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Didn't get the Esper mission, but did it with:

  • Ice Ex. Aileen(Diabolos, 1.2k ATK)

  • Dragonlord(Ramuh, 1050 MAG)

  • Cerius(Concealing cloth)

  • CG Lid

  • Basch(100% evade of course)

  • CG Nichol friend

Probably would be better to swap out my CG Nichol friend for a Garnet, or maybe I use my Garnet and a Dragonlord friend. Muh trust moogle ;-;

Edit: I should also mention my Dragonlord is only enhanced to +1, but CG Lid LB and a Crazy Day just fucked daddy bomb up.

I don't get any tough arena battles TBH, maybe because I run an extremely odd team of DW-built Ang, Rico, CG Lassworm, Ayaka, and Basch

Ang takes care of most Noctii cuz not a lot equip them for petrify resist, else I spam Rico's Tether to give em Stop and just kill them. DW Swift Shot focused on one unit is 6k damage, paired with Stop, means it's unavoidable. I don't bother with chaining in arena lmao

Edit: a word

I run odd teams too or mostly I just run my favourite characters. Got bored of chaining for easy 1 turn battles so I just run my favourite characters and have more fun that way. My other favourite team to run is of course a counter team, usually always made up of Rubecante and Ogha.

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Imagine a team made up of 4 Ulricas and a healer, maybe a source of Stop... The counters are insane! I fought a team with an Ulrica once, though Basch soaked up all the counter damage, it was still some insane counter damage!

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Dang, was gonna post this. Went into ES exploration to pick up one rainbow needle and saw it, disappears after an encounter.

You should probably stop replying to everyone with that attitude, unless of course you get a kick out of being downvotes to hell, if that's the case, you are doing great!

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What's the masochist equivalent of a guy who likes being downvoted? I want a word for that.

Why do you think you're so entitled to get good free units? They're one-of-a-kind units that nobody else not playing the game right now will get(unless they give 'em out next year). Quit whining. Don't like them? Sell them, feed them to your units, do whatever you want, nobody's stopping you.

Besides, Cowboy Jake's TM is pretty useful, and Vagrant Knight Rain's element coverage is pretty good.

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You definitely lucked out a lot in your pull! Here you can see the current unit rankings to give you an idea on your pulls:

On a role basis with the exception of a Tank you have everything covered and set:

Damage Dealer: Chaining - Sephiroth and Dark Veritas Finisher - (Magic) BS Sakura and (Hybrid) Light Veritas

Buffer: MS Nichol

Healer: Ayaka

Top Tier Trust Master Rewards: Genji Glove - Gilgamesh Awesome Swordman - Loren

It's a very great start!

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I personally like u/Memel0rdFFBE's rankings over at the BE forums but since he's on vacation it's not gonna be updated for a bit, plus the rankings have descriptions!

Krile, way back launch, and I kept her until 2 months ago when I was desperate for Exp.

But then it's basically a 6* trial for some sick rewards.

Echidna is a joke (the worst thing she did was suck my Barb) and Moose is the single most whale-able trial ever. He literally keeps your MP at max and will do no damage if you have an evade cover tank (or provoke and iNichol) and are using mages.

No way it's intentional. It's another Aigaion incident (2B had an ability that increased damage vs machines, on 32 bit phones it did maximum damage while on 64 bit it did 2 damage).

I wasn't very scared by this trial anyway but this is just huge. I don't have to wait for people to swap out their Sakuras for T. Terra.

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Echidna sucked my barb too, what a coincidence

Delerium's room usually doesn't appear in close proximity to any other room. In this case 3 of the 6 boss rooms can be assumed to not contain delirium.

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Delirium's room is a 2x2, with only one entrance, therefore to deduce where Delirium is, you'd have to look at which boss room is a 2x2 that only meets with one room at one side.

3 points · 1 month ago

Don't all boss rooms only have one entrance? Or is it possible to have more in The Void.

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Precisely, the game's algorithm makes it so that a door will generate when two rooms meet, so workaround is setting the room generation for Delirium's room to be like a 2x2, but only one room meets with it.

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how are there 3 downed, when 1 is afk at spawn?

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reza? :P

Original Poster6 points · 1 month ago

I need more gil. And more pots. And more everything, aaahhhhh

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funny how when the raids stop that's where demand for cactuars come in

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4 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

What do you mean by programming logic? Do you mean, "program" a set of axioms from which the rest of logic is derived? Or use a programming language to write out logical propositions that a computer can parse? Or something else?

Your initial question needs to be clarified a little bit.

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Original Poster0 points · 1 month ago

If you can, an answer for each. I didn't specify my question for that exact purpose.

Gimu: An unspeakable horror show that will finally snap your precious sanity forever

Hey, at least I'll still have half of my sanity

In awe at the size of this lad.

27 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Instructions unclear, pulled a lasswell and a fina in two consecutive 4* tickets

Edit: they're my second lasswell and fina

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