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5 guys tastes fine, but it is really overpriced imo.

Really? It's actually one of the cheapest "higher end" fast food burgers or at least average compare to like Shake Shack or Whataburger. Their $5 "little" burger beats out most ~$10 dine in places like Apple Bees. The $7 double burger blows them out the water. Sure it's more expensive than a McDonald's quarter pounder but I'd pay that premium any day.

Before you say In and Out is cheaper it also has like half the hate on In and Out though I like them too.

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It’s a ‘good’ burger, of course better than Applebee’s and def better than McDonald’s, but it’s not great. It’s on the same level as the ‘good’ Mom and pop places in my town but it costs almost twice as much (idk about the lil burger, never had it.) also, we don’t have in and out up north so I’ve never experienced that.

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Soy vay!

This guy just doesn't get how to prank. A good prank makes the target laugh, too (eventually), like the "ghost order" guy.

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Stone cold E.T. Is a decent example of this. The people at the drive thru had a good laugh. Too lazy to link the video

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Honestly children's safety. Helicopter parents who don't let their kids go outside with friends or freak out at every scrape or bruise are not helping their kids. Now that doesn't mean you should neglect children, just don't suffocate them. I've seen small children with machetes and they were well behaved, probably because of trust and social expectations.

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I have friends who’s parents were like this and now (in our mid-twenties) the kids are really reluctant to move out of their parents house and have other social problems. It’s kinda fucked up.

This show seems like it should have been on NBC in the first place.

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My parents bought my brother a guitar for Christmas. He learned 2 chords over a few weeks, then when he realized it would take actual effort to learn, he quit and it went into a corner of his room and just started gathering dust.

A few years later, when I was about 9 years old, I decided I wanted to learn the guitar, so I borrowed it, re-strung it, and started learning. By an amazing coincidence, around the same time my Brother decided the guitar was now his prize possession... and by a further amazing coincidence, he only ever felt the urge to 'practice' whenever I wanted to use the guitar.

One day, I'd saved up my money for a couple of months and bought myself a Beatles Songbook. I got it home and went and grabbed the guitar. Of course, my Brother suddenly decides he needs to play a C chord over and over.

So, I protest to my parents. I'm using the guitar. He only wants it to stop me using it. He hadn't touched it in 3 years until I got interested. I was the one who paid to have the guitar set up and paid for the can they please just make him leave me alone for a freaking hour so I can try out some of the songs in my new songbook?

They tell me, no. That it's my Brother's guitar. It belongs to him, so I have to give it to him.

Now, this is the part I'm still really fucking salty about.

I give the guitar to him, and he asks to borrow my new songbook. I tell him to fuck right off. So he whines to my parents and they make me lend it to him... because 'after all, I can't do anything with it without a guitar.''s my brother's guitar, it belongs to him, so I have to give it to him. It's my song book, it belongs to me, but suddenly none of that counts and I should 'be reasonable'.

Part that makes me even saltier? I asked for my own guitar for Christmas and was told no because "We spent hundreds on one for your brother and he never learned it. We're not making that mistake again."

EDIT - Obligatory thanks for the Gold. For everyone asking, I now have six guitars and have been playing for twenty years. I haven't had any contact with my Brother in ten. He's a legitimate sociopath.

Oh, and a couple of years ago, my parents admitted they'd made a fuck ton of mistakes when we were growing up: due to my brother's sociopathic nature they had no idea how to deal with him and apologised for giving me the shitty end of the stick so many times to avoid conflict with him. Not saying it excuses shitty parenting, but I give them some credit for admitting to it and apologising for it.

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Damn, this makes me angry too. A few years ago, my friend gave me a beat up old drum set that he had acquired. It was in rough shape (from the 70s) but the drums themselves were made of sturdy maple so i knew i could fix them up. So, I spent about $300 fixing these things up and when i was done they looked and sounded great. Then, one day my friend who i got them from sees that they’re in great shape and gets jealous. He then asked me to pay him $60 for the set. Like Wtf man?

Next time you see that skinny teen standing in the liquor store parking lot, buy him a case of beer

This is in the UP, very beautiful place. Lake Superior in the background.

That pimples don’t stay in adolescence where they belong!

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I am grateful that i have never had to deal with acne, but I’ve been bald af since 22

Let him out of there!

How high were you when you noticed this?

This is true, but i think most of us learned how to wipe our asses somewhat quickly. After years of me explaining what an HDMI cord is, my parents are still 0% capable of working the dvd player by themselves.

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Probably their only child. I'm the youngest of 3. One time, my dad caught my girlfriend sneaking in the window and all he had to say was "she can use the front door. I don't want the screens to get fucked up."

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I wish my parents didn’t think premarital sex was going to cause me to burn in the eternal pits of Tartarus

I’m definitely anti-animal cruelty, but if a monkey did this to me, unprovoked, I would karate chop the absolute shit out of it.

And then it would bite your fingers and cheeks off.

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Haha, so be it!

So many questions. What kind of hole is that?

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