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Some thoughts from a former 3C2 (back when it was a thing):

  1. Take every opportunity to build your professional network. As I'm sure you know, military contracting is very much a good ol' boys (and gals) club. For better or worse, who you know will easily put you ahead of what you know 9 times out of 10 in that industry.

  2. Start a detailed journal now documenting every project you work on. When you prepare to separate, this will make it much easier to write your resume.

  3. Volunteer to own every project you can. Coming from a military background, it's trivial to attach yourself to an impressive-sounding project while contributing very little. When interviewing, you want to be able to describe to prospective employers how you led a project, not just contributed to it.

Original Poster11 points · 3 days ago

Jeremy Stretch like from the website packetlife? Dude, your articles are the greatest! so nice and clear all the time.

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Thanks! I kinda let the site languish though...

4 points · 3 days ago

This site is my lifeline. I share it with so many people. Please let us know if you need help keep it running!

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10 points · 3 days ago

Not help so much, but if someone could figure out how to add another three hours to each day that would be super.

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Im right there with you on Netbox issue 20. I am really really keen to see something happen there but its been open for a couple of years now and not much has happened so im not holding my breath.

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It'll be a focus of v2.5.


Location: North Carolina

A few months ago I bought a new GE refrigerator, and just recently I decided to change out the original water filter as the rate of flow had decreased significantly. I looked up the filter model number (RPWFE) on Amazon and found a lot of generic RPWF (no "E") filters which look identical to mine but specifically say "does not work with RPWFE". After a little digging, I found out that GE has installed an RFID reader in the fridge next to where the water filter is installed. If it does not detect a GE-brand filter, the water/ice dispenser refuses to function. It's essentially a form a DRM for refrigerators.

The GE filters retail for $50 each. Third-party filters (which would be fully compatible if not for lacking the RFID chip) go for around $12.

That the manufacturer restricts the use of third-party filters is not advertised and was not disclosed to me prior to purchase. (Had it been, I obviously wouldn't have bought the fridge.) It's now past the return deadline so the store won't take it back, and GE of course has been no help.

I realize this probably seems a little petty, but the surprise requirement for $50 filters adds $500 to the cost of ownership over five years. Do I have any recourse against GE here? Or is this just another life lesson that you can't take anything at all for granted these days?

Edit: I should point out that the off-brand RPWF filters are proven to be physically compatible with the fridge. There's a workaround where you can take the RFID chip off a bypass filter and tape it to the reader inside the fridge. It will dispense wtaer happily through the RPWF filter so long as it detects the chip.

12 points · 3 days ago

That the manufacturer restricts the use of third-party filters is not advertised and was not disclosed to me prior to purchase.

Neither a manufacturer nor a retailer normally must make that kind of disclosure. Did anyone tell you that third-party filters would work?

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Original Poster-4 points · 3 days ago

Nope, didn't think it was something I needed to ask. Lesson learned for next time, I guess.

Litigating this issue would cost more than $500, with an uncertain (at best) outcome.

Presumably the filter required for the refrigerator was identified on the specification sheet. You undoubtedly had the expectation that the refrigerator would work with a third party filter. But GE did not do anything to give you that expectation, and GE undoubtedly has an argument about the RFID functionality protecting you from substandard filters or a filter in use past the usable life of that filter.

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Original Poster-2 points · 3 days ago

Yeah, I figured this was probably the case. Just really sucks having to vet everything about an appliance that used to just be a box that was cold inside. I'm sure they'd sell you a separate license to cool organic food if they could figure out how.

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35 points · 10 days ago

Wow, first Ikea and now this. I wonder if there's not more to the story.

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I think Wegman's is planning to build a store nearby on Davis Drive.

Hard to tell from the photo, but assuming there's space I would sister it with another piece of lumber the same height and width, overlapping by at least the span of the missing section at each end.

Wait, that's not typical, is it? Just bad design?

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It's pretty common. They leave the content on the page so that it gets picked up by search engine scrapers, but hide it from human viewers.

58 points · 15 days ago

This past weekend I'm in the Home Depot Garden Center dragging 50lb bags of river rocks and pond pebbles off of the back of a pallet in the second level of the rack. Even at 6'3" - I can barely reach the material - and it's taking quite a bit of work to load 20 bags onto the flat-bed cart.

20-something kid in a Home Depot apron walks up as I'm about half-way through getting the cart loaded.

"Hello sir, when was the last time you had your A/C system replaced?"

"I had both units on my house replaced in March."

"Wow - those are fresh then."

He then made no offer to help me get the material out of the back of the rack or get the cart loaded; but proceeds to ask: "Are you building a river in your yard?"


He then wanted a detailed explanation about why I needed so much rock if I wasn't building a river; all without ever asking if I needed help. Seriously made me not want to ever shop there again.

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"Are you building a river in your yard?"

Talk about a missed opportunity to have some fun...

2 points · 14 days ago

No, we're building a moat actually but uses the same concept as your yard river. We've got a Mongol problem and I kept telling the wife we need to build a wall, that's just standard procedure when trying to protect against the horde but does she listen? Ohhh no, she saw a moat on Pintrest with koi fish in it. Who puts koi fish in a defensive moat? I already told her there's no way they're going to survive over winter but she's determined and I've been married 23 years so I know better than to argue. We need to hit up the fish store after....

Kid would probably have left by this point

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This is perfect.

I'm going to be curious to see what this road looks like when McCrimmon Parkway connects with Perimeter Park Drive. I used to drive it every day and it was a pain in the neck. I want to know when we will see progress on McCrimmon - when that opens, the traffic will die in front of that fire station.

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Man, that intersection is an absolute mess during rush hour. People wanting to turn left onto McCrimmon will back up into the oncoming left turn lane for Perimeter. When I lived down there, I would take the long way around just to avoid it.

Is there any proof that the Chinese government (or anyone else) is actually accessing footage from these cameras?

For commercial or government installations, yeah, go with another brand.

For residential installations, is a foreign government really going to care what's happening in your backyard? Unless you're hiding state secrets, or wearing a tinfoil hat, I wouldn't be too concerned.

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For residential installations, is a foreign government really going to care what's happening in your backyard?

I think this misses the point. An attacker wouldn't likely compromise these devices with an end goal of viewing the recorded footage. The fact that these devices are cameras is incidental: We've seen the same kind of concern over everything from routers to digital photo frames.

An attacker's primary goal in compromising the cameras would be to establish a foothold in the network by calling home to a remote server. This could then be leveraged either to assist in compromising other, more interesting devices on the network, or to help amplify denial of service attacks against an unrelated victim.

Edit: What /u/hystericallymad said.

2 points · 16 days ago · edited 16 days ago

A broadcast storm is like a balloon when something bad happens.

I know probably 20 teachers personally and have interacted with maybe hundreds over my 40 years. This idea seems so incredibly stupid. The amount of user error that this idea crops up is astronomical. Look at the amounts of accidental gun deaths every year. It's absolutely unavoidable when you have a large amount of fallible humans walking around with instant death machines. I don't know any corporations who make or sell guns but I bet they FUCKING LOVE this idea. Boy I bet they love it so much that they would pay incredible amounts of money to try and create laws that would dictate that this must happen. So many things could go wrong with this idea its stunning that it isn't just laughed off instantly the moment someone says it.

The funny thing is that I'm not 100% against guns. I'm definitely more in the grey area about them. But having them all over schools? I mean... what the flip is everybody thinking involved with this stuff. Having said all that I wish I could think of an incredibly solid answer to all this. I really don't have one that isn't largely against the second amendment. It almost feels like you can't support the second amendment without willfully condoning the loss of life both young and old due to violent crimes or accidental ones with guns. I'll admit all day long that its a complicated subject to try and answer, but more guns in schools!?!? That cannot be the answer. It won't change the problem. It's like taking tylenol for a broken leg. It isn't entirely a bad idea, but you know it won't fix the dang broken leg.

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The problem with headlines like this is that people hear "arming teachers" and imagine teachers lining up to receive their government-issued Glock. But when more accurately depicted as removing the arbitrary designation of schools as gun-free zones, it makes a lot more sense.

First, it allows a teacher who possesses a concealed handgun permit and already carries everywhere outside of school to carry on school grounds as well, instead of leaving the firearm at home or locked in their vehicle. This means that in the event of an attack, the teacher has the means to defend himself and his students.

But the second benefit is more pronounced: It eliminates the guarantee that an attacker will not face resistance. School shooters are cowards. They attack schools in part because they know no one other than uniformed police are going to present any meaningful resistance to an armed attacker. Allowing for the possibility that they may encounter deadly force can by itself serve as a considerable deterrent. This is a win even if no one is actually armed.

Your concern regarding accidental shootings is valid, but if you break down the stats, most accidental deaths involve children gaining access to an improperly stored firearm, or handling of a firearm while under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

This is by no means a solution to why so many kids want to kill each other, but I do believe it would help mitigate attacks in the short term.

133 points · 17 days ago · edited 17 days ago

So, a bill expressly designed to arbitrarily limit which handguns adults can purchase after securing a state-mandated pistol purchase or concealed carry permit, because a child in a different state used a weapon other than a handgun to murder fellow children.

Got it.


I posted last week seeking advice for insulating the side walls of my walkout basement, which comprise both 2x6 framing and poured concrete.

This is what I've come up with.

For the rigid foam, I've read that EPS is much more environmentally friendly than XPS, but XPS has the higher R value that I may need to pass inspection (minimum is R10). If I go with EPS I'll likely need to install batt insulation in the lower portion of the partition wall as well.

Edit: Got the approval for this from my local inspector, with one exception. The fire blocking needs to be 3/4" not 3/8". Other than that looks I should be good to go!


I recently moved into a new construction home in central North Carolina (zone 4) with an unfinished basement. The basement was built roughly at the original ground level and an immense amount of earth was filled in around it. There are drains exiting to daylight buried along the sides, so I hope never to have any significant water issues (knock on wood).

Once the basement walls were poured, a yellow material was adhered to the outside of the walls along the entire perimeter of habitable space. Can anyone tell me what this is?

Now, I'm trying to determine the best way to insulate and frame the perimeter walls. The poured concrete walls along either side step down at random intervals toward the back of the house like this. It seems like the simplest approach is to wrap the concrete in rigid foam, stuff batt insulation between the 2x6 studs, then build a new uninsulated stud wall in front of it to hang drywall.

However, on the other side I'll have one room where the entire length of its exterior wall is only about a foot of poured concrete and the rest is framed. It seems like a waste to frame out another wall right in front of this one. The poured concrete edge extends exactly 3.5" inward beyond the inner edge of the 2x6 wall.

Is it feasible to extend the framed portion inward to make it flush with the concrete and hang drywall directly over that? Or build a second wall with 2x6s on top of the concrete so that the framing overhangs by 2", allowing for 2" thick foam/furring against the concrete beneath it? I'd prefer to avoid building a "shelf" into the wall since it's so low to the ground.

Any guidance is much appreciated!

I asked a question on a similar space a few days ago. I did find this page regarding insulation and vapor barriers. It may be worth reading.

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Original Poster1 point · 22 days ago

Yeah, I came across that at some point too. Just seems like everything I find pertains to a specific piece of the installation and I'm stuck trying to get the right ones to fit together for my particular situation.

I would fur out those walls.

Using 2x4s on their side, you can add additional space over the concrete (using treated lumber). This would allow you to have a continuous wall floor to ceiling, and room to insulate behind.

I would go with spray foam. It's more expensive, but much nicer than foam sheets. It would give you a continuous barrier from floor to ceiling rather than XPS on the concrete and batt in the stud bays.

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Original Poster1 point · 22 days ago

You're saying fur the concrete portion out 1.5" with 2x6 framing on top of that? Seems like that would be ideal assuming there's no issue with the 2x6 wall overhanging the furred portion.

How would you insulate the framed wall? The outer and inner walls together form 11" deep stud bays. Just spray foam against the outer sheathing to a certain depth?

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Awwww, son of a bitch. I was waiting for that store so that I could borrow a friend's car so that I could buy and move a particular desk. I guess I'll have to drive to Charlotte and maybe rent a van.

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Check out these guys:

They do bulk runs to the Ikea in Charlotte and deliver everything to a storage unit in Raleigh, where you can pick it up. Been a couple years since I used them but it worked out much cheaper than having Ikea ship everything direct to me.

It's not often you come across a project that involves both 4x4s and glitter.

You might try reaching out to Habitat For Humanity if you haven't already. I think they often get donations of random materials and might have some surplus.

Coupon code FLASH715 will get you another $15 today (5/17) only.

What a cocksucker. you want me to slash this fuckboy’s tires send PM I’m free this weekend

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263 points · 1 month ago

Tagging you as "contractors/other"

I mean, people do have marches against climate change...

No one is asking to take guns away, they just want to prevent these things from happening.

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No one is asking to take guns away

Respectfully, lots of people are asking for precisely that.

Let’s make this shit happen. Today.

I’d donate to the cost of getting it set up.

If I had any knowledge of how to build a website or where people found these deals at I’d try it.

Fuck these commies. “Let’s have open internet....actually, it’s only open if it fits our agenda, here, you go buy drugs here, dirty panties here, you could probably buy cum on this sub reddit, freshly squeezed from spez himself”.

People wonder why the right or left hate each other lately. Gee, I fucking wonder why.

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I'm onboard, but let's think this through. First, what approach is best? I see three options:

  1. Partner with an existing site like and extend it to function like a subreddit. IMO this is unlikely to be successful.
  2. Spin up an instance of an open source Reddit clone. This is perfectly doable and can be done quick, but it's not quite what we want. We don't need a plathora of "subreddits," just the one, and we want it to cater to a very specific function (e.g. not having to use spolier tags and custom CSS to mark deals as sold out).
  3. Build a new site which very closely resembles everything /r/gundeals was, adapted to our specific use case. Obviously this requires a substantial amount of effort, but A) we can leverage an existing web framework and related packages to minimize development time, and B) we're not solving a problem, just replicating pre-existing functionality.

Assuming we go with option 3, we need a few things:

  1. Some developers. I've got plenty of experience building sites on the Django Python framework, so if I can find a few folks to help out, I'll volunteer to head the project.
  2. A place to host the code. GitHub has free public repositories, and I don't see any need to keep the code private.
  3. A place to host the site. No worries, I've got this part covered.
  4. Community involvement. We can get a new site built pretty quickly, but we'll need people to help test it and most importantly begin contributing content as soon as it's ready. We don't want to lose the momentum we have right now. And it would fantastic if we could entice some of the original mods to help out with content curation.


You da real MVP

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Nah, the guy who made the bot is. I can't recall who it was unfortunately.

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Gun owner here, with kids who will be entering the school system soon. While we agree on many points, I wanted to offer my thoughts to hopefully provide some context from "the other side."

For no clear reason, we've allowed a loophole to persist that doesn't require assault rifles to go through the same background check that we require of pistols.

This is not a loophole. Most states don't require a handgun purchase permit in addition to the normal process of purchasing a firearm. The only reason North Carolina does is that a law was passed during the Jim Crow era with the express intention of allowing racist county sheriffs to deny minorities the right to acquire pistols.

Also, "assault weapon" is an invented term intending to invoke fear and paint firearms in a negative light. As far as school shootings are concerned, an AR15-platform rifle is no more or less deadly than a handgun. The statistics of past shootings show no correlation between the types of firearms used the casualty rate. If you want to get gun owners on board, please drop this nonsense.

We should have universal background checks for all assault rifles - whether purchased at gun shows or gun stores.

This alludes to the mythical "gun show loophole." Every purchase from a licensed dealer (FFL), at a gun show or elsewhere, must include a NICS background check as mandated by federal law. Private sales can occur between individuals without a background check, but this has nothing to do with where the sale takes place. Implementing universal background checks (requiring a NICS check for private sales as well) is a valid proposition, but don't confuse it as having anything to do with gun shows.

It will require compromise

Most of the talk around "compromise" is really about concessions by gun owners, who get nothing in return. What does this bill offer in exchange for the new restrictions being proposed?

Original Poster7 points · 3 months ago

I just put up a second edit where I try to respond to several of the more frequent concerns people have raised. It includes some of yours.

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Thank you very much for your consideration, sir. I truly appreciate it. And you've certainly earned my respect for reaching out to your constituents directly, especially on such a devisive topic.

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Whether or not your agree with his positions, gotta give the guy kudos for engaging constituents directly.

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