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7 points · 12 hours ago

If Nigeria/Argentina tie, Iceland needs to win by at least 3 goals to be ahead of Nigeria in goal differential.

Another scenario, is Argentina beats Nigeria then Iceland beats Croatia. As long as the goal differential is the same in both matches (i.e. 1-0 and 2-1) then Iceland moves on because they would still have a better GD than Argentina.

So not really sure which is the best scenario.

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Tie breaker is GD or head to head first?

He somehow rocketed it at a downwards angle, with that amount of strength. Insane. Dude's got rubber legs

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Really cunts it in here

Where's that Celtics fan that post a video with this song Everytime the Celtics win? I love it lol

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Who is that girl?

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Abby Chin, Celtics courtside reporter for NBCSN New England

Smart getting too much in the game.

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Nah that's some bullshit, career-ending type play from JR. He has every right to get in JR's face

6 points · 1 month ago

I have always heard about the envelope being frozen or something. Where did this claim come from

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Sepp Blatter (former head of FIFA) claimed that a European Soccer tournament was rigged this way. I haven't heard anything like that about basketball though

4 points · 2 months ago

he makes a meal of it but i wouldn't call it a dive. there was contact, albeit weak

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makes a meal of it

wouldn't call it a dive

Pick one

Comment deleted2 months ago

True, to me diving and embellishing are the same thing though. It is all about trying to gain an unfair advantage by making whatever happened look worse than it was. Still scummy

Which part of the song did they use, the a cappella opening? The big finish? Hopefully he'll still be using it when I go to a game later this week.

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Aaaanddd I will always loooooove yooouuu

50 points · 3 months ago

If FB wasn't a convenient way to keep in touch with people I would otherwise be too lazy to keep in touch with, I would just get rid of it. Like you said, all it is is fucking ads, spam accounts, buzzfeed, and clickbait. That and the occasional politically ignorant diatribe from elderly family members.

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If you use chrome, you should install the News Feed Eradicator. Helps you focus on personal messages and groups you are a part of and ignore all the garbage.

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