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Hammer is definitely my go-to weapon, especially for solo hunts. I do play Pike, CB, and Sword too.

I used CB for some time back in CBT, and the buff seemed really significant to me. The hook-in, I don't think there are i-frames, because I don't use Q to hook in; I use the ranged attack hook-in mechanic. It's reliable, and sometimes doesn't take an orb to use(dunno why). The spinning move of CB is definitely buffed. I feel a lot more mobile now.

Hammer... It's a REALLY good weapon now. The buff to stamina costs is definitely significant enough that I feel more mobile using it. My style with the hammer is the classic vault-in, make a primed combo, move out and reload. Pretty simple weapon to use, but the learning curve for priming, especially the primed jump attack, is a bit steep.

Sword hasn't changed at all. It's the classic mobile, big-DPS weapon(if used correctly). I like to stay aggressive with the sword, as I can tell behemoths' attacks fast. I'm always up close to the behemoth when using the sword.

Warpike... I haven't really used that much, but I can use it pretty well. I only use it in hunts that require a lot of booping, like pangar or embermane(well, I use the sword in embermane now, and I boop it every time).

Haven't tried axe a lot, but it feels a bit like the hammer.

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  • Ang - Because Ang, duh.

  • Explorer Aileen - Dunno why I maxed this when I have Ang, but I needed a LB pot dump at the time

  • Aileen - LB pot dump as well, but it was pretty good at the time.

  • LMS - I don't have a 100% provoke tank, for some reason, and I wanted its LB maxed at 8 crysts. Does wonders for me TBH.

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SomethingGenericx 1 point

You will get taken back to ramsgate after a while, or just altf4, if you didnt close your launcher you wont have to go through queue again.

-Loki_123 1 point

Another solution is disabling your internet. You still complete the hunt, it just takes you back to the main menu.

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Basch: build for Phys. EHP. 0% evade

Ang: For the LB

Yan: Give Ang some more LB, break resist and mitigation buff

Ayaka: just there to reraise basch :/ can be replaced by any reraiser, like Rem. Equipped with bushido.

Fry: Now you might think this is illogical, but she was MVP. 70% ice resist and ATK break was all she did.

All build with >=30% ice resist. Basch covered and guarded, ayaka reraised, Yan kept mitigation buff, LB buff, and break resist up.

Took no damage from ice element attacks.

All you have to do is keep a fire imperil up with Ang, and use his LB whenever available. Mine took 32 turns, as my Ang only had 8 LB/turn. Turtled the whole fight.

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