Macy's - what am I missing? by bizmark03 in investing

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Amazon will do to retail what Netflix did to blockbuster.

Why can't you just be normal? by Truman639 in funny

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Then again, if you're poor, your significantly more likely to be on the receiving end of one.

LPT: If your office or work place has a water cooler, fill your water bottle when you arrive at work and right before you leave for the night. by ajavina in LifeProTips

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Q: What's the difference is between artisan bottled water and tap water run through the filter in the fridge?

A: About $1.00 per bottle.

Navy veteran sues SC VA hospital over cocaine misdiagnosis. by yomamascub in news

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I'm currently battling with the VA about covering my knees which were both dislocated on separate occasions while I was in the navy. It's a tough battle because for 2 of the 3 times it happened, Doc just gave me a bottle of motrin and told had me take the next shift off. He never wrote anything down so the VA says there's no record of this ever happening.

Skater almost hit by car by 12espect in Unexpected

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Looks like them Duke boys are at it again.

car crash in South California by ShaneH7646 in WTF

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Well, it looks like them Duke boys are in a heap o' trouble.

Especially if you have a trailer by recreationizm in AdviceAnimals

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You see that Yield sign on the On Ramp? That means you need to yield to drivers already on the highway. They don't have to do anything for you.

TIL Water firms in the UK are still using Divining Rods to search for leaks and pipes. by MakoTrip in todayilearned

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I think either his toy is broken or he doesn't know shit about how to use it. I use to work on underwater robots, and some things we had to locate were under the mud on the sea floor with a mostly dead transducer as the only thing to find it. We could park the boat above it, drop the ROV 8000' down, and fly right to it. Stick a robotic arm in the mud and pull it out first time every time... well I got it every time, most of the other pilots got it everytime, but the supervisor would dig around in the mud with both robotic arms for 20 minutes until one of us noticed it had been forced to the top of the mud and was visible in the rear camera just behind the ROV.

The nonchalant way my 4-year-old son's preschool informed me that he was dropping F-Bombs all day. by Futureman16 in funny

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My kid might be a smart ass sometimes, but he doesn't fucking swear. Where the hell would he even learn those words anyway.

Just finished learning about Torque in AP Physics 1. Makes me happy to see real-world applications. by EvanW1234 in Physics

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I'm imagining a middle aged Canadian handyman with a raspy voice would. "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."

A teacher is handcuffed and jailed after criticizing school superintendent's raise a school board meeting. by modereddit in news

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If you actually watch the video rather than just repeating what news sources tell you, you'll see that she only spoke once she was recognized by the board during the Q&A. She was passionate but respectful. When they insisted that she was off topic (she wasn't) and the police told her to leave, she was upset but calm and left. After she was in the hall, he threw her to the ground, cuffed her, and dragged her out.

blockexplorer.com will call bcash Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Bitcoin legacy. by wisestaccount in Bitcoin

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The thing about Bcash is that it really is bitcoin, just as much as "bitcoin core" (as Judas calls it) is bitcoin. But to insist that either we call them "bitcoin cash" and "bitcoin core" or to say that Bcash should retain the primary name while the legacy fork gets a new one only serves to confuse people simple because of common usage.

When I say "Velcro" you probably imagine hook and loop tape even though Velcro also makes compression socks. While in a technical sense maybe it would be more correct to call one Velcro hook and loop tape and the other Velcro compression socks, in the practical world I can just call the more traditional one Velcro and specify only when I mean the other one. Same goes for bitcoin and bitcoin cash.

How it feels owning a Bitcoin! by eleven8ster in Bitcoin

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I too have a whole bitcoin and can confirm this feel.

Bitcoin fees by [deleted] in Bitcoin

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Are you running a lightning network node yet?

Bitcoin fees by [deleted] in Bitcoin

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It's only ~$30 for non-segwit wallets. Before you complain about how slow your car is going try releasing the emergency break.

Jeff Bezos is the richest person in history by NYstate in news

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Egypt's gold supply is estimated to have increased 3-5% due to Mansa Musa. Think about that, one of the larger of the wealthy economies at the time, and this guy waltzes in with so much money to throw away that he personally shells out 3-5% of your entire country's money supply.