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Yea, I went through the notions of getting it up and running. I don't see anyway to test video/audio as everything is greyed out and I'm getting a message saying "host has yet to join the meeting".

However I have zero familiarity with webex and I'm just trying to preemptively set it up, so I'm not sure if that's playing into what I'm seeing on the test meeting.

Any Chance Bassnectar isn't Sunday for W2 by andersonlamar in ElectricForest

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This has been my overall experience with Bassnectar. I only got into the scene around 2015 and have seen him three times since then. Each time was at festivals and each time it's the very last set of the festival where I'm a walking zombie. This includes Forest last year.

I've never really been blown away by any of his sets even though I go back and watch videos of the same set and think otherwise. I attribute this to just being dead. As I'm attending W2 again, I really hope he doesn't close out.

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I recently applied for a Systems and Networking Engineer position with heavy focus on Microsoft and networking. The position sounds great, right up my alley in terms of skills I possess, and would give me the opportunity to grow.

but then...

let me say that I am not a "network guy"

That seems rather contradictory. It sounds like you're applying to the wrong type of job. There's being nervous on an interview but not knowing what layer a switch or a router operate at is a pretty big goof. You go on to say it's because you don't work with enterprise equipment but that's 101 network fundamentals. It's something that is still relevant in a SOHO environment with only one or two users.

Tips for starting the journey of CCENT/ICND 1? by exoticelijah in ccna

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That's a horrible suggestion. Yes, labbing the hell out of everything is extremely critical. However knowing very trivial material about every concept is also important. Most of this will come from books not videos, and the books are some of the cheapest textbooks I have ever bought at around $40 for Lammel's or the OCG.

There's a reason people in the industry have to actually put in some decent work to study when they need to certify/recertify.

And not to be rude but 3 years? You can do it in a few months with dedication. I passed the ICND2 just 7 weeks after the ICND1. That was with working 40 hours a week and I was not working with the devices therefore all the concepts were totally new to me.

Information Technology BS vs Computer Science (SYS) BS by Chipotle_Bandit in UNCW

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The unanimous verdict these days is CompTIA certifications aren't really worth it (unless you're over at /r/CompTIA/ drinking the koolaid).

In your case the IT degree is exponentially better than the A+ in terms of both credentials and education. It simply exists to give anyone with zero IT experience/education a way to get in the door. The Net+ is also pretty basic compared to the CCNA so if you're going for that then don't even bother with the Net+.

The Sec+ is really the only thing that holds some value and even then one of the biggest reasons it's still around is because any IT job based in the government has made it a requirement. I still think you'll have learned everything Sec+ touches on in your time in the IT program.

My only advice to you is don't loose site of those certifications. Once I graduated I was content with working a pretty low paying 9-5 job and just enjoying the no study life. It took me over a year to get back into it. I kind of lost site of the fact that I actually enjoyed studying when it was something I was passionate about.

/r/ccna and /r/itcareerquestions are two subreddits I'd suggest checking out.

Information Technology BS vs Computer Science (SYS) BS by Chipotle_Bandit in UNCW

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I'd like to add a little bit to this and it might be more of a side tangent. I graduated under the IT program almost two years ago. I've been working the same job since before I graduated but just switched to a new role/company. I can tell you that in the long run the only thing the IT degree really does is check a box on your resume. Now don't get me wrong, this is still an excellent thing and something you want to have. However when it comes to what you want to do you're going to need to put in some more work into specializing in something.

The program does a good job at introducing you to a bunch of things but you're not going to come out an expert in any of them without pursuing it on your own. In my case it was networking so I went on to get Cisco certifications, read through books on Wireshark, worked on Python for network automation, etc. Figure out what excites you and start working on that outside of school work now.

Yes there are companies that will hire you for general IT work out of UNCW. Ncino is the first that comes to mind. However I know classmates that have been working there since our graduation that make the same or less than a public school teachers salary.

As for the original question, do you want to be a systems engineer/devops guy (writing code being the main part of your job)? Or do you want to do other IT work. If it's the former than you'll want to go computer science. Otherwise you'll probably want to go down the IT path.

Hitting the wall? (Eg sick of going to the theater) by jayssss in MoviePassClub

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I was one of the train that jumped on moviepass when the $10 plan was launched. I was on here everyday for 2 months in complete anticipation until I finally got it. I get it with extreme excitement, sign up for my regal pass and start racking up points knowing I'll be a diamond within a month for sure!

I think I've seen 8 movies since then. The main reason is I jumped into educational studying for my career around the same time for certifications and such. Now whenever I think about going to the theater I just consider it a waste and think about how much I could be progressing in my career or doing other things.

I'm keeping it at $10 a month for sure but it's been interesting how my view did a 180 degrees in that time frame.

Too true by GeneralVonEgglord in pcmasterrace

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Work in a helpdesk/computer tech position. I'd say one out of every 10 machines I see are from broken updates, preventing the machine from booting.

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"A VPN extends a corporate network through encrypted connections made over the Internet

Technically speaking encryption isn't a requirement of a VPN connection. 9 times out of 10 they will be but they don't have to be.

A network is collection of devices that sits behind a router that all sit in what is known as one subnet. This is essentially a shared IP address space.

Think of it like a street, or better yet a little gated community. The mail man and everyone else that wants to visit knows the street name and figures out whatever method to get there from wherever they are. They don't really concern themselves with actual house numbers until they are at they actually get to the community.

Now this little private community might have a shared pool, community dinners, etc. Even the security of the houses are pretty lax because the whole community is gated. People might come and go from each others houses in a manner that would seem crazy on a public street. This because the people at the gate only let in and out specific people that should be there.

In ELI5 terms, think of a router as the gated community and all the devices connected to a router as the houses. As soon as something goes out of the router to somewhere else, it's no longer in the same network.

Now imagine somebody dug a tunnel in their backyard that ran all the way to somebody else's backyard somewhere else. Now that other person can come and go as they please and use the pool and everything else without worrying about the front gate. This is a VPN.

Again usually a VPN is encrypted so people can't see what you're doing but by definition all it does is connect you into that community.

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Those look super nifty! I look into them, thanks!

Looking for power usage stats of units downtown by 0ut1awed in Wilmington

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His argument specifically is that the week straight of temps in the teens was abnormal (which I agree with). So it doesn't really do much to counter that.

Looking for power usage stats of units downtown by 0ut1awed in Wilmington

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I just gave Duke Energy a call. The only thing that can provide me with in terms of units outside the one I currently reside is the average monthly bill. So this doesn't help my cause at all since I'm concerned with the ratio between the average and last month specifically. It was a good thought though!

Looking for power usage stats of units downtown by 0ut1awed in Wilmington

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. If you didn't get above 55 inside with it running 24/7, your heat system needs to be checked. Call your landlord and tell him your heat isn't working and he should handle it, unless he's a dick.

He was contacted about the situation multiple times in January. I was given the answer that this was the same occurrence in all his units and to expect as much living in a older home as they aren't designated for that kind of weather. He also said he had multiple people to look at the system during that time period. A new heating/air unit was apparently even installed when we moved in.

I greatly suspect it's all BS but I want the facts/numbers to back it up. So that's the whole point of this post, just to aggregate as much as I can statistically to present.

Thanks for the input and I'll remember that offer next time (hopefully there is no next time haha).

Looking for power usage stats of units downtown by 0ut1awed in Wilmington

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Thanks for the input! Defiantly no where near as high as mine in comparison. PM'd yah.

Looking for power usage stats of units downtown by 0ut1awed in Wilmington

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I don't think that will give me the results I'm looking for though. The house has really poor insulation in almost every aspect possible. It's probably been this way for sometime. I think this in tandem with the crazy low weather last month caused this very high power bill.

Calling the power company will give me stats on the same poorly insulated unit. It also wont factor in that week of temps in the teens. That's why I'm trying to compare it for the same dates to similar units in the area.

I appreciate the input though!

Pihole and Cacti? by 0ut1awed in pihole

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Alright, I'll try that. Thanks!

GRIZROCKS 2018! July 13 and 14th! by anchoraroundmyfeet in AllGoodRecords

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Oh man, not sure if you remember me. I live in Wilmington and gave you some advice for Grizmas.

Anyways you're going to have a blast! I went to CO and RR for the first time for Griz's show in 2015 and again in 2016. It's surreal, especially that first time. I get shivers just thinking about it. I'm envious to say the least. Make sure you set aside some time to actually experience the area and maybe do some hiking.

PPP Multilink - Pings fail but traceroutes work to same addresses by 0ut1awed in ccna

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Wow, thanks for taking the time to do that! Yeah it seems like a glitch in GNS3 has become the synonymous answer here.