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goingtoclass 5 points

This is isn't my whole list but as Do I Wanna Know? being their most popular song I would have that as their opening song and A Certain Romance, as the closer.

0dabee0 1 point

On this list specifically, I tried to make the order of tracks crucial. I wanted it to the order of the tracks to be like a journey through the diffrent eras of the Arctic Monkeys and the finale to take you back to the beginning. And also because A Certain Romance is a perfect closer

BooshAC 3 points

Making a Best Of list is very hard - do you go with popular opinion, your own opinion or the cultural impact. For example, I personally don't think either 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor' or 'Do I Wanna Know?' would make my personal Top 20, but on a cultural level these two songs are perhaps the biggest of their career, so they have to have a placement surely. I think for a Best Of list you cant just write your Top 20 songs. I think you have to be a little selfless. This is what I would go with, in no real order:

1: Who The F*** Are The Arctic Monkeys?

2: I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor

3: When The Sun Goes Down

4: A Certain Romance

5: Mardy Bum

6: The View From The Afternoon

7: Leave Before the Lights Come On

8: Fluorescent Adolescent

9: Brianstorm

10: Do Me A Favour

11: 505

12: Crying Lightning

13: Cornerstone

14: Pretty Visitors

15: Black Treacle

16: Suck It And See

17: Piledriver Waltz

18: R U Mine?

19: Do I Wanna Know?

20: Why’d You Only Call Me When Your High?

So there it is, narrowed down to 20. This isn't my personal Top 20, just what I think, all things considered, would make the best possible Greatest Hits compilation.

0dabee0 1 point

Originally, I wanted to narrow it down to 20 but there was just too much that needed to be added. My list is more based on my opinion that cultural impact.

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0dabee0 3 points

Probably Crying Lightning. It's sounds and feels so angry, dark and bitter but so powerful. Either that or Cornerstone because I like to think the person in that song has such a lust for love so he imagines his perfect lover:

"Tell me where's your hiding place I'm worried I'll forget your face And I've asked everyone I'm beginning to think I imagined you all along"

th_bf 10 points

Fun-Fact: This was the video that got me into Arctic Monkeys... Searching for drum covers, I found this one and was like: "Woah. That song is one hell of a song. Let me google it."

(I have already listened to Arctic before, but didn't payed that much attention.)

PS.: No, I'm not a drummer. I just like to listen to drum covers once in a while hahahha.

0dabee0 3 points

Funny you should say that, I was watching the 'Arctic Monkeys drum choronolgy" and I thought "they are some mad tunes!" So I listened to WEPSIATWIM and here we are now!

Edit: I also heard Mardy Bum prior and really liked the clean guitar sound which was also a big factor of my insane Arctic Monkeys obsession

ohmygon 8 points

It was never performed, sadly. Alex did perform Glass In The Park once, at a solo gig in 2009 I believe. However, there is no video of the occasion, which is a shame.

0dabee0 11 points

Damn. Hopefully it will be performed next time they tour. The Submarine songs are underrated masterpieces

0dabee0 commented on a post in r/arcticmonkeys
0dabee0 1 point

-Theres gonna be 12 tracks

-More psychadelic rock fused with fast energetic rock likewise to some of the stuff in Humbug, or "R U Mine?". Either that or there's gonna be a lot of experimental, alternative rock in terms of music

-They'll expand on their style and apperance from AM

Not very "absured" but these are legitimate predictions as to what I think the new album will present. But hey, guess we'll have to wait and see

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