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News just in, turns out the discord as been reopened:

It was fun while it lasted I suppose

0dabee0 100 points

I say "raided" but technically it wasn't really a raid. It was just a few moderators going havoc and deleting all the channels.

AriaThePyro 25 points

I don't think I understand the raiding thing. What's involved in that? Doxxing? DDoS?

0dabee0 43 points

Well, witnessing it, there were users who had moderator permissions and went rouge and deleted basically all the channels. No doxxing or DDoSing was involved, it was just bad decisions of choosing staff members

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0dabee0 1 point

No one has even contacted us to hear about our side of the story in a long time. To be honest, we don't actually think that people care about anything but the drama since none of the responses that we've given has been shared with the community.

If it's a shit game, why even contact them? You can clearly see it's bad. If EA for example make a buggy, badly made mess you don't contact them about it. You can clearly see it's a poorly made mod.

Fartin_Scorsese 4 points

I remember seeing an interview with the harpist, who was frustrated with Sir Paul because he didn’t know what he wanted her to play, and so she offered several different takes before Paul settled on the one they used on the album.

0dabee0 1 point

Oh yeah I saw that. Must've been very frustrating for them being that they couldn't really express the sound or melody they had in their head

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