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The only real example for me is Publica, a self-published author did a massive tear down of this project, and I haven't seen satisfactory response to their concerns.

edit: /u/endormoon is the person im talking about, check his response on this post:

and make sure to go through his post history because he posted another really detailed post about the subject again a few days ago, cant permalink for some reason

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Would like to see this as well

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Balkrish 1 point

Can you please simply explain what does Dollar cost average in MEANS? With a example?

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Buy 100 dollars every day from Monday to Sunday Instead of buying 700$ today.

Weekly monthly doesn't matter your averaging out your deposit.

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Buy 100 dollars every day from Monday to Sunday Instead of buying 700$ today.

Weekly monthly doesn't matter your averaging out you deposit.

benonabike 6 points

Here's part of a list I've been keeping of low market cap shilled coins that I need to look into, OP, if you want some leads (no guarantee that they're not all actually awful)

  • UFR (listing on kucoin next week [thx /u/chuggdog]) - $40m, #320
  • HAT, Hawala $7m, #567
  • PBL - $70m, now $56m, #275
  • Mywish - $40m, #324
  • MercuryProtocol (first messaging token?) - $40m, #314
  • Cred 50m, #284
  • Digipulse, 8m, #541
  • Pascalcoin
  • Payfair
  • HST voting
  • Blockcat - $3.58, #374
  • CANYA token, like bounty0x
  • NLC2 -
  • WGR - $0.56

And DNA would have absolutely fit the bill, but it looks like it got 300%+ of attention over the last few days. Still a pretty fucking cool use case.

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Ya I like the whitepaper for NLC2 and they just released their own fiat gateway to buy the coin with credit card.

I own PBL and HST and would recommend both. Will definitely take a look into some of the others you listed.

yawnz9 4 points

That sounds like a nightmare.

Diversify to 5-6 of your favourites projects and you'll see better gains.

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I think you mean consolidate into 5-6 ;)

I think I'm diversified enough.

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SkoivanSchiem 2 points

No seriously what happened?

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White paper has copy pasta on it. Redditors have been FUDing it hard all week. Smart money that bought in weeks ago sold for huge gains while all the normies bought at ATH and are now selling.

I bought at .08 and sold most at .18 but still holding some hoping to get another pump soon

Edit *panic selling

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PedaalEmmer 4 points

There are quite a lot of 'delegates', the top 51 voted delegates are allowed to forge blocks. Choose what delegate you want to support (most likely a top 51 delegate) and vote for it, and whenever it is allowed to forge blocks, you are getting a share of the block reward + transactions inside that block. The delegate gives u your part of the reward on a daily/weekly/montly (depends on the delegate) basis.

So once you have voted for a delegate, all you have to do is lay back and earn your rewards! :)

-End- 5 points

If I buy more ark and add it to my wallet do I need to pull my vote and then re vote for my delegate?

Or does it automatically accumulate?

lamontredditthethird 2 points

This needs to be bumped up or shown to /u/Blockchainsapiens to get back to the devs about. They are doing this for security but using terrible best practices to do it.

They need to ask for a user's info if they need it and explain why. Then let it slide if they dont get it.

Then only ask again when you try to cash out or accept an envelope

You should frankly chill on the forced ID verification unless a user wants to cash out. It's incredibly stupid to do it the way it is now and is just burning off all these excited crypto users and investors who would spread the word about Lomo if they had an awesome experience with the app.

I think since this is a known issue their engineering team is probably working on an update and will give us an app that doesn't alienate new users like this shortly. Hopefully within the official app's release date!

In the mean time, from a rando user - sorry about the shitty experience. LMC is awesome to check out and play with so don't give up on it!!!

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Ya submitted the appeal with ID and whatnot, still pending. See what happens.

Just loaded up on a bunch of LMC before it dipped 15% So between that and the IOS experience so far, kinda left a bad taste in my mouth.

Been following since .10 but finally pulled the trigger. Should of went with my gut and bought in earlier.

Excited for the project but It definitely needs work to build a following in western markets.

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landonjames 4 points

What are your 3-4 coins? How much would you put in each do you think? For a newbie with about 3000 dollars to play around with I wouldn't mind just throwing them in a few coins and forgetting about them for a few years.

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I got in back in September. Always held BTC and Eth as the backbone of my portfolio at around 40% (so didn't count those)

I choose XMR for my privacy coin, IOTA for my hedge against block chain tech OMG for my real world use case coin And ARK for my working PoS coin that I am slowly growing now from having it staked.

As those grew I decided to sprinkle in some more fiat and grabbed up some NEO and QTUM. Those have done well for me to.

The thing with me now is I am adding some more coins I consider to be worthwhile and gainers in 2018 (with any extra cash I earn), but I have no plans to touch my initial coins I got back in September. Those are now my legacy coins and considered a set and forget.

landonjames 1 point

Thanks for your take. Is 3000 a good amount to get started? Is it smart to just throw a few hundred on those worthwhile gainers just incase they explode?

-End- 3 points

Yes 3k is a good amount if you are comfortable if it were to turn into 1.5k. If that makes you really worried then it is to much. You can always ad as you go.

What is a worthwhile gainer? If your talking about a coin that has already gone up 40-60% in the last 24hrs you may already be late to the party. But yes in this market it doesn't hurt to allocate 10-15% of your funds toward those moonshot coins you can play around daytrading with.

But as I stated earlier I would research some solid projects that YOU believe in (Not what I, or some other random has shilled to you) and make those the bulk of your portfolio.

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swohio 6 points

Yeah, people are dumb. Even if it's identical in usage to an actual ad, people will still hear that "some program" is "using their electric and slowing their computer down" and will bitch about it. Especially for mobile. I am skeptical of this long term. Short term I expect it to pump up quite a bit though. There's been more and more hype since I first looked at it last week and the value reflects that.

-End- 4 points

Still kicking myself for not buying at .66$

John34645 3 points

hahahahaha, for every coin that you don't buy in at 66 cents there will have been 10 that you passed for a good reason. This thing is a far cry from over, I put my money in at the 3 dollar mark and I'm still very confident that we can make a lot from it.

-End- 4 points

Ya but I have a hard time pulling the trigger a lot of times. It's cost me with LMC, XRB, MOD, COSS... I spend days on days researching and keeping an eye on them. Then real life happens and I come back a day or two later to find them beyond where I valued a good entry point.

Oh well, as you said nature of the game

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-End- 193 points

I'll just leave this here...


Aksama 4 points

There’s a handful of decent posts every page. We just need an r/games from /gaming split, which isn’t gonna happen.

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I'm really happy to be in XRB now. Was looking at it in the 1.50$ range then went to Mexico for two weeks...

Needless to say I missed out huge and am kicking myself severely over it.

But thankfully my long shot buy order at 0.0013 was filled last night! Happy to be a HODLer now and expect big things this year for both XRB and IOTA

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indianschnitzel 2 points

it's 360! not a bagholder of qtum, but this is really good news for qtum.

-End- 6 points

Been holding bags since 8$ and will continue to hold. 4 more partnerships to be announced as well. This was people just buying the rumour and selling the news.

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stillnotdavid 2 points

Well the market is clearly not impressed

-End- 3 points

Buy the rumour sell the news. Been in since 8$ and they have 4 more partnerships to be announced.

I couldn't be happier

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formzee 4 points

Where would you suggest is a good place to research?

-End- 5 points
pablitoJafar 109 points

This sub is how I found many promising projects like OMG and REQ.

It's up to the reader to research for themselves and choose from there to invest or not.

-End- 52 points

God I miss the days when OMG was shilled

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leo-machiavelli 2 points

So what was your entrance strategy when you thought you were already behind in the market when you started? If you don't mind me asking..

-End- 3 points

Stock up on ETH from your fiat gateway.

Research coins with good use cases and a team to back it.

Invest in projects you believe in

Balance your portfolio with gains made to incorporate (IMO) at least 25-30% BTC, so when BTC goes on a run and Alts drop you maintain a relatively stable upside.

HODL your coins of choice and don't play into the FUD

Smile come 2019 as you are still an early investor.

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