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-3 points · 2 days ago

If vet hit $0.30 is that the same as ven reaching $3.00?

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No. $0.3 would be equivalent to $30.

This market is so illiquid right now. Anyone with a medium bag can dump the price lol.

Lol everyone saying

"Oh can't wait until my paycheck comes in so I can buy more VET" or "buy the dip!" are just people tryna generate positive sentiment in the subreddit hoping it encourages buying and price uptick. This is a weird coin. No one is knocking it's tech or use, bu it gets hit harder than any other coin with negative news and grows the slowest with positive news. Sub $1 VeChain old price coming soon when you put it into context. This is comical.

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are just people tryna generate positive sentiment in the subreddit hoping it encourages buying and price uptick

This. It's in every sub. People keep posting shit like "Just bought more", "gonna buy more tomorrow", "thanks whales, I'm accumulating" blablala :D

Is there an estimation when the first enterprises will start using the VeChain Thor Blockchain? Main net is live, so I guess that's all we're now waiting for, right?

Just updated the wallet on android, is it me or do you guys not see your balance? Its zero now, curious.

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Same here. I can see the transaction history but the balance itself says 0. Guess it's a bug.

Read Models, get that insecurity taken care of like I did.

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Thanks. I've ordered that book a few days ago. I think my problem was the famous "PickUp Robot". I read myself into the Pickup Community and stuff like that. In the end I payed too much attention on how she's reacting, acting etc. which caused me to over analyze during the date. She wanted to meet me which means that she was interested. She didn't talk much during the date which gave me the impression that she doesn't like me. From that point on I was insecure af during the date and started to bomb her with questions to keep the conversation on going. Big mistake lol.

I get your point. A big problem I used to have regarding girls was "uhhh what am I supposed to say/talk about" and then the following of how to talk to girls without seeming needy or boring. After reading that book(several times, and I still give it a reread every now and then) that was no longer a concern. It really showed me a different perspective on dating and women/men in the field of relationships that I never really learned or took the time to learn as a teen. Anyway back to your point about asking so many questions, the book will absolutely cover that, but had I been in your situation I would have focused less on wondering if she liked me (like you said she showed up to the date which is clear enough that she was interested) or what questions to ask to keep it interesting and instead focus on talking about things that interest me and being honest with how I felt.

Now this is all sounds like spiritual shit and I get that I thought that aswell at the start, so let me put it into the most literal and understandable terms.

I would talk about my interests, the feelings/values or stories about that specific interest and see if she chimes in. Whether she can relate to the activity/interest/experience that I'm talking about, or the feelings I felt or something completely different but sorta relatable, it's all taken into consideration on whether I like this person more than just her appearence ie because she is someone I can respect, or not.

This is a big point in the book and I think it can be applicable in your case(as it was very applicable to me) that it's easy to put a woman on a pedestal as soon as we see a few good signs(attractive, shows interest in you, etc.). Now this doesnt mean all attractive women are actually bad people, it's the opposite most of the time, it just means that when you meet an attractive woman you should be clear and honest that you are attracted to her but still take the time to figure out who she is AND not be fazed if she decides that she isnt attracted to you. (tl;dr always be more invested in how you feel about a girl, than how she feels about you)

I'm going on a tangent here and I know it's wrong to assume, but I believe that the reason your date didnt work out was because as soon as you thought things weren't going well you got worried that she no longer liked you, which ad you said is insecure and made her less attracted to you because of how invested you were in what she thought of you.

Anyway read the book it saved me and I'm sure it can save you too.

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"I'm going on a tangent here and I know it's wrong to assume, but I believe that the reason your date didnt work out was because as soon as you thought things weren't going well you got worried that she no longer liked you, which ad you said is insecure and made her less attracted to you because of how invested you were in what she thought of you.

Anyway read the book it saved me and I'm sure it can save you too."

Exactly this. I was never nervous or something when talking with her outside a "date". Once she said agreed to come to the date I had a huge dopamin boost. Every sign of something that she might not be interested in me (which were sometimes negative beliefs) made me insecure instantly.

Thanks for your comment man!

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You did not lost your stuff! Its easy fixable. Export your keystore file from the VechainThor wallet. Import the keystore file into myetherwallet. And you have full control over the funds to send them wherever you like 😁

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He did unfortunately. The thing you're talking about is when you sent your ven to the intermediate address. Then it's fixable.

Even that is fine. On August 10th, any VEN accidentally sent to the intermediate address will be recoverable for VET. Just, uh, don't go around telling anyone this is a thing to do.

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Yeah but he didn't send it to his intermediate addresse but directly to the VET address. The intermediate address is a wallet on the ethereum blockchain. the VET address is a wallet on the VET blockchain. So he sent his erc2 ven tokens to nirvana.

Lol, some comments are ridiculous. Stuff like "We need the bitcoin etf so retail investors who invested at 20k can make their money back". What the fuck? They don't give a damn on how deep you are in the hole :D

Got it from the VeChain Thor Wallet Manual. Estimated date of course.

Word up. Thought remembered that date from somewhere. Are you going the exchange route or Ledger or the 24th (or whenever that happens) ? Wallet looks slick ! :)

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I wanted to do it manually. But now I decided to do it via the exchange. Don't want to fuck it up lol.

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@Cryptomedicated going after Vechain on twitter

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"Proof of Accountability"


Sorry, but I want nothing to do with her. She stole the MEW twitter when she left to start her new site and I question her ethics. I don't care what her opinions are based on that alone.

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-12 points · 1 month ago

Agree. Would bang tho.

CRAB 17 continues as planned.

I really hope people sell the news so I can stock up.

Don’t be a greedy ass. Not cool to cheer for a dump so you can be selfish.

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Has nothing to do with greed. We're Homo oeconomicus and this is a 0 sum game. When you sell your asset to take gains you're hoping for someone else to buy your stuff right? But then often you don't expect it to further go up in the short term.

Sounds hard af but when you try to sell the top you're hoping for a fool to buy your shit.

And who cares about a tempory dump lol. It's all about the long term here.

5 points · 1 month ago

"Who cares about the price in 5 years? It's all about those who stay 30 years in the game." Come on, people.

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Who was talking about 30 years? We were talking about a short term dump lol.

Supply chain has plenty of competition already, it's only going to get more crowded

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Don't forget that VeChain isn't only about Supply chain but a platform for dApps as well :-)

Where ETH is king

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For now. Can't think of any enterprise dApps that are running on ETH.

-7 points · 1 month ago

Okay, so it falls 10% by 12 oclock (possible) the crypto is now worth 10% less. So the seller is making a 3.8 million dollar loss.


It rises 5% by 12 oclock, the buyer loses 1.9 million dollars

Why would they do that when they can just pay in a stable currency

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Maybe he wants to trade his asset for a crypto asset and hold.

Sell it for cash and buy crypto with the cash if that's the case

My theory is that it's a publicity stunt designed to draw attention to the sale. I would strongly suspect the sale will be carried out in cash for common sense reasons.

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If he wants to invest 38 Million USD worth Crypto Assets, it'd probably be an OTC Deal. With those there's normally a discount of 1-4%. He could bypass that by selling his mansion directly for crypto. But on the other hand I'm not sure whether he'll find a buyer.

What will the FUD be after mainnet??

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I also thought about what kind of FUD we could be facing when the main net goes live lol.

Gracias homie. Do you think launch of mainnet will detach vechain from bitcoin?

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Doubt it. Majority of people still want to accumulate bitcoins. We'll see how things go!

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Those saying that this is a sarcastic message or a joke: Can you please elaborate the true context then?

4 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Synth is a leaker. Sudo is the admin who deletes his messages and cleans up his mess. There was a very serious situation that happened that they were trying to keep under wraps until they could make an official statement, but being the leaker he has always been, he just wanted to talk about it in main chat.

Sudo kept deleting his messages, so he left a sarcastic message (the one linked, but it is altered and sounds different, sounds slowed down but not actually) in main chat.

That's all really. The group he is referring to was the price talk/speculation group since they don't like that type of talk in main. When the binance listing happened the made the group private and started a new room.

That is all. It is all blown way out of proportion. And any of the core community who was with sky before the binance listing and is familiar with synth would tell you that this is just his sarcasm.

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I see. Thank you. Not invested in Skycoin but if it's true what you're explaining that it's quite unlucky and unprofessional.

Does anyone know who that CREAM is? He seems to be an advisor on other ICOs on Vechain as well.

7 points · 2 months ago

CREAM Crypto Merchant Bank

I cannot find anything about them on google, but it sounds like they are an investment bank for crypto startups.

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I've seen him chatting in the telegram chat. He's admin there. Not sure who he is exactly though. Seems to be a person.

The exchange still functions good for the most part but they just got stagnant they went from the #1 exchange doing 1 bil + a day to like the 40th exchange doing like 30 mil a day. Complacency kills in crypto they’re a great example

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I think Binance killed them. I remember the first time I used Binance, I never wanted to get back to Bittrex lol. Tbh the current interface looks ugly af on Bittrex.

-20 points · 2 months ago

Yeah I did. You prefer I just upvote it secretly because it mentioned my coin? Where's the down votes in that? So you sold nano at a loss. Good job weak hands. Now you own none but troll the crypto currency sub because you got rekt? Yeah nanos shit, iota is being released in Volkswagens next year and you're salty. Who is the pathetic one here?

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You are the pathetic one here. You felt attacked/butthurt from his comment and took your time to go through his post history, to then find something to make fun of him. In this case you're mentioning NANO that's failing. Even if he sold at a loss, if it was still above current market price he can buy back lower in.

Furthermore, he's right.

Lol. Okay guy. It's called doing research. I did it with my coins and my argument. Thx for chiming in nano bag holder.

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No point in further discussing with you. Feeling like I'm talking with a 10 year old kid. If you checked my post history, you'd know that I'm a VeChain Hodler. Even though I bought XRB sub 10 cents and sold for some nice gains. Still you don't get the point of the initial comment. Instead still calling everyone Nano Bag Hodler lulz.

1 point · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

Friend of me and 2 other dudes from the university have been working on decentralized file storage coin. They're taking it pretty serious (already got a whitepaper). Not sure though whether it's just another shitcoin or not lol. There are already a few tokens like that but whatever:

They're planning to do it on the Ethereum Smart contracts first and later want to move to their own main net. Can anyone link me to resources so I can introduce them to Vechain? (Like advantages over Ethereum etc.)

(They're not doing an ICO btw)

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