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Thats it, I´m from Spain, I have a lot of Mr Mime (バリヤード) to trade. I´m looking for other regionals but I will trade them for anything, just to give them away :)


I'd love a mr.mime. I have a Tauros if you're interested. I'll be in Tokyo during that time.

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1579 4633 5367 thats my ID :) Add me. We can arrange to meet through Here by MP

Don’t need a mr.mime, but would love to trade some (a lot of) regular Pokémon with you for that pilot badge. And if you want I of course have some spare farfetch’d.

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1579 4633 5367 thats my ID :) Add me. We can arrange to meet through Here by MP

I Love how Mr X can't open a door if its on screen, and he is so polite to open and then close each door...

-Pandas: The human is back!!! Let´s attack him altogether, GrrrrrRRR

-Human: Aaaaww how cute, all they want is play...

It looks so great. if instead of a robot it were a plumber with a moustach people would be screaming GOTY.

I really hope it ends being a great game and getting the recognition from the press that PSVR usually dont have.

I think he gets stuck so often and in so easy situations because he is trying to delay the inevitable of fullfiling his promise and kill Yhorm.

or more.....also GW Bush paints pretty well

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Or Stallone.

It feels a more solid movie than Angelina's, yet I found It not so fun and a bit boring sometimes.

Its strange that for a movie based on a videogame It has less characters and story feels cutted down from the source.

Lara's progression is almost nonexistent, she is not even archeologist and all that bike race scene seems out of place and its in only to fill time.

At least the last 30 min really feels like a Tomb Raider videogame.

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Just a quick update here, so everyone has the new bosses.

I've started a list (below) to keep up with suggestions for a future update, and I'd like to keep this pinned to the top of the comments so it's the first thing everyone sees... can someone tell me how to do that?

• Add the type(s) for each boss.

• Minor color fixes (to make colors in meter a little more distinguishable).

• Wailmer's name is showing. Thanks /u/ThisisWorldOfHurt!

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Maybe adding %chance of Shiny? I think that Lugia is 1/12, not sure about the others.

Great job anyway :)

I really hope Metroid will be released this year. Its the final push to me to buy the console.

I'm a man and i consider Tangled One of the best Disney movies and Flynn the best Disney Prince ever. Very funny adventure movie.

I also feel not very comfortable with the new look. Tab list on the left seems to take too way space, and Redit posts looks smaller, why cant them fulfill the center tab?

Its title could be very representative.

TIL Solo movie uses the full name on Japan. Han Solo

Same thing happened to my girlfriend. We evolved the same Dratini at the same time, mine got Draco Meteor and their got Outrage...

The thing is that the conductor was going to exceed his working hours limit, and it seems that this happened a few times before, not only to him, so he was really pissed off.

In the end the company recognized the error and said that the conductor acted right and according to the law and it was an error from them to not relieve the conductor.

If that conductor had fall asleep or had a mistake or something, it would´ve been his fault.

♪ Luvdisc in the air ♪

♪ everywhere I look around ♪

♪ Luvdisc in the air ♪

♪ except shiny, never found... ♪

The lack of revives is messing up the whole game, with people putting any low IV crap o gyms to just delete them after, and not doing so much Tier 5 raids as before to not having to use 6-12 revives on each Kyogre raid...

Niantic, this can´t go on, without a healthy gym and raid meta we´re basically like 1 year ago.

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Perhaps that would change if you were in one of the included countries though, unless you are already.

Edit: please stop telling me. I get it.


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Spaniard here. If I put Moana on Google, all links and images on first two pages are from the Pixar movie.

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