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Consumer GPS is imprecise, your postition will change by a few meters every 8-10 seconds.

If you're playing 5E, it will often be convenient to have 2D20 each for advantage/disadvantage roles.

Reboot, make sure you have the space free, make sure you have write access in the destination folder, and possibly try disabling AV

Umber Hulk. Attacks the party, but then they forget the encounter."Why do I have my sword out all of a sudden? Hey, where's Bob?"

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Wait, why would they forget the encounter? Is that an ability of the Umber Hulk? I don’t remember it being like that.

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Hmm, i may be remembering wrong. Looks like they just cause confusion. But your the DM, you could make it memory loss until you are ready for them to properly fight it.

Instead of incorporating lipids as fat, mice lacking the two genes excreted lipids

Well, that sounds healthy. No possible negatives there.

Did they have fun in these encounters? If they did, just keep challenging them. It sounds like they like it. Try to work out more encounters per day at a lower CR.

Don't pull your punches, stupidity should be punished. And if they survive and defeat these challenges, they deserve the XP.

Do they not make food fresh in the US? Here in Canada, I order then stand around waiting.

Windows Defender.

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Windows Defender and installing Ad-blockers in the browsers would be even better.

Don't forget sunscreen!

The fantasy models are Empire Flagellants and I'm not sure what the hammer unit is but probably also Empire. Pretty old models, so they might have some value to somebody. The random 5 at the end are wizkids minis for DnD.

SSD are 10 to 15 times faster than HDD.

Putting an HDD in a new laptop is like buying a ferrari and using it to tow a camper. If people need more disk-space, go with M2 SSD for C: and a HDD for extra storage.

Closest things to dark matter spells would be shadow or negative energy (necromancy).Warlock or wizard, maybe play a Drow elf.

Go to a book store, find the music section, see what "For Dummies" books they have. Songwriting, music theory, one of those programs you mentioned, see what grabs you.

Or, take some lessons, even try the Yousician app if you have an instrument available.

Canada Olympic Park is no Fernie, but it is a place you can ski in the city. As you say, Sunshine, Lake Louise and also Nakiska aren't too far away. there is lots of music and culture in Calgary, you just have to look for it.

Those are the worst devices to back up

One copy of the PHB at the table should be enough, don't need one for every player.

Movie pissed me off to. He blew up a car and beat the crap out of another patient!

Telus is offering a 50” 4K TV right now on a new 2yr contract. Someone change my mind.

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If you’re still willing to pay for cable tv, Telus is a good choice.

Good to start with comic opera, after those I would say Carmen or La Boheme

Yeah, garlic and onions are bad for dogs, so no pizza or fast food.

Autocorrect. Surprised Booster Gold didn't call himself that to be honest.

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Booster intended to go by “Goldstar” but President Reagan called him Booster Gold after he prevented his assasination.

Squirrel Girl is still good, new Thor run looks like it will still be good. Check out Mr Miracle

Don't be afraid to aim high, 4 certs and a bachelors is lots, and Navy Electronics Technician sounds like good experience to me. Shows you know how to troubleshoot. You local market will be more of a limit.

Yeah, we do smaller alternative services led by members during the summer.

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