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2 points · 7 days ago

But not Antwerp? That is supposedly the city with the highest cocaine-water levels in Europe.

Original Poster6 points · 21 days ago

The manhole cover provides you with a map of the old town and your location, very useful if you are only here for a visit.

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It seems to even have a "you are here" marking! This is great!

Original Poster7 points · 23 days ago

I've got mixed feelings about this.

  • Yay visibility and safety.
  • Yay blue lightwaves keep people awake better than the orange lights from regular bulbs, so hopefully less accidents.
  • Yay better for the environment.

  • Seems pretty crappy for people living along gewestwegen.

  • Even more light pollution.

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13 points · 22 days ago

LEDs are supposedly less light polluting as they are much more directional than normal light. This should also be advantageous to the people living close to them.

Either way I'm all for turning everything off. Your car has lights, they are sufficient! I've grown up in the Netherlands in a small village so I'm used to pitch black driving. I guess that might not be a popular opinion.

This should also be advantageous to the people living close to them.

Not if they put one literally next to your bedroom window.

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It does, as they are replacing already existing light, not putting up new ones. That means that for each fixture, light pollution actually will go down.

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79 points · 22 days ago

That guy is what is known as a 'fun sponge'. He sucks up all the fun in a room with his incessant need to be the center of attention, leaving everyone else bored and frustrated.

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31 points · 22 days ago

I love that word! Back when I frequented raves there always was that one fucking guy! Or a group of fucking people chanting something so loud it would drown out the music!

Exactly like this guy with his squeaky toy goddamn

When we visited Tokyo, in a one block construction site there will be at least four of these guards. Taking perfect care to make sure Everything is kept behind the gate, drivers can get by it and assist pedestrians around it. A perfectly oiled machine.

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This is indeed remarkable. However, when visiting Japan, I was always wondering about the labor cost. Is it really expensive to build in Japan or is labour relatively cheap or is Japan just really rich? I could never imagine this happening at home (Netherlands), it would just be way too expensive. The same goes for all of these helping/guiding roles you see in many Japanese settings. Maybe somebody knows?

BMW Marketing realized some people will pay good money to have the facial appearance of an ///M car without paying for the ///M car things, just the badges.

It's fashion applied to motorsport. It's invidious.

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Yeah I have a 1 series with the m sport package but no really powerful engine. I like it because it gives the car a more young/dynamic look (BMW's are pretty old-fashioned imo), as well it is great value as you get nice exterior upgrades (wheels, bumpers, all plastic is painted), great interior upgrades (sport steering wheel, manual gear stick, semi electric sport seats with alcantara) as some actual driving upgrades (lower/stiffer chassis, wider 225/245 tyres, sport setting for motor behaviour). Even it is only a 136 bhp 118i lol. Additionally, living in Belgium, every young idiot with a company car like me drives a 1 series but they are almost always very basic so having a good value car (BMW is a bargain luxury level car) which still has some unique value is pretty reasonable imo.

I still know I look like a tool to literally anyone knowing the slightest bit about cars, lol.

I'd point out that the chassis isn't stiffer, but your spring rates are higher. This actually makes your otherwise OE chassis wear quicker, because the balance of it is still OE 118i while your shocks and springs are M130itx or whatever.

Take my 11 3er for example. Same frickin subframe bushings and power steering motor on my 300 hp and torque xDrive 3er as the most-basic-engined, RWD 3er. That's just absolutely terrible for Ultimate Driving Machine, because my voided bushings have to deal with dynamic forces of an engine ~3x as powerful as the basic engine, AND an all-wheel-drive propulsion system! Same fuckin springs and shocks as the base model, too.

The new ///M badges for non-M cars just exacerbates this driving machine stupidity. Having a machine be equal across all systems is old fashioned, having a machine engineered for lowest common denominator / base model with all kinds of optional extra that aren't integrated across the entire automobile system is contemporary. Yay consumerism

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I always was under the impression that a car like this is at least somewhat engineered for driving pleasure, it is still (expensively) rear wheel driven in a very competitive market. Your right about the shocks, chassis was the wrong word for the upgrade I'd mean to point out.

All of your points are very valid, although I think only for people who would actually drive their car on a racetrack. The amount of actual hard cornering I do is extremely limited in this urban environment I use the car in. So for me, this is a good solution between esthetics, limited-to-the-envirionment driving pleasure and affordability!

47 points · 1 month ago

Zulk soort dingen kan je gewoon via de officiële weg oplossen. Toen ik nog klein was heeft mijn vader succesvol een aantal drempels aangevraagd op de weg waar we aan woonden toen (buitenweg waar geregeld 100+ gereden werd). Dit is gewoon gevaarlijk, zoals al aangegeven door iemand anders, aangezien je het ontwerp van de verkeers situatie gaat veranderen zonder dat je er enige kennis van hebt.

4 points · 1 month ago

Okay yeah that makes sense. Didn't get why he did but not others. Crazy that a tiny hair could cause a malfunction.

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Probably pretty low chance but nobody wants to be that guy who broke the multi million machine with his beard

26 points · 1 month ago

You can also just do right-click and select show presentation. This way you don't have to do anything extra and you retain your ability to edit.

95 points · 1 month ago

Ook al rook ik zelf af en toe, ben ik er volledig voor roken steeds onaantrekkelijker te maken. Ik zou het niet erg vinden als mijn kinderen later in een maatschappij opgroeien waar roken niet zo normaal is. Het is alleen geen logische stap om eerst de rokersruimtes verboden te maken, terwijl eigenaren daar nog maar een paar jaar geleden duizenden voor hebben betaald. Maak dan eerst roken op de terrassen of gedeeltes van de terrassen verboden. Wie heeft er nu last van rokersruimte? Niemand toch? Terwijl mensen wel last hebben van de rook in hun gezicht als ze een broodje zitten te eten op het terras.

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19 points · 1 month ago

Mee eens! Rookruimtes zijn speciaal afgeschermd van de rest van de klanten om de overlast naar de niet rokers zo klein mogelijk te maken. Ik vind het veel vervelender dat wanneer ik aan het eten ben op een terras iemand naast me een sigaret op steekt. Van mij zou roken in publieke ruimtes daarom ook verboden mogen worden (ik kijk naar jullie, rokers voor de ingang van elk gebouw ooit)

Ik ben het met je eens, maar de meeste rokers gaan juist op het terras zitten omdat daar gerookt kan worden. Zelfs in de winter gaan velen rokers onder de warmte lampen op het terras zitten. Lijkt me ook gek als roker oppeens van het terras weglopen om ervoor te gaan roken. Want daar mag het dan wel. Terras opspliten lijkt me dan eerder een idee.

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Ik zou zeggen, ga naar binnen in het rook hok staan. Als het zowel in publieke ruimtes als terrassen verboden om te roken, zullen de rokers dat in huiselijke kring of in speciaal daarvoor aangeduide locaties (rook hokken / zones) moeten doen. Lijkt me een prima oplossing voor iedereen behalve de mensen die heel graag altijd overal willen roken, wat langzamerhand een beetje uit de tijd begint te raken gezien de overlast en het gezondheid gevaar voor omstanders.

Edit: vergeten woord

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Ik heb totaal geen probleem met motor rijders, het zijn naar mijn ervaring weggebruikers die mij nooit in de weg zitten. Ben natuurlijk jaloers als ze door een file komen rijgen!

Het enige dat ik heb is dat ik altijd bang ben er eentje te scheppen, of dat die valt als ik er achter rijd. Iemand op een motor is snel dood natuurlijk.. Zeker als je er dan eentje voor je hebt die als een idioot zonder handen rijd, zeer snel gaat of binnen de rijstrook heen en weer slingert. Kan een motorbestuurder mij eens uitleggen waarom er veel dat doen?

Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Ben ook heel benieuwd wie er een goede reden kan verzinnen om zonder handen te rijden

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Ik heb ooit eens gehoord dat het te maken heeft met de nogal ongemakkelijke houding die je moet nemen op zo'n racemotor. Heb er zelf geen echter dus weet t niet

Ik heb ooit eens gehoord dat het te maken heeft met de nogal ongemakkelijke houding die je moet nemen op zo'n racemotor. Heb er zelf geen echter dus weet t niet

Nobody gonna acknowledge the precious homeless man who’s just tryna catch some Zzz’s?? Poor guy

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10 points · 1 month ago

Yeah that was funny as hell, you see him waking up thinking wtf?!

This is what I loved about Tokyo, you turn a few corners away from a very busy shopping street and you might end up in a calm and beautiful street like this!

Original Poster10 points · 1 month ago

I've been eyeing this carabineer since I kick-started the Knox in late 2015. I finally got it!

Handgrey - H4

Older items:

Handgrey - Knox

Bigidesign - TPT

Kingston - 64 GB 3.0 Flashdrive

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That is a great looking carabiner, wow! Do you think the price is justified with durability? I really like the Bauhaus series but would be afraid of bending fatigue.

Ik woon als Nederlander in België en ben vandaag en morgen vrij! Dankjewel België om zo veel extra feestdagen te hebben!

Welke feestdagen hebben ze in België extra als ik vragen mag?!

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Ik heb even zitten kijken, 13 officiële feestdagen in Nederland tegen 16 in België. Valt dus mee, maar in België krijg je dus je feestdagen die in het weekeinde vallen terug!

Officiële Nederlandse feestdagen










Officiële Belgische feestdagen




Feest van de Arbeid

Onze Lieve Heer Hemelvaart



Feest van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

Nationale Feestdag

Onze Lieve Vrouw Hemelvaart

Feestdag van de Federatie Wallonië-Brussel



Wapenstilstand W.O.

Feestdag van de Duitstalige Gemeenschap



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Yeah but president is a little different than supreme leader lol

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Yeah but at the same time, it is a local designation. He pretty much is North Korea's supreme leader, in that way it is accurate

Right but what if they both met wouldn’t that be awkward if we had to address them both as “supreme leader”?

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I think not, as it is a local title. They both are the supreme leaders of their respective countries. Kind of like when two generals or two kinds would meet I guess

1.5k points · 1 month ago

And this is why "crazy coffee people" use filtered or bottled water in their expensive coffee machines.

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As a somewhat crazy coffee person, bottled water is not good as they usually add minirals which can harm the device. Filtered and aired tap water is best.

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Lighting to magnetic adapter, kinda like a “magsafe”.

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Do you like it? I've been thinking about getting one!

So is there any mention of other countries? I live as a Dutch guy in Belgium, both countries have a lot of Tesla's (especially the Netherlands), I would be stoked to see one here!

Yes. Totally fine. Ceramic coating is what you would not want to do without correcting paint.

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Why is it that you would not do ceramic on not corrected paint? Is it bad for the paint or is it because it might not be worth coating a non perfect vehicle?

I'm taking my car to an indoor show, last year I was early and by the time all the other cars came in and setup mine was covered in dust. Basically the amount that would accumulate over the winter sitting my attached garage at home. So not an insignificant amount due to other cars moving around and kicking up dust/etc.

In going this year I'd like to be armed with something to clean it properly. Would a Quick Detailer (I have some Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Detailer) be good or would a waterless wash be safer? I always hear a QD is good for light dusting and if a vehicle it out in the rain/etc to switch to a waterless wash.

I like the Meguiars products and the ultimate line, so I was looking at their waterless wash but don't seem to be able to find it in Canada. It is technically listed on but it's $48 vs the $8 on the US site.. elsewhere including it's not listed or shown as discontinued (canadiantire, etc). Kinda makes me wonder why it's no longer for sale here.

Is there a good alternative that is readily available in Canada without a crazy markup?


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I have not used it myself, but the new ammo frothe is a product specifically marketed for stuff like this. Pretty expensive setup though.

So German engineers spend thousands of hours creating the best shape possible, this guy then spends thousands buying this quality product of engineering and proceed to completely fuck it up.

What a fucking idiot there's nothing awesome about this, buy a station wagon if you need space fucking up your Porches aerodynamics because you're such a hipster you're desperate to look different even if it costs you thousands of dollars and ruins the drive.

This guy basically bought a Porche because he's a badge snob and thinks it makes him look good and then turned it into a VW Beetle.

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Dude, chill, it's obviously reversible - check the suction cups on the rear arms. This is just a person loving their car so much they want to take it on a trip even if they have too much luggage. Fat chance he removes the roof box as soon as he reaches his destination.

I have this exact same photo. Posted here on mildly interesting. Got took down for some rule violation 😫.

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I got the same photo as well! Beautiful manhole!

Love the watch. Where’d you find it?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

I bought it in a store that sells design and mostly furniture. Alessi is a brand that makes houseware and kitchenware normally. I like the look but would hesitate to recommend it as the hands of the chronicle dials are not aligning properly at the 12 h mark.. not sure if I've been using unlucky of course, but I personally would go for a dedicated watch brand next time!

You may be thinking of the Hercules. None of the 91mm knives have a locking blade, but many of the 111mm knives do.

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Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

Yep! That's the one, you are completely right!

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5 points · 3 months ago

I’d definitely check out Nara unless you have a deer phobia. Osaka is fun but it’s more of a place to relax and drink/eat fun food, not so much for sightseeing.

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I know a lot of people like Nara, but we really hated it! It was crowded, dirty and the deer -although cute - were irritating and spoiled. So I'm not saying that it cannot be fun, but I do want to give another view. We went, walked to the park and immediately turned around. We were on the train longer than in Nara itself!

5 points · 3 months ago

That’s a shame, I can understand the deer can be a little bit silly but the buildings and cultural exhibits are beautiful.

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Maybe we didn't give it the chance it deserved!


I have treated the windows of my car with meguiars glass sealant a couple of weeks ago. At first, the beading was really impressive and I was really happy. However, now it seems that the beading is already mostly gone. The coating should last more than a few weeks I suppose? My guess is that it might be the windscreen spray that cut through the layer. There also has been some frost with ice forming on my windscreen which I had to remove. Any of you guys got an idea?

I use rainX and it beads for like 6-8 months for me. I live in arizona so it probably only rained like 10-12 times during that period, but I would’ve used my wipers every time it rained. The one difference is I never use my wiper wash fluid, like ever. So while others are suggesting that it’s a combination of wiper movement on glass and the washer fluid, I’m going to say that it’s probably mainly the washer fluid based on my experience

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

That sounds somewhat logical, I tried to avoid using fluid but at some point there was so much dirt flying around I really could not avoid it! I'll maybe try rainX next time, this might be longer lasting.

If you find yourself needing to use the washer fluid on a regular basis maybe try just filling your fluid reservoir with plain water. I did that on my old car and if I ever get around to using the fluid on my new car, it will definitely get refilled with regular water.

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Hey that sounds like a good plan!

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