Monologue suggestions? by JomanRosi in justified

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It's not Raylan or Boyd, but Limehouse had a great one in his introductory scene (S03E01 I think). The one where he gives his guy the choice between scalding water and lye or never failing him again.

Why would an IP device suddenly not get a connection to EX3300 when it worked in the past? by [deleted] in Juniper

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Just a shot in the dark: Did a VLAN get removed, either on this switch or on it's upstream device? Also check for a duplicate IP or MAC.

Cards Against Humanity buys plot of land on U.S./Mexico border to block border wall by charging_bull in nottheonion

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My favorite was from the giant hole FAQ.

Q: Why aren't you donating the money to charity?
A: Why aren't you donating it to charity?

[Acc] Zombie X Chainsaw Bayonet with QD pic rail mount. $800 by unknown_name in gundeals

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It's not stupidity; it's a calculated strategy used to further an agenda. They pull whatever ridiculous shenanigans they think they can get away with in an effort to instill fear in the uninformed public and drive traffic to their content.

CMV: It is very easy to kill a lot of people if you wanted to by Whatsthemattermark in changemyview

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One thing you have to consider is motive. Rarely does anyone just "snap" and decide to start killing people. In almost all cases, attackers reveal their intentions to some extent to friends or family members, and with growing frequency on social media, over the months or even years preceding an attack. Further, many attackers leave very obvious clues as to their intentions while preparing an attack (purchasing large quantities of unusual materials, etc.). This presents the opportunity for law enforcement to intervene before an attack occurs.

Senator introducing bill to ban bump stocks after Vegas shooting by TheGreatRoh in NOWTTYG

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The TL;DR is this: Only machine guns manufactured prior to 1986 are legal to own, and very, very expensive due to restricted supply. Purchasing one requires completing the same extensive paperwork and background check as other NFA items such as suppressors and short-barreled rifles.

Why Would you Want to Own a Gun? by vegetarianrobots in Firearms

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These bots are really fucking annoying.

I'm 90% sure he's not actually a robot.

Delta Airlines zip ties luggage... by dancesrarely in CCW

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Next time bring your own zip ties and start zip tying random shit together so it looks like you're helping.

Eclipse glasses still available? None at Kroger's, Lowes, Best Buy. by unrecoverable in triangle

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Well, that's understandable. Who could have known there was an eclipse coming?

Big gun shop/range in NC stopped allowing open carry or ccw by kerunc in CCW

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Someone probably had an ND at the range counter and TSA felt compelled to make the change in policy to mitigate future incidents. We can't have nice things because some of us are dumbasses.

It's not a huge change from the previous policy though: As others have mentioned, the carrying of loaded firearms has been prohibited at TSA from day one.

Recently hired as the only IT member for an entire school. Where should I start? by MaximumLobsters in sysadmin

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One of our contributors recently published a Vagrant build for NetBox if you want to give that a shot, should be pretty simple to get up and running.

Recently hired as the only IT member for an entire school. Where should I start? by MaximumLobsters in sysadmin

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I can't take credit for that; it's all thanks to the Django framework.

Me: I'mma make a bitchin' webapp with IPs and devices and SQL and everything!
Django: sigh Alright sweetie, take my hand, let me help you...

Looking for friends (and restaurant suggestions) in Morrisville! by Hark_An_Adventure in triangle

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Cool, will have to give Clayton some more consideration. Thanks.