Democrats, Rubio want 'red flags' to enable gun seizures by B3ggarmanThief in Firearms

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In Florida, that wasn't enough for relatives, authorities or his schools to request a judicial order barring him from possessing guns.

This is because no one wants to get involved until it's too late, either due to potential liability, danger, or refusing to believe anything is wrong.

I support a legal mechanism for disarming dangerous people provided it requires a warrant and a high burden of proof is established.

Using teenagers to push anti-gun talking points (which are mostly wrong), what could possibly go wrong? by Tcannon18 in gunpolitics

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There absolutely is a need to use kids. Imagine if it was a grown man up there delivering the same material. It wouldn't receive nearly as much attention, and it's content would be criticized much more readily. No one wants to be the asshole challenging a crying sixteen-year-old girl.

My Big List of "What Can Be Done to Prevent Mass Shootings" by elsparkodiablo in liberalgunowners

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Excellent post.

What gets me more than anything are the calls for reinstatement of an assault weapons ban, following the notion that certain types of rifle are somehow more deadly. The Virginia Tech shooter killed 32 people using only two handguns and 10- and 15-round magazines. The type of weapon doesn't matter because the shooter is assured to encounter zero meaningful resistance within a gun-free zone until law enforcement arrives.

Best way to go about licenses/permits by WTShaze in NCGuns

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Long guns (rifles and shotguns) require a federal NICS background check conducted by the dealer like anywhere else. NC is unique in that a pistol purchase permit ($5) or concealed carry permit issued by the state is also required to purchase a handgun. Your county sheriff's department will have info on where and how to apply.

Realtors showing up early! by sunrise_d in RealEstate

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I had an agent show up 25 minutes early to our house the other day. I think he genuinely had no idea what time it was, because he looked like a deer in the headlights when I opened the door. Fortunately we were already on our way out and just needed a couple more minutes.

Signed New House but building it is taking forever! by 1amBanksy in RealEstate

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Does your builder's name start with several H's by chance? We're building in the Wake Forest area. Went under contract in early July with closing estimated in Jan/Feb. Now we're looking at late April. This worked out well for us though, since it has positioned us to sell our current home at a more favorable time of year.

How should I handle my former gym? by demosthenesjax in personalfinance

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I would write them a polite but assertive letter directing them to cancel your membership immediately. Be sure to point out that you have no standing contract with the gym, and that any future charges will be contested as fraud. Send this letter via registered mail and keep the receipt. If they charge you again, contest the charge with your bank and offer the letter and receipt as evidence.

Just got my first gas bill by Shhhhimpooping in triangle

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If this is your first bill, it may include an activation charge and/or carry over the unpaid balance from previous months (check the itemized bill). Here are my utility costs on a ~3k sqft home for the past 11 months for comparison:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
Electric 83.10 99.97 81.03 80.83 85.31 109.12 151.61 186.82 188.62 180.80
Gas 182.79 180.37 143.39 145.95 48.50 34.46 23.06 21.15 20.20 22.13

I'm not sure I can take Shooting Illustrated seriously after this. Thoughts? The comments are full of John Waynes. by gonelegit in CCW

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"Walther PPK. Three men I know use such a gun. I believe I've killed two of them."

"Lucky me."

Shannon Watts on the Steinle Verdict: Blame the gun, not the illegal immigrant. by Teewster in liberalgunowners

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The best way to honor #KateSteinle and protect the hundreds of Americans who are shot and killed or injured every day in America is to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

The gun and the locked vehicle it was stolen from belonged to a federal ranger.

[handgun] CZ 75 SP-01 TACTICAL 9mm - $582 shipped by nonestumptrump in gundeals

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I've been wanting a CZ 75 for a while now, but can't decide between this and the Phantom. Opinions?

I got tired of my Cisco gear not having a fancy GUI or API access, like the newer 9k's or other vendors. So I wrote my own. by v1tal3 in networking

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If you developed this on company time, the project is likely owned by your employer. Make sure to get their explicit permission in writing before releasing any code publicly.

I got tired of my Cisco gear not having a fancy GUI or API access, like the newer 9k's or other vendors. So I wrote my own. by v1tal3 in networking

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You don't have to specify a number of objects to pull; NetBox will default to whatever the page size is set to (50 by default). You can optionally include a limit parameter to retrieve a specific number of objects (up to the maximum page size, if set).

As for performance, please open an issue in GitHub with the exact call(s) you're making, the number of objects being retrieved, and how long it's taking and I'll dig into it.

Monologue suggestions? by JomanRosi in justified

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It's not Raylan or Boyd, but Limehouse had a great one in his introductory scene (S03E01 I think). The one where he gives his guy the choice between scalding water and lye or never failing him again.

Why would an IP device suddenly not get a connection to EX3300 when it worked in the past? by [deleted] in Juniper

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Just a shot in the dark: Did a VLAN get removed, either on this switch or on it's upstream device? Also check for a duplicate IP or MAC.

Cards Against Humanity buys plot of land on U.S./Mexico border to block border wall by charging_bull in nottheonion

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My favorite was from the giant hole FAQ.

Q: Why aren't you donating the money to charity?
A: Why aren't you donating it to charity?

[Acc] Zombie X Chainsaw Bayonet with QD pic rail mount. $800 by unknown_name in gundeals

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It's not stupidity; it's a calculated strategy used to further an agenda. They pull whatever ridiculous shenanigans they think they can get away with in an effort to instill fear in the uninformed public and drive traffic to their content.