This ad in Tokyo for hair product featuring Guile by shintopig in StreetFighter

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It has even the rhyme Gairu Hairu (Guile hair) writen in Katakana.

Rare candies should not be categorized as storage items. by ImNotReallyANerd in pokemongo

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And It also solves the problem of converting rare candy one by one. With Your idea you could just choose what candy do you want to spend.

Why it's called The Room by heckleberryfin in movies

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Thats a very "Silent Hill The Room" response. But without the ghosts and the murders...

When Moira's fade goes wrong by Zirchona in Overwatch

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Wow that Ubisoft skin is so close to the original...

We all have that one friend by [deleted] in funny

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In my case its my mother:

"Son why I can't download this series... And also how is that these women know they are near and want to have sex with me??"

Justice League Rotten Tomato score is 48% -- it is unhidden on the Flixster app by Trap_City_Bitch in movies

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The movie didn't had a warm recievement, but its normal because its Just ice...

Seriously ... by retropotaeto in gaming

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So if that belongs to a woman... Then I suppose that's a Woman's cave???

Sam Rockwell appreciation thread by TheDudeLebowsky in movies

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I dont know why but I always think he looks a lot like Gary Oldman. Sam Rockwell could play a younger version of him.

(Salt free) Do the adventures if you're lacking things to do! by Meerkate in DestinyTheGame

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You can kill the Fallen Captain or help him killing the Hive Knight and sparing his life.

(Salt free) Do the adventures if you're lacking things to do! by Meerkate in DestinyTheGame

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Best adventures to do:

-Nessus: An invitation from the emperor.. (Orange mission) Its a prologue for the Leviathan Raid. And where they explain what is the Leviathan, the purple material un Calus room, and Calus motivations.

-Io: All of them. They are great, a lot of lore about the Vex and the Taken, and very probably a prologue for the upcoming DLC involving The after credits scene.

-Titan: The enemy of my enemy. (Blue mission) A very interesting one about the Hive and the Fallen and one of the few where you can have 2 endings.

Winston's bubble now has a health bar (PTR) by QuemesTC in Overwatch

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So it seems Blizzard is reading and heeding us... Hm....

Blizzard you should give away 10 free boxes to everybody who connects on Nov 1

(lets see if it wors...)

If I ever have the option to not save Asher mir, I will absolutely not save him. by rushingfox in DestinyTheGame

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Well, he is dying because of his Vex arm. Right now is in a countdown to investigate the Vex and find how to save himself so he has some justification of how permanent pissed off he seems.

Legendary 'Castlevania' Producer Is Making a Brilliantly Old School Game by Tommytriangle in Bloodstained

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"We wanted to bring this video game, that feels like a video game."

Iga. 2017.

This needs a repost by MyBoener in funny

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It seems the Electric Company has the same testers as Ubisoft.

Bungie, please don’t wait until each major DLC to release big patches/Quality of Life updates by WyclefMack in DestinyTheGame

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They need to wait for DLC because that way they justify that content.

Also they really need another visit from Reaper of Souls developers team to learn how to do things right.

Bungie's Attitude on the Endgame is not OK. by OriginalTodd in DestinyTheGame

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This. As long i play with friends, even kicking a can can be fun. But no way that can is worth 60€

Can we get an emblem that tracks unsuccessful trips to the tower? by uphamg in DestinyTheGame

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There is an emblem with a Wolf, another with a Raven... Where is the Tapir one??

Crispin Glover Plays a Psychopathic Contract Killer in 'Lucky Day' by tomj98607 in movies

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To me, Crispin Glover has been always an obvious choice to do The Joker. It will fit the character so well...

Official Discussion: Kingsman: The Golden Circle by LiteraryBoner in movies

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I think The golden circle is an unnecessary secuel, full of plot-holes in a absurd story, with ridiculous characters...

But oh man its SOOOOO fun. Just the first action scene is way better than most action movies and a statement of pure fun and what Kingsman is.

The golden circle its not only the perfect mix between James Bond and both Avengers but their evolution.

Sure it has cheesy plots and dialoges, it has a few slow boring moments inbetween, and Elton John jokes maybe are a bit too long, but despite all of this I can´t get mad at the film and I left the cinema with a smile after 2 hours of fun.

What's the worst thing you ever did in The Sims? by RMFKB in gaming

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Befriend all neightbours, big pool party. Suddenly there are no stairs. Ooops