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Does everyone understand when they say "gonna FOMO in" they are saying "gonna fear of missing out in"

I hate it, stop. Please.

Edit: apparently moon kids love their catchphrases. Who woulda known...

Edit2: ok thanks to a few comments I hate it less, still tire of seeing it every other comment though.

snorkleface 8 points

FOMO is a noun that got turned into a verb.

Google is a noun, but we made it into a verb by saying you can google something

-End- 7 points

This makes me hate it a bit less, thank you good sir

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Y6Y1Y9 7 points

That's not how "cryptocurrency of the people" works. Cryptocurrency of the people means no one individual can influence how other people use it. As in, no one person or one governing body controls it. Which people have more of a cryptocurrency than others is not the same thing. No matter what currency it is, someone is always going to have more than most others. Cryptocurrency of the people does not mean everyone has the same amount. Plus, like others have said, a lot of those big wallets belong to exchanges, and not an actual person.

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HST - voting token LMC - Pokemon go except for cryptos / small business integration / airdrops POE/PBL - publishing, creative content BNTY - white hat hackers / micro tasks FUN - Casino / fair gambling DBC - AI on the blockchain PRL/BAT - alternative advertising

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I'm trying to decide if I want to average down for the second time on my high risk portfolio BNTY, HST, POE, PBL, BAT, PRL, FUN, ICX, LMC

Decisions decisions.

First buys are down about 70% on average and the second round doubled up at a huge discount... which are now also down 35% on average.

(Edit: I have two separate portfolio's my main one with the bulk of the % are still up, just not by much anymore)

nilonilo 5 points

This is the part when I burn a mp3 list onto a CD and label it "Sad Songs".

-End- 1 point

What are CD's? Are they like the mix tape of the future. I record all my songs with a talkboy off the radio.

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Zecter 2 points

No problem. Just let me know if any part sounds off and I'll try to fix it. I had to be pretty quiet so I'm not 100% sure about it.

-End- 2 points

After playing it today it sounded pretty spot on to me. Gave me a good starting point for figuring out the rest of the song.

Many thanks!

As you seem to have a good ear and enjoy tabbing songs out (creeped your posts) any chance you could take a look at Carousel Kings - Headphones acoustic version? One of my faves but I can't for the life of me learn to play it just from watching the video.

If it's not your style it's all good, I will make a new post with a request.

Thanks again either way

Zecter 1 point

That's awesome. Really glad to hear that it worked out.

Good band. I remember finding them through With the Punches and thought Speak Frantic was a great album. I stopped paying attention after they released A Slice of Heaven though. The new songs were good but I just couldn't get past how terrible the mix on that album was. I just took a look and it seems their drummer Max is no longer in the band. That's a shame he was a pretty nutty drummer.

I could try to write it up for you. It may take me a few days to start working on it, so as long as you don't need it immediately I'll happily try my best to figure it out for you.

-End- 1 point

Nice to hear you have heard of them, I am in no rush whatsoever. The fact that people more skilled than me take time out of their day to contribute to this sub and help those still learning is awesome.

And ya there style has changed a lot since the earlier days (some for the good, some not so much) this song always puts a smile on my face though!

Look forward to seeing what you manage to tab out. It's nice that the majority of the solo is shown in the video to. Thanks for looking into this for me.

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ratbert002 8 points

Started 5 minutes ago? Why you hating? This would take me multiple tries and many hours. It’s more creation than most people ever attempt. It’s easy to talk shit online; it’s not easy to perform. Why don’t you get a block of wood and give yourself 5 minutes (we can be on the honor system here) and show us your version of this? After all, it’s only 5 minutes, prove me wrong.

-End- 2 points

Not Op but does that include the time to print out and trace the logo? Cause I'd be willing to take the 5 minute challenge and see how well I do lol

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TheKyleShow 14 points

Cautiously optimistic

-End- 6 points

Optimistically cautious

jayplus707 3 points

To see the same shit again 24 hours later!

-End- 3 points

Well if you think about it the majority of people who use the etch-a-sketch are toddlers with limited comprehension... sooooo it kind of still applies

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Been adding here and there since September. Got my delegate all set up. Wallet is great with ledger nano support. Community is the best I've ever experienced. It's the one coin I own where I don't even follow the price movement... I believe in the team and the vision. This is my set and forget project where I will wake up one day and be thankful to have been supporting them for the time it took to make the vision a reality.

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cyber2024 2 points

...I read it. :/ Could understand a lot of it and I'm not willing to invest the time to do so.

-End- 1 point

Your not but that doesn't mean nobody isn't. Wouldn't be surprised to see a medium or steem article soon.

cyber2024 2 points

Shit, I meant to say "couldn't"

-End- 2 points

And I meant to say "you're".

Nobody is perfect.

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