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wHeREs hUmBUg and SiAs???

Nope. Here in the UK, the crowds are great. Just watch AM at Glastonbury 2007

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Yeah I was thinking Station to Station. It's just Bowie reinvented himself so many times so I wanted to know what Bowie character and album people were referring to

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Beautiful opening track.

I think Alex Turner goes quite personal in terms of lyrical delivery with the obvious "I just wanted to be one of The Strokes". Not only that but in Alex Turner songwriting fashion, the lyrics are so eloquently and poetically put together. In terms of lyrics, this is deffinently one of Turner's best work.

The drums are very simple but they sound magnificant. We are so use to Matt Helders absolutly smashing the kit but here the drums are so simplified yet so indulgent because of the sound of the kit alone, which brings me to my next point: production.

The production of this song (and the album as a whole) is so smooth and relaxing. Looking at the track as a whole (and even the album), you can see some jazz influences by the way it sounds. Everything from the mellow keys to the crispy drums sounds execellently produced.

Overall, I think this is a great opening track. It really takes you by the hand and gives you a warm welcome to what the album is going to sound like.

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Honestly loved it. It's sort of a follow up to AM in terms of style and I think AM is alright but it's certintly not my favorite Arctic Monkeys album but honestly as a fan of their early stuff, I loved this album miles better than AM.

The bass and drums sound great in this album (oh goodness, are the basslines tasty) as well as Alex's lyrical delivery. The melodies and chords are beautiful and I think a lot of people are uncertain about this album because its compleatly out of Arctic Monkeys' comfort zone. This album is the Arctic Monkeys like you never heard them and personally - taking the Arctic Monkeys out of the equation and going into the album with an open mind - I love it.

Also I'm quite shocked that I enjoyed it so much being that I loved their earlier, more faster stuff. Again, I think to enjoy this album, you have to take the Arctic Monkey out of the equation and keep an open mind.

Favourite Tracks: Honestly, I actually liked every track except maybe One Point Perspective or Golden Trunks

She's Lost Control. If you look into the context of the lyrics, it's so dark and grim

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News just in, turns out the discord as been reopened:

It was fun while it lasted I suppose

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I say "raided" but technically it wasn't really a raid. It was just a few moderators going havoc and deleting all the channels.

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Well, witnessing it, there were users who had moderator permissions and went rouge and deleted basically all the channels. No doxxing or DDoSing was involved, it was just bad decisions of choosing staff members

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A lot of graphical-enhancing ones.

No one has even contacted us to hear about our side of the story in a long time. To be honest, we don't actually think that people care about anything but the drama since none of the responses that we've given has been shared with the community.

If it's a shit game, why even contact them? You can clearly see it's bad. If EA for example make a buggy, badly made mess you don't contact them about it. You can clearly see it's a poorly made mod.

Is this a timeline of Half-Life or a timeline of political history?

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Oh yeah I saw that. Must've been very frustrating for them being that they couldn't really express the sound or melody they had in their head


but how did op get the 3018 meme when its 2018?

This is bringing back some classic GMod vibes: the Dear Sister swep, Construct 12.... Need I say more?

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Ritz to the Rubble is such a banger

Breaking Bad and Stranger Things. Enough said.

I can't tell you that as I already told it once.

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Theres quiet a lot of stuff from the earlier days, what you on about?

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On this list specifically, I tried to make the order of tracks crucial. I wanted it to the order of the tracks to be like a journey through the diffrent eras of the Arctic Monkeys and the finale to take you back to the beginning. And also because A Certain Romance is a perfect closer

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