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Which BW do you have? Also just FYI not a lot of business happens on this sub. I would post to BST sixth scale on FB, sideshow freaks, or the one sub that sells a lot. I can’t remember what it’s called. I always draw a blank on it.

Is it really OC when you use the Hot Toys picture?

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The edit of it is, idk what tag would be proper

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I’m not hating just wondering. Honestly the amount of times the Hot Toys pictures are used is pretty amazing.

Who’s your absolute favorite character?

Broccoli Rob: I tell you what, we'll have a sing-off for it. You pick twelve alums from any year to back you up and I'll do the same, and I'm so confident that I'll win, I won't even warm up.

Andy: Fine, go ahead. Thrash your pipes.

Broccoli Rob: My pipes are primo, Champ. Why don't you ask Trey Anastasio about my pipes?

Andy: I knew you would go there, you son of a bitch!

Broccoli Rob: He said, and I quote, "Hey, Rob, nice pipes." That happened!

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This is my favorite moment from season 9. One of one.

You know Wong went back to the Sanctum and got some money to go get that tuna melt. No way he just guarded the sanctom. That or he had Grubhub deliver it.

My only gripe with the armored version is the posing. I think the figure looks great but posing is tricky with it. I don't have the battle damaged one, I have the regular one. One of the shoulder pieces came loose from the arm pieces while I was posing.

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It’s shelf presence makes up for it. Though I don’t have the original, I’ve heard the posing is far better on this version

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Honestly, it even looks better to pose.

He's reposting someone else's OC without giving credit. That is such a Michael move.

-- Wayne Gretzky

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He's reposting someone else's OC without giving credit. That is such a Michael move.

-- Wayne Gretzky

--Michael Scott

This line honestly hit me harder than I think it intended. Thanos really just does not give a shit about Nebula. She's one of the most tragic characters in the MCU.

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The wrong kid died!

I don’t think he loathes her I just think he’s disappointed in her. He loves her like his own, but she is a major failure. I really feel he wanted both Gamora and Nebula to be warriors but Nebula couldn’t keep up and that’s why he replaced her with parts. To try to make her better.

This is great.

I’d work on IM pose though. Put it in a more natural aggressive stance in my view. That one his just raising his arms with legs in a museum pose.

Don’t take it negatively. I just feel pose is such an important part of hot toy collecting. A lot of people just do museum poses and I am like NOOOOO. Sideshow does a great YouTube series on it. Watch 2-3 and you will be a natural. Another way I do it is to act out the pose myself and work it out from there.

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Thanks. Normally I do more with the posing. I was trying to get him in a flying pose as if he was going right into Iron Monger. This is the diecast version so I got worried about the weight of the figure and the stand being able to hold it up. So I changed it to where he was just standing there. I started messing with the Iron Monger, then snapped the picture without going back to mess with the MK III.

HT sells a seperate stand allowing you to do more poses if it helps. I think it’s called a dynamic stand.

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That’s the stand I have. These diecast suits are so heavy it makes it difficult to get them in a flying pose with worrying about it falling off and damaging the figure.

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“Sorry Steve let me call one of my pals and get him down here to see what he says”
Walks away...
“Hey Dwight it’s Rick. Yea I don’t want any beets. I have a guy here that wants to buy a knife. No it can’t kill bears. But it’s not made for that... look just come down here and see what you think. Oh and don’t bring Mose. Last time he was here he tried to hump the Scarecrow suit from Wizard of Oz”

Yea pretty solid # I think I got mine for 200 from my LCS with a discount.

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Yep, just mcu and spiderman lol, and yeah, I figured that out when I tried to get gladiator hulk but it wanted me to pay in full, kinda sucks, wish I started collecting these months ago. Better late than never though!

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Yea better late than never. Same thing happened to me on the Gladiator Hulk. I contacted Sideshow about trying to put it on a payment plan, but since it had already arrived in the warehouse, they wouldn't do it. That is when the rep told me basically what I told you. I knew that you could do the payment plan and pay it off at once, but I didn't know you couldn't go the other way after they sent the arrival email.

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I guess it makes sense from a business standpoint with limited inventory space and all, but man I gotta say, as a consumer it sucks!

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It seems like you are a brand new collector. It is good that you come here and discuss this stuff with some of us. I have been collecting HTs for years and been using Sideshow for a few years as well. I learn more tips and tricks from this sub, than I do anywhere else.

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These are all great figures. I just recently picked up the Rescue Uniform Version. I love the brown boxes until it comes time to store them....

No one saw this coming. Marvel did a good job of not spoiling it or even hinting at it.


Trying to add an accessory and when I scan the HomeKit code the next screen just continually loads and nothing appears. I had these devices setup at my apartment but deleted everything to move over to my house. I already have 4 or 5 other accessories loaded on my Home for my house but can’t get anymore to load. I have tried 3 other accessories but no luck. Please help!


Reset the accessories

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Original Poster2 points · 1 day ago

It worked on one of the devices I tried. Thanks! I have to do the same to the others and hopefully it will work.

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"Dude don't call us plucky. We don't know what it means."

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I’m half human so that 50% of me that’s stupid is 100% you

There is no guarantee Cyborg will get released unfortunately. Many prototypes fall into Hot Toys purgatory and are never heard from again. There are numerous factors that play into that. Perhaps Ray Fisher hasn’t approved his likeness yet. They could be waiting to see if the other JL figures sell well. There are a lot of circumstances that surround a figure not getting released.

Mainly get mine from Sideshow preorder. eBay second hand. Big Bad Toy Store is pretty popular too

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