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tenormore commented on a post in r/justneckbeardthings
DapperDanManCan 538 points

OP never explained the part where the term came from. What about the actual neck beards? Why grow that shit on your face? Why not just have a full beard or shave it?

tenormore 2 points

I personally had neck whiskers for about a decade before anything noticeable grew above my jaw, but I had enough sense to shave it.

tenormore commented on a post in r/HighQualityGifs
Darksoulz4dayz 6 points

I might be mixing my characters up, but I kinda recall him being a giant death robot that was a member of China's Justice League equivalent (Great Ten) who then went "rogue" (was still working for China) and kidnapped the world's "mad scientists" together to give them an island where there were no rules. Anything they want and in exchange they build killer death robots. Turns out the thing is secretly funded by Intergang, who works for Darkseid, with the end goal to... recreate the souls of the horsemen of the apocalypse in robotic bodies? Something like that.

Anyway Black Adam punches a hole in him I think.

tenormore 4 points

No. That was Egg Fu, a yellow menace villain of Wonder Woman. Egghead is just a Egg pun gimmick, and old put-down for intellectuals.

Darksoulz4dayz 1 point

Oh wait you're totally right. I remembered it was an egg villain! I don't think I've ever read anything with Egghead then. Is he an actual villain? Or is he like a Condiment King/Kite Man type of guy?

tenormore 2 points

I don’t think he exists outside of Batman ‘66

tenormore commented on a post in r/todayilearned
wortelslaai -6 points

Why bother with the vitamins? I'm often told that vitamin pills are expensive urine. This suggests that vitamin supplements are actually useful, that your body can benefit from taking vitamin pills.

tenormore 10 points

You know how if you don’t get vitamin c you get scurvy, or no vitamin D you get rickets, or enough vitamin A you go blind? If you don’t eat for a year you definitely aren’t getting any of those without supplements.

tenormore commented on a post in r/Calgary
Renegadeyyc 5 points

No one mentioned the timepoint ensemble? Timepointensemble.Com

tenormore 2 points


no a in ensemble Haven't heard of them before, but it's great there is a group dedicated to living composers!

tenormore 8 points

Next Sunday: An Afternoon of Chamber Music

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra cellist Tom Mirhady returns with another gorgeous programme of classical chamber music. This year’s recital includes music by Vivaldi, Henderson and Chopin, along with Brahms’ Piano Trio in B major, with the Springbank Trio (violinist Laurie Syer, cellist Tom Mirhady and pianist Jamie Syer) and pianist Jane Perry. Tickets $25/$20/pay what you can Free for those age 18 and under.

There's the Renaissance Singers, the Calgary Bach Society, Spiritus Chamber Choir charges a little more...

tenormore commented on a post in r/science
faern 143 points

Is there an explanation to why there no new world disease that unigue to pre-columbus americas?

tenormore 1 point

Syphylus may have originated in the new world

tenormore commented on a post in r/comicbooks
coffee_ghost 17 points

I love me some muscle-y Barda. I need to find more stories with her in them, I really enjoyed her brief appearances in Simone's Birds of Prey and I've always meant to find out more about Barda and Scott's relationship.

tenormore 2 points

If you haven't checked out the current Mr Miracle series, you really should.

tenormore commented on a post in r/dndnext
tenormore 22 points

Wizards don't get to read the player's handbook. Liches didn't look through chapter 9 and choose which spells to gain from a catalog, they spent years researching necromancy, experimenting, making deals with dark powers and seeking out lost tomes of forbidden knowledge.

tenormore commented on a post in r/UUreddit
tenormore 1 point

Yes, at my congregation we even light advent candles in the weeks leading up to Christmas. And we have a Christmas pageant in December put on by the children. We haven't completely abandoned Christian roots and traditions. Even though I personally don't believe in God, Christmas is still my favorite holiday. I like to read or watch (Unitarian) Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and sing Christmas songs like (Unitarian written) Jingle Bells.

We also acknowledge other traditions, the Solstice service and Mummers play was last night, and I think we're lighting a menorah on Sunday.

tenormore commented on a post in r/Futurology
tenormore 5 points

The article went over my head a bit, does this mean that half the dark matter was actually just dim matter?

darksoulsnstuff 1 point

NO!... they just aren’t that bright..

tenormore 1 point

Ok, so there's dark matter, and also all these clouds of baryons they couldn't see before.

tenormore commented on a post in r/movies
stuntobor 27 points

I swear, I don't recall any of those visuals from the book OR the audiobook. Really baffled at the look of the movie. It looks interesting for sure, but, just, ehh, what? Did I read a different book?

tenormore 1 point

Some are from the book, but the barrier was invisible and I don't remember flaming/glowing trees. I think it's a good sign, they are adapting it to the medium.

tenormore commented on a post in r/Music
Egonga 100 points

Possibly by accident.

"I'm feeling a little stressed Bill. Any suggestions?"

"How, about, some, coke, and..."

"Cocaine? Sure, I know a guy. Be right back."

"...rum, Spock. Coke, and, rum!"

tenormore 0 points

Leonard battled alcoholism...

tenormore commented on a post in r/minipainting
tenormore 2 points

Zu Hilfe! zu Hilfe! sonst bin ich verloren, Der listigen Schlange zum Opfer erkoren. Barmherzige Götter! schon nahet sie sich; Ach rettet mich! ach schützet mich!

Good luck! As long as you have a day to paint them after they show up, you'll be fine. You can always paint in the base colours and use a quickshade or wash.

tenormore commented on a post in r/movies
fishbiscuit13 11 points

Science fiction (often shortened to SF or sci-fi) is a genre of speculative fiction, typically dealing with imaginative concepts such as futuristic science and technology, space travel, time travel, faster than light travel, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life.

With the exception of parallel universes (which could arguably be included depending in how canon you feel the EU is) and time travel, what doesn't fit into Star Wars?

Edit: to all these people replying to this and the monomyth comment below, why do you care so much about science being the focus? We watch movies for entertainment, not speculative education. Would you want to watch a movie that spends ten minutes describing how they carved the crystals in their lightsaber for a specific beam profile or the inner workings of the hyperdrive computer? Does the depth of detail define a movie's place in genres or the subject matter?

If its technology is far advanced from ours but they treat it as everyday and don't feel the need to explain it, doesn't that make it more sci-fi? Or would you rather we have an entire genre be unmarketable by its depth for the sake of depth?

tenormore 16 points

It's a story about a farmboy who gets a magic sword from a wizard so he can rescue the Princess from the Dark Lord's castle. It just happens to have spaceships and lasers instead of horses and crossbows.

fishbiscuit13 2 points

That's not a fantasy trope, that's just the monomyth. To say that can only be used in fantasy or by using the story is automatically fantasy is fallacious.

tenormore 1 point

The argument is that adding spaceships to a sword and sorcery flick doesn't make it science fiction. If I edited "The Untouchables" so that the tommyguns fired plasma and the cars levitate instead of having tires, wouldn't it still be a gangster movie? Star Wars doesn't care about science, it just swaps it in for magic.

Really this is just the old Star Trek vs Star Wars trivial argument.

tenormore commented on a post in r/funny
SquidSledge 57 points

Lex and Flash swapping bodies was one of my favorite JL moments:

Lex-brained Flash looking in a mirror

"Lex, you're having a difficult day. If nothing else, I can learn the Flash's secret identity."

takes off mask

"... I have no idea who this is."

tenormore 5 points

And did you notice that the actor who voices Flash also played Lex in Smallville?

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