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-interdimensional 3 points

Good Bot

Dextroversian 3 points

Coming from a similar situation when I was his age, I want to give him some good advice.. But all I did was rebel and get way deeper into drugs over the years. l:

-interdimensional 1 point

I’m interested in what you did and what happened to you

AddictSezWut 2 points

Your parents are doing what they think is right and legally you must abide till 18. Save your money and get a plan together to move out on that date if you think they are being unjust.

Edit: Drunk driving like that and your reaction to your parents is IMO a huge sign of immaturity on your part. You may want to do some growing up first before using drugs.

-interdimensional 1 point

I was never drunk driving I wouldn’t do that and I didn’t say I did that

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-interdimensional commented on a post in r/Drugs
-interdimensional 2 points

Another fun fact about Mormons: mormons own nearly all casinos in the western United States, and own all of Las Vegas. However, their religion won’t even let them gamble. This is just bullshit

-interdimensional commented on a post in r/Drugs
EliTheElite 28 points

Hey man, looks like some serious stuff could be going down here. Your third edit makes this seem pretty obviously fake to me and some evidence would be really simple here (also a follow up :)). But I’d like to give some advice.

You made a mistake and tried to correct it. Good on you for telling your parents. But hey, you panicked and ran away. Pretty normal given your cards honestly. Go home man. Just sit down and say “I’m willing to accept any punishment you’re about to give me.” And say nothing else. Usually just facing it head on makes it easier on you rather than running. You’ll be 30 one day with your own kids laughing about this around Christmas time.

Just don’t get yourself killed. Go home man. Face what’s coming for ya with your shoulders back and spine straight. Your parents love you, your sister too. At your age you don’t need to microdose. Your brain developing and mircrodosing is going to slow down the development of your mind, not enhance it. No reason for that.

-interdimensional 8 points

Haha he’ll be thirty laughing with his kids about how he gave his sister lsd and she had a traumatic experience

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[deleted] 2 points


-interdimensional -2 points

If you take out the factor that he’s mentally ill, you have no reason to believe he shouldn’t take psychedelics

bape1 2 points

Yeah just take out the mental illness factor and he’s fine. The fact that he went into psychosis can just be ignored and has no effect on his life I’m sure.

-interdimensional 0 points

Psychosis is a mental illness, my point is age isn’t the factor at all here

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-interdimensional commented on a post in r/Drugs

If you like 2cb, try mescaline!

-interdimensional 1 point

Does this work the other way because I liked mescaline so should I try 2cb

SliDlux 31 points

You gotta IV that shit. Crazy rush man

-interdimensional 1 point
-interdimensional commented on a post in r/Drugs
-interdimensional 101 points

When I was 16 I had the same plan and took three tabs, the comeup was magical but the peak was so scary, and right when I was peaking my dad came into my room, turned the light on, and yelled at me to take out the trash. I got my trippy ass up and took that fuckin trash out, and surprisingly was able to act pretty normal. It was a rough experience, and the next morning I had school at 8. Not fun.

-interdimensional commented on a post in r/LSD
jumble_bot 2 points

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-interdimensional 1 point

bad bot

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