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1 point · 4 hours ago · edited 3 hours ago

I'm so down. Gonna get a boat load of my favorite NC beers for this!

This might seem like a silly question but is the etiquette to bring the beers cool in coolers or just throw em in a pack? I'd prefer the former I'm just thinking of the best option to transport the beers there.

Edit: Stash will come specifically the Raleigh area. So many good breweries in the area.

5 points · 1 day ago

And this is one of the many reasons I love Maplewoods. Those trees make quite the difference.

I'm coming from Apex! :)

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Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

Just keeps getting smaller!! Weekend 2 too!

Leaving wednesday morning for early arrival, can't wait!!

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Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

Leaving Wednesday for early arrival? That's gonna be like early arrival on Thursday morning haha. But yeah, what a trek it will be!

We're leaving Tuesday morning and getting a hotel that evening a few hours out. You can stuff 5-6 people in a room and cost comes out to under $20 a person. That way we're not rushed either day and will still end up getting there more or less when early arrival starts on Wednesday (which is most critical for the free for all camping spots in Maplewoods.)

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& look, both hands

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30 points · 6 days ago · edited 6 days ago

That's not how being single works

Edit: Some of these comments

2 points · 7 days ago

You guys were about 10 tents down from us (we were in that back cornner of MW). There wasn't one time I didn't look at your flags flying coming in/out and get a huge shit eating grin on my face. It was the highlight of my trips to the bathroom for sure. I'll try and actually say hey this year if I see you guys again.

We donno the food lineup yet

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Are you talking vendors? If so, it's in the app.

7 points · 9 days ago

It's probably one of the easiest jobs since they just open cases to TAC just like everybody else.

I was only a contractor so take this as you want; They string you along for getting hired on as an FTE. Even getting hired on the salaries aren't that great. Benefits are OK but you can no doubt find far better in Silicon Valley.

Like any large company they like to do yearly layoffs, so tread carefully. I worked for TAC, IT's IT Department, and it was mostly good. Relaxed work environment (shorts, flip flops everyday) with great coworkers. My specific roles were pretty low stress - I had a shift and got to go home at the end of the day. I imagine the internal IT is a little different.

I loved CALO and the labbing. You have access to everything Cisco makes/sells. You can download any piece of software, reserve any type of equipment, and lab it up for free. That's definitely something I miss. It's a great place to grow and learn but maybe not for long term.

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6 points · 9 days ago · edited 9 days ago

I was only a contractor so take this as you want; They string you along for getting hired on as an FTE. Even getting hired on the salaries aren't that great. Benefits are OK but you can no doubt find far better in Silicon Valley.

Yup. As a new network engineer, I used to dream of working at Cisco. I'm actually working in RDU, living 5 minutes away from their NC campus.

In hindsight, I'm pretty glad I didn't. I've heard only horror stories about how you're hired as a contractor and the treated like shit (including from a current coworker). Underpaid, no benefits, and dragged along indefinitely for promises of going full time. They also have all this stuff going on for the full time employees that you can't participate in. You're like a second class citizen as a contractor. They know Cisco is the name in networking and for most people working there alone is reason enough.

I took a job at another vendor which I was really hesitant about but so glad I did. It's so awesome. I spend every day working mainly in layer 4-7 but I still interact with 2 and 3. It's actually really interesting and high level stuff that will be invaluable to my career. The benefits are great, the team is amazing, great pay for this point in my career, 9-5 M-F with insane bonuses for picking up weekends, FTO which is super lax (as in I could text our team group chat tomorrow AM and tell them I'm not coming int and that would be that). And most importantly, I love what I do.

So don't go out of your way to work somewhere just because of the name. Look at all aspects of the job first.

Curious which vendor if you don't mind saying or pm'ing

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3 points · 8 days ago · edited 8 days ago

I would prefer not to post that publicly as I enjoy keeping my reddit account separate from anything/anyone at work. From my understanding, this story is not so different from a lot of the other network vendor underdogs or even vendors that deal in more niche products outside of switches/routers.

Although in my situation I think I got super lucky. It's a satellite TAC office of about 12 with HQ back in Cali. The manager is the best I've had to date and just a great person in general. They are the exact opposite of micromanager so we're just left to our own for the most part.

We do currently have a spot or two open if you're a network guy with a few years of experience under your belt (mine was working at a MSP with SOHO devices....). Feel free to PM me if you're in the triangle area.

This really scares me. Mainly because I'll be wearing prescription shades all day and will have my glasses in a case in my backpack (can't really fit something like that in my pockets).

Someone gets frisky and finds a glasses case....I'm gonna have a pretty shitty time when the sun goes down for the rest of the fest.

Probably the best thing I remember reading last year was that apparently there was ONE group camping spot weekend 2 where nobody showed up. What was that group name? "The Gang Goes to Forest."

I remember someone else posting on Reddit (not sure if this sub) saying Google Fiber is more or less dead in Atlanta currently. They also said some other ISP was able to essentially hook up to their infrastructure and continue where they left off. OP of that post said he was on said ISP enjoying full Gigabit fiber for around the same price. Maybe something to look into? It wasn't any major ISP, one I had never heard of.

Why not fiber between the buildings? It would provide electrical isolation and reduce the possibility of a static charge killing your electronics if there were a nearby lighting strike. The fiber SFP modules are like $30 for 1Gbps single mode. At a minimum, consider ethernet surge protectors and grounding block anytime you enter a building with copper, but that can be more expensive than fiber.

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Came here to mention this. I thought running Ethernet from building to building was a no no given differentials in electrical grounding.

45 dollars for one 8 oz of bud light

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You joke but we paid $42 for a 6 pack of PBR from the general store at Bisco 2015....

I've always been fascinated with submarine cables but I wonder if his closing statement of "They are here to stay" holds true in the next decade. Mainly given what SpaceX's LEO satellite system purposes.

SpaceX's LEO satellite system purposes

Nobody wants that awful RRT.

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I assume you mean RTT? If so, it's 20ms and under. That's the point of it being LEO. There are numerous other issues when compared to fiber lines however, which have been pointed out above.

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It's all relative. There are great places and shit places in any field.

I'm a few months into my first true networking role and I'm kind of scared how much I like it. I'm not sure if I'll ever have it this good again as I progress forward in my career. It's really unbelievable how lucky I got with this position.


Life long NC native here. I've roamed from town to town my whole life and the Triangle area (Cary specifically) is my next experience after getting sucked into the start of a awesome career in RTP.

I'm coming from Wilmington and surprisingly I found one of the best sushi restaurants there that I've had outside of Tokyo (minus a dive spot or two I found on the west coast). This place is excellent and the quality of their fish is just constantly superb. The salmon nigiri for example explodes with flavor and just melts in your mouth. Everything is made in house, from soy sauce to sake, etc. I just can't praise this place enough (it's called Genki if you're ever in town).

So being in this huge area, I know I can find something just as good. Or so I thought. I've been nothing but let down so far. I actually just came from Sushi Thai in Cary with my newest let down. The google reviews claim the sashimi is the best in the area! After spending $50 at that place by myself, I want to smack those reviewers with said sashimi. It was "meh" quality at best. I had the salmon and the toro and it was still a bit fishy, the toro had some gristle in it as well like fat gristle in a cheap steak. It was a step above the quality I would expect from Lowe's Food sushi....

Anyways, /end cranky post meal rant. Helpa brotha out and point him to the best traditional Japanese in the area, and more importantly the top quality sashimi.

If you're centered in Cary, you have Waraji, Kashin, and Sushi Tsune all in reasonable distance. Ate at Waraji once and Kashin a couple times, absolutely no complaints. Heard good things about Tsune.

I can speak a little more vividly of Durham. Kurama is my default and has been a wonderful place to go to since I moved down here. Cannot speak for what specifically is homemade there but the rice is seasoned pretty much exactly how I like it, the fish has always been great, really all around a good experience. They do a great omakase if you ask. Toro/uni on occasion, as well as some other stuff (decent takoyaki, ankimo), and I've seen them make off menu things on request if they can. I personally love the chicken katsu donburi.

Yamazushi is the area's only kaiseki restaurant. It's very good, the pricing is not as friendly as it might be in Kyoto, though I've had some interesting things there. There's always a sushi course, past few times I've been it's been smoked salmon, bluefin maguro, and something else, I don't remember if it was toro. Very good though for the few times the wasabi is somewhat inconsistent.

M Sushi is also recommended but in my experience I've had enough inconsistencies with the rice to my liking, service is really oddly paced too. They have a nigiri omakase that I haven't tried that I may, would skip the light omakase based on what I have. M does not carry toro.

Basan is definitely more geared towards modern Western style and can safely be skipped if you're not interested. Other restaurants in the area are similar.

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Original Poster1 point · 25 days ago

This is such a fantastic in-depth response. Very insightful, thank you!

Good to hear about genki. I will say I've had one just ok experience at sushi Thai, but mostly I eat the rolls. My trouble is in finding a place that emphasizes the fish more than all the crazy ingredients if you know what I mean. I also don't do spicy or tempura, and that's like 90% of everyone's menu :(. Oh and the Cary sushi Thai is not affiliated with the one in Raleigh wherever, in case that's the one you'd been to. But the raleigh butchers market is def worth a try too :)

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Original Poster1 point · 25 days ago

Sadly it was Sushi Thai Cary. I'll have to check out the Raleigh Butchers Market, thanks!

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GNS3 not handling switching has been false for a while now. Here's a comment I made from the last time this was mentioned.

I will Venmo, cash app, quick pay anyone for a Snapback. I won’t be making it this year.

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Original Poster1 point · 27 days ago

I could probably help you out on that. I'll be going weekend 2. Reach out to me sometime the week before to remind me.

Where did you get this??? I want it so bad

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Original Poster1 point · 27 days ago

Last year at the GRC booth! I believe it was a weekend 2 exclusive.

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I live in Raliegh currently and have been a NC resident for most of my life. Asheville is a pretty cool scene and fits in well with the forest vibes. You'll enjoy it. Always something to do and a lot of shows come through to the orange peel.

Freddy Todd actually calls Asheville home these days, and him and Griz go way back. I'm sure there is some correlation there with why Griz's NYE event has been held I'm Asheville the last 2 years.

Something missing from these (I think?) is custom ear plugs.

I picked up some EarPeace plugs last year that I love. The problem is that I have weird ear canals. I shove those bad boys in there and the "seal" gets loosened about a minute later. They still offer good protection but not as good as if they stayed in the same position when I initially put them in. Leads to a lot of me continually pushing the ear plugs in my ear.

I know there are headphones that had had custom seals that you fit to your ear via boiling them in water. Anything like this for ear plugs?

most internet traffic today runs on inefficient Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) communication protocols. These protocols are more than 40 years old and are not well suited for modern communication speed and bandwidth demands

Oh wow, they must really have some great technology!!!

The Skywire communication protocol uses Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

... Thanks for the laugh though.

MPLS has been around for quite a while too and any competent network engineer will tell you about the downfalls of MPLS, which greatly outnumber any issues seen with TCP/IP.

People keep saying this but I think most of these reports are from Weekend 1. Everyone during Weekend 1 complained about it (and said it was better on the last day iirc) however people who went both weekends started reporting here that it had been fixed for Weekend 2.

I don't have any previous years to relate it to as it was my first Forest. That said, Tripolee was fucking thumping for Weekend 2 imo. Our crew was in Maplewoods in the very back left which is the farthest place in Maplewoods from Tripolee. We could literally feel the bass massaging our body at camp.

Something else to add is that they clearly put some work into directional sound. While we were far away, our spot in the back left put us right in the middle of the direction for sound output from the stage. Interestingly enough, the walk from Maplewoods to the entrance was nowhere near that loud.

16 points · 1 month ago

Speaking as someone who went to both, it was awful both weekends. The difference may have been how small the crowds were at Tripolee weekend 2. If you were between the stage and the sound booth, it was loud. Not great quality, but at least there it was loud enough. But if you were anywhere beyond the sound booth, or on either side of the stage, you didn't even get the volume. You could have a pretty normal volume conversation with people next to you.

In 2016, I vividly remember listening to Bro Safari and Adventure Club on my walk back to camp, and being able to clearly hear their sets back to my GA campsite (and I was quite a ways out). This year, you couldn't hear it from the vending area in GA.

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6 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago


We were literally right up against GA at the farthest point in Maplewoods and the bass shook the boogers out of my nose every morning as soon as shows started at Tripolee. I can't imagine what it was like in 2016 if it was really that much louder to you.

Edit: Here is the location I'm talking about. Now again, as I said the sound was clearly very well setup in a directional setting so I'm not arguing there. So to the sides of the stage and definitely in the vendor area, it was much more quiet. As soon as we walked out of Maplewoods and towards the vendor area/entrance, the sound levels dropped soo much. Hell we could hear it dropping walking through Maplewoods alone. It also appears the majority of GA wouldn't fall in that direction of sound either. However I can't comment on it being less quiet behind the soundbooth while still in front of the stage, as I didn't experience issues with that.

I know for a fact there were reports of the sound being better on weekend 2. I'll have to do some deep diving to find them.

I’ll have one of whatever you’re having

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It looks like that window reflection is actually capturing that experience.

30 points · 1 month ago

To tourists: when it comes to Flaming Amy’s, no comment is needed because by any objective standard, it’s just not that good. It basically takes a watered down Americanized version of a few cultures and stuffs it in a wrap.

It’s not terrible; it’s just not worth a meal if you are only here for a few days.

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I enjoy it but I agree, it's not something to waste a vacation meal with.

Now if you're in town when it's November and the ChurkeyChanga is in....that's a very different story.

Genki for sushi and authentic Japanese food.

Seriously this is some of the best sushi and Japanese food I've had outside of Tokyo. The owner is very concerned about quality of everything he sources and it shows. The salmon nigiri literally melts in your mouth.

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