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In pretty much every private match I've played in since the update, a couple games in the server will crash giving the message "server went down for maintenance". Happens pretty consistently. Anybody else?

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xp doesn’t dictate item drops

The item drops when you level up. You level up by earning XP. I'm not sure what you're saying.

And what is dropped is of extremely low value

Water is of low value until there's only 8 cups left in the world. Supply and demand dictate value.

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Water is crucial to human life. Breakout decals aren’t. I think it is completely illogical for anyone to abuse the system in this way.

Water is crucial to human life. Breakout decals aren’t.

The Mona Lisa isn't critical to human life either. Neither is Amazon, but it's worth 1 trillion dollars.

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Bro listen to yourself

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Legend with 900 hours- 94th level (4810 matches played)

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nah, would lower skill ceiling. boost awareness and communication are very important aspects of the game.

laugh away the pain...

Depends. There are amazing people in the community, but there are also assholes. My experience with toxicity is that it goes away the more you rank up and improve. If toxic people are affecting your play, I would recommend disabling chat.

Completely agree. Make it perfect! It'll be worth the wait guys

The map is cool, but needs

  • lowered brightness and/or night time
  • better frames

With these it could easily be my favorite map.

If you're already losing big time and see a chance to score, it doesn't matter which goal you put it in.

Nice shot!

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does anybody else have frame lag on salty shores? asking for a friend kappa

perfect. map is much too big for 3v3 play


I remember when i learned about air roll. It changed everything lol

I can't imagine this would ever be useful. I can only see it being used for means of toxicity, i.e. calling somebody out because of their rank.

so? I should be allowed to not play with someone I think is bad. Even if they have a similar rank, if their skill is worse than mine and I already had to play one game with them what's the harm of not wanting to play with them anymore?

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i want to agree so bad

Agreed. I get steady frames on all maps until those blasted Shores pop up. plz fix

I personally support both crates and the trading community! Crates are completely optional and purely cosmetic, and I think Psyonix does a terrific job of not shoving keys and crates down players throats. I feel that without crates, trading would be severely devalued, and a lot of the fun of cosmetics would disappear.

this is extremely nice! just opened a pink imperator!

Thanks for reporting this issue.

We've recently made some matchmaking changes that should be preventing these kinds of matches, however, it appears that this one has slipped through. Whoops...

Unfortunately, the fix isn't quite as simple as making sure all players are within the appropriate skill rating range.

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That's good to know, thanks for the reply!

18 points · 3 months ago

I'm waiting for the day someone throws one of these games and we find out how much they lose

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Original Poster5 points · 3 months ago

I have a feeling you would lose a ton

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