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Reverend_James commented on a post in r/funny
K_rent8 246 points

My algebra teacher in 8th grade explained that every operator can be expressed by addition alone. This is exactly that. And it’s a great way to do quick math in your head.

Reverend_James 1 point

EVERY operator? What about d/dx•ex

Reverend_James commented on a post in r/technology
Reverend_James 76 points

I don't believe Facebook will face sever legal penalties and I'm certain this scandal won't sink them. For that reason, I see this as a perfect opportunity to begin dollar cost averaging into Facebook. In three weeks the public will move on, in 2-3 months things will be practically normal. Within 6 months, the stock will return to where it was before this all started.

shannister 1 point

Long term maybe but in the next few months I’m not so sure. I think FB might be in the headlines a little too much.

Reverend_James 1 point

The public has a very short attention span. Notice how Equifax is doing ok.

Reverend_James commented on a post in r/Bitcoin
melondelivery 1 point

Great so is this the fud that just killed 9k?

Reverend_James 5 points

No, check stocks and bonds. They all did the same volatility dance at about the same time as the FEDs new chairman Powell started his first press conference.

zaphod42 -2 points

cryptocurrency doesn't give a fuck about stocks and bonds.

Reverend_James 4 points

They don't exist in a vacuum. People are the ones that are the ones investing, people that have limited funds. If volatility is huge in stocks, one might be inclined to sell crypto and use those funds to try to make a quick buck in the volatility.

Reverend_James commented on a post in r/news
Reverend_James 3,048 points

It wasn't a data breach though. A data breach indicates that the system or its security was somehow comprised. This was data mining where they used the system the way it was designed and extracted information that they were allowed to have according to the way it works.

The problem isn't that Facebook was breached. The problem is that it wasn't.

Reverend_James commented on a post in r/todayilearned
ani625 12 points

Adblock is shit now. Use uBlock Origin.

Reverend_James 7 points

I use NoScript for Firefox on top of uBlock nothing runs without my permission, not even google analytics.

Reverend_James commented on a post in r/todayilearned
Exitbuddy1 10 points

Yeah that seems like a pretty low number honestly

Reverend_James 6 points

The seeds from 18 apples. Not just the apples themselves.

Exitbuddy1 7 points

Seeds are small. That’s not many seeds

Reverend_James 4 points

It's about 1/4 cup of seeds.

Reverend_James commented on a post in r/investing
Arkanian410 3 points

With funds in an IRA timing is not a factor unless you have reliable inside information.

Second question. Is it even worth moving to Vanguard?

We need some more information. What are your fund expense ratios and administrative fees with T Rowe? AFAIK, there should be no penalty/fee for transferring your IRA from one company to the other.

Reverend_James 6 points

If your inside information is reliable, it's probably illegal to use that for trading.

Reverend_James commented on a post in r/LifeProTips
Sparkplug1034 28 points

At my uni, and I assume most/all others, you can still access unofficals for free online at any time.

Most jobs ask for officials, which always cost money.

Source: work at a university IT help desk.

Reverend_James 20 points

I've never had a job actually ask for proof of a degree.

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