and all that) it is a separate menu option called DK Adventure or something similar.

You can also check if you go to the DLC menu it is one of the 3-4 screens it shows in that menu (each screen being another DLC).

I have read about it not showing up for someone else, and deleting their DLC data from the system data management and then redownloading did the trick.

Best of luck!

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ok thanks i'll check! i did update via the main menu so maybe i just missed something.

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I had the game on PS4, but the Switch version is the one to hook me in. I know. But I'm fully addicted now and I just played my way to getting Omega.

But I REALLY wanted that John Wick skin and the whole battle pass system was just not clear to me back in PS4 (which in retrospect was a good thing since I haven't spent any money on that version).

Does this mean I'll never get a chance to just buy the Wick skin outright? Are past Tier 100 season rewards locked out of the item shop cycle? Thanks in advance!


Trust me you don't want it. Barely any backbling looks good on him and hes overused

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Original Poster4 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

that is my only concern, that all backbling would look terrible, so i'm not too sad. although i am IRL a guy who wears suits often so this would've been most representative of a me avatar. hah

and yeah he is overused for sure. EDIT: oh and i appreciate the attempt to make me feel better about my FOMO :)

2 points · 2 months ago

Sorry bud, it’s impossible. The JW skin was the tier 100 skin for Season 3.

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Original Poster3 points · 2 months ago

i mean it makes sense, would be unfair to everyone who put in time and money during S3. thanks!

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I'll play it when it's out. I have the ps4 version to tide me over but it will be really cool to play on the go. Even better if it had crossplay

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Crossplay between Sony and Nintendo? Errr not saying that wouldn't be a fantastic idea, but have you seen the news lately? haha

me too. her dressing down of Lee was one of the most iconic moments of the first season. i was surprised they got rid of such a complex and powerful character.

My favorite part of her interactions is the moment she turns up and Lee's shouting about how he poured his soul into his creations, and she very drily says "Is that where the Whoreoboros came from?" or whatever. Fucking lost it.

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Yes! She kept relatively cool and steady all the way to the end, despite all the menace around her. She would've been such an interesting character to watch this season, now that everyone has been losing their mind. Her death is still the one that bugs me the most (I mean, at least before last night).

368 points · 3 months ago

So huh, William killed his daughter. Talk about paranoid. I love how he says the word “stain” though

Poor Teddy. His K/D ratio was on the up & up.

And I’mma need someone to explain how there was a recording of MIB dragging Dorores into the barn? I didn’t think since EP 1 he’s left the park?

And the sound effect for next weeks preview. Whewwwww

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that is what i was wondering. makes me think the very first scene we saw was not necessarily in order either, or he's "replayed" that scene many times.

Let’s just ask /u/GenePark and be done with it.

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lol it's intentional

I cannot wait for the X collection to drop. So excited to replay all of these awesome games and never touch x7. That game is an abomination. Btw, if you havent played the original megaman 8, i highly recommend just playing that one game at some point. To me it feels like an X game and it was the only original megaman game i enjoyed.

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This is what I'm saying! I haven't played 8 since it first came out but I loved it back then!

goddammit seeing this post, this is the thing that made me just order it on amazon. thanks for the heads up though.

A frickin microfiber cloth made you order the game??

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yeah dude. well that and the fact that I get every mainline Mega Man game on the go. I was gonna pick it up later but if these are a limited thing, I'd rather just get it now vs. later.

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So I'm not all that into the retro Mega Man games (of course 2 is forever imprinted into my DNA). Are 7 and 8 really not that great? I remember loving 8 even though it was so easy.

7 is pretty solid, 8 is a total mixed bag, and 9 and 10 are fantastic.

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tbh i never played 9 or 10 so I'm looking forward to it (I just ordered the whole thing).

Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Thanks, didnt even know about that!

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Don't forget Attack on Titan 2, which is great!

Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Wait, thats a DW title? Thought it was just a random anime game so I didnt consider buying it or even look at it

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haha yeah yes it is an Omega Force game. It is obviously different from other musou titles as in it's not one vs. a thousand. But the premise is similar in that you're doing battlefield management, except with huge giant naked mans instead.

I'd check out a gameplay video and see if it's more your speed. If you're a fan of the anime, this is honestly a pretty great experience as it's the closest thing to replicating the action sequences from the show.

1.0k points · 4 months ago

The book series Altered Carbon is based on does this as well. One of the background details is that only the rich can be immortal, despite the sleeve technology. The human brain cannot stand up to death more than twice. After that humans lose their minds. The rich are fine because the use backups of their consciousness and revert to one before they experienced death.

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733 points · 4 months ago

Also important to note how William says "I am death" in this episode. Sure he meant Craddock, but he also meant the death of Mr. Delos. His decision was final. Chilling.

I think it would have been better if ones who still have sequels coming out didn't die. It made it so obvious that it will all be reversed. That took away any weight of their deaths.

I've seen a couple of theories about why those died, which could explain it, but still.

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I agree. Gave the game away. All the og Avengers survived.

53 points · 5 months ago

I've been using my Apple MacBook Pro charger since I got my Switch at launch. Should I stop? I don't want to take any risks.

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crap this is me too. i haven't been using it majority of the time but definitely chunks of time here and there. this is awful.

I just finished my third playthrough this past weekend! I saw the movie (it was pretty good!) and wanted to revisit being Lara.

I prefer the story of 2013 (and the setting, I'm not a fan of snowy areas) but Rise's gameplay is just too superior to ignore. And the story isn't that bad, just doesn't reach the potential promised in the first.

Anyway I never 100%'ed Rise and I think I may during the wait for Shadow.

Not sure if I'm being clear here but I felt it was somehow more alive in Syndicate whereas Unity felt more insular. Like I enjoyed working with Darwin, Marx and Victoria and it was awesome doing the penny dreadfuls as well.

With Unity, I felt with the story there were alot of missed opportunities to interact with historical figures. Literally the only ones Arno meaningfully interacted with were Napoleon and the Marquis de Sade.

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Yeah I was initially going to disagree with you but read your second paragraph and I got reminded how Unity really dropped the ball in terms of connecting its story to its history. You're absolutely right. I don't remember a goddamn thing in Syndicate, but you nailed it that the Fryes did interact far better with historical figures than Arno did. I still like Unity overall better, but the one thing I can't really give it any credit for was its story. Arno himself was a fine enough character if bland but man the story didn't really feel like it had a point.

no because i havent upgarded because of that reason exactly. otherwise yes itd bother me so much id consider starting a whole new file! it sucks

How do you get this screen? Or is it an edit and am I just stupid?

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

it's a photoshop by the twiitter user. a wholesome meme ToT

I’ve always used the alternative way. I equip all gear from my deluxe pack and then uninstall the packs. Load back in and you have Bayek, the pacifist of Siwa.

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does this work for PS4 or PC only?


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