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draculas_brother commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
Absintheuphoric 5,973 points

It's fucking amazing. Go when a movie has been out for a few weeks when the theater first opens on a weekday.

Skip work if you have to. It's like having your own private theater. At least until that one person comes in and sits right in front of you.

Looking at you tall asshole using his phone during the whole movie.

draculas_brother 1 point

That fucking tall asshole, he was at chipwrecked when i went alone

1947- 3 points

What does this reply even mean?

draculas_brother 1 point

You said “it’s always been like that” . Cigarettes have been around for thousands of years. How would you know?

1947- -1 points

Stop replying to me I don't care loser

draculas_brother 0 points


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draculas_brother commented on a post in r/todayilearned
draculas_brother 2 points

This is a solid kids movie, used to watch it on VHS when i was little all the time. Watched a bit recently and it holds up.

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