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Honestly you would be surprised how bad some people are that stream lol. Also some people put ttv in their name and don’t even stream lol idk why they do that

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I suck, but I stream as a hobby because I’m just an old nerd with a beefy PC that can stream at high quality. You don’t have to be good to stream. If you can be entertaining, that can be a huge benefit as well - not saying I am, of course.

I suck at the game with a K/D of 1.3ish. I have been playing since season 1 and my k/d has been constant. I choke so much, and I know the reason. I clam up when under pressure because I think I take the game too serious. I always verbally announce to myself what I should have done after I died. I need to chill the F out and relax. I tend to do better when I don’t care. I also tend to Harry Potter myself more often than I would like to admit so I should do at least a full playground session every day to practice more. I also need to play more solos and land in hit areas regardless of what it will do to my k/d. I just need to do it over and over until I have the CQ combat thing mastered.

If anyone ever wants to show a mid 40s gamer some tips in playground, hit me up. My in game name is ShotgunShellyYT. I know what you may be thinking based on my name, but I stream as a hobby - not because I think I’m good. I have zero confidence now and have thought about just giving up so many times.

It may be a placebo effect, but it seems to have helped me. I don't have any objective data right now to verify with though.

Now editing just needs to be made client side. Having it be server side is so off putting, especially if it messes up mid fight.

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That would be inviting a whole plethora of new problems and exploits.

I don’t see how they could mess this up, especially since editing the prebuild is already client sided.

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Let me preface all this with saying that architecting and designing an online game with many players is a very complex topic that I may only understand at a cursory level.

My thoughts:

Editing a pre-build is entirely different than editing an actual build IMO. It gives an unfair advantage to the person doing the edit.

Example of how I see local editing go. Let's assume Player 1 has a latency of 10ms and Player 2 has a 30ms round-trip time to/from the server.

  1. Player 1 makes an edit and sends that information to the server. The server gets the data in 10ms with a processing delay of 5ms (assumption). That's a total of 15ms. I'm assuming here that the local client renders the edit immediately.
  2. The server sends the data to Player 2 which takes 30ms. The Player 2 client has a processing delay of 5ms (assumption).
  3. At this point, Player 2 client renders the edit Player 1 made, but it took a total of 50ms. This is 50ms behind the render of Player 1. If Player 1 shot through the window at Player 2, Player 1 would have a large advantage. The advantage would be even larger with larger latencies (I get 40-50ms RTT to the servers already as it stands). Some people get 1-5 ms.

The server as the source of information normalizes things a bit as now we are only talking about the delay from the server to both Player 1 and Player 2. Sure, Player 1 has the advantage, but not as much now (30ms vs 10ms).

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Building doesn't equal skill though. Most of these kids just build because they think it's what makes you better, but they do it with no real goal in sight. Playing low ground is easy as hell. I refuse to get into big ass build battles and it doesn't really affect me negatively.

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Agreed! I’m learning to play smarter on low ground. I can’t outbuild these youngsters for high ground. I’m trying to focus more on editing and thinking more strategically. The jury is still out as to whether my plan is going to work, but I’m sure gonna try.

Why am I the opposite? I do better in duos and squads than solos. Solos are my bane. Maybe because I find solos boring? Don’t get me wrong, my 1.3ish K/D sucks generally. I just suck more in solos.

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Help me understand. Why would I want to use an X and Y sensitivity that is different? Most games are a 1:1 ratio between the two.

Most screens/monitors aren't exactly square more rectangle it'll take me less time to look down than it does to look sideways

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4 points · 5 days ago

Thank you! That makes sense!

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I ran a trace from my computer to the Amazon servers and I found some nodes that were timing out. When I called my ISP they said they couldn't help because the nodes that were having problems were not on their end. If I keep calling won't they just tell me that over and over?

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2 points · 6 days ago · edited 6 days ago

Some nodes in the path may intentionally not respond with ICMP TTL expiry messages by design. Or, they may be blocked by a firewall in the path from making their way back to you. Traceroute only tells you a part of the story. A complete timeout of any hop may not indicate a thing. If it’s intermittent i.e. it sometimes responds, that’s an issue.

I’ve been a network engineer for over 20 years.

Also get a free ping and traceroute app for your mobile device. Turn off WiFi and use your 4G connection. Are the results the same (last few hops in traceroute act the sane way as with your PC using your ISP)? If some of the last few hops that timeout on your PC are the same as you experience on your 4G internet connection, it’s likely things you are seeing in your traceroute are fine and done by design.

My life time stats are ass because I'm ass

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Me too :)

Comment deleted9 days ago

Look at virtual audio cable and/or voice meeter banana at and look for some free VST and VST hosting program. Route the sounds of the game and the music to a side chain compressor. Make it so the game audio ducks behind the music.

It’s extremely complicated, but doable nonetheless. You have to really want this for this to be worthwhile. This is getting into the vast world of audio engineering.

When im in a building in tilted towers i dont know if the ennemy is above or under me

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That’s the main reason I don’t like landing there (I still do though). My audio induced confusion gets me killed more often than not. It’s so frustrating.

You mentioned situational awareness. This is my main issue. In build fights, I have a very hard time finding my opponent. The sound really messes me up. I have decent studio headphones with the Windows 10 virtual sound enabled. Am I doing something wrong? I could probably put together a video of a game or two I played where I had no clue where they were and even sounded off my bewilderment.

It was an awesome game that completely captured the look, feel, and ambiance of the first film. It was such an awesome experience. That said, I could not finish it. It was just way too stressful when the alien was around. It really freaked me out :). I’m the guy that has to cover his eyes watching a movie when I know a jump scare is about to happen.

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Doom in Vulcan and Portal 2 are my weapons of choice to melt people's eyes with my 144Hz rog screen. Pretty much solid 144 @ 1440p. It's so relaxing

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I’m personally finding ULMB at 120Hz far superior than even my native 165Hz for fast paced games like shooters.

There are more factors at play here, as there are a lot of shitty panels out there, have you seen the holy trinity ? The latest asus rog, acer predator scrreens (and another...) jaw....floor. they are also certified by a vesa HDR standard, would love me one of those

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I have not. But, I’ll definitely research. Thanks!

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It doesn't seem to work very well though, it says I have only played 8 matches in the past 7 days and that I got a K/D of 0,5.. I mean the K/D might not be too far off if I had bad matches, but I have definitely played way more than 8 matches.

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I wish k/d wouldn’t be recorded if you die within one minute of landing.

lol that wouldn't make sense though... why wouldn't it count the deaths? That would be extremely inaccurate.

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I should have put a /s. But, making it a data point would be interesting to see. More data could yield some interesting facts.

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Wtf man, I'm 36 and I still don't consider myself old. Cmon guys!

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I’m 45. I’m actually old :). But man, do I love this game. My main account is ShotgunShellyYT. Look me up, and we’ll play.

Anyone else feel that we are Cisco’s test lab?

Original Poster4 points · 26 days ago

And moving to 16.9 means having a smart license proxy ... sigh.

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So sick of Cisco!!!!! How the mighty have fallen!

I have a Freesync monitor that I’ve used with my 1080Ti. The fix is to turn on FastSync in the Nvidia control panel. It prevents all tearing and is marketed as a fix for very high FPS, but it works good even when FPS < refresh rate. It has less input lag than Vsync as well.

It was a night and day difference for me.

Original Poster2 points · 26 days ago

Dude thank you so much.

How does the combination work on AAA games with fastsync?

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Also, look at a post I made about this when I was having this issue and ran into FastSync:

Read the whole thing. There are some negative Nancy's in there....

I also encourage you to read up what FastSync is, but again, keep in mind it is marketed for uber high frame rates, but it works great with lower frame rates as well..

At the end of the day, it is like playing a game with VSync on but without the huge issues of input lag (in my experience).

It works great! I have a Samsung Freesync 34 inch widescreen monitors as one of my monitors on my desk. I was playing Deus Ex 2 on it, and the tearing with my 1080Ti was horrible!!! I was almost to the point of returning my 1080Ti (it was either that or the monitor) until I ran across Nvidia's FastSync. It completely removed all tearing when FPS was both above and below the monitor's refresh rate. The input lag was not noticeable to me either. YMMV though. It was night and day for me. I have since also bought a Viewsonic GSync monitor (165Hz) that I do like better for gaming, but that's only because of the 165Hz vs the 100Hz on my widescreen.

Is all traffic that you are referencing here outbound to the Internet? If so, NAT/PAT is not a hack. It’s a great way to ensure traffic is not asymmetric upon the return trip. Many enterprises use this method.

6 points · 1 month ago

Simple/robust failover is simple enough. Trying to load balance is going to be harder.

Assuming your ISPs are originating default routes to you, just redistribute these into OSPF with the primary weighted to be preferred when present. If the BGP session to your ISP goes down (or the firewall) that route will be removed leaving the other default from the secondary firewall.

In order to have the inbound traffic pinned to the primary (in peace time) just heavily pretend your announcements over the secondary ISP.

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Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

We have MPLS in our network and have BGP everywhere on top of that, so we can use BGP stuff to modify routing.

Problem here is that when the DC network gets advertised to core, it's advertised to both firewalls via the core routers. Firewalls then advertise the route towards internet routers.

However the internet routers might see as better route via the lower firewall, for example because the lower internet router has a lower router id. And that would cause asymmetric routing.

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Talk to your MPLS provider (assuming that is what the core is) about SoO (Site of Origin). They can make it deterministic as to which default route each site uses. Or, you could simply let the MPLS provider’s internal IGP and it’s metrics decide for you. But, if you want to be extremely deterministic, use SoO. Go to each of your remote site routers and look at the AS Path for the default route. It may be fine for you like it is dynamically.

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Tbh if he's been playing that way since season 1 the solution is probably something along the lines of he needs to be more aware of what he does wrong and how to improve those things. You can rush people all day but if you die and don't analyze why or what you could have done better you're not gonna improve very fast.

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I just need to be smarter about it. I ALWAYS realize what I should have done afterwards. I get anxious and can’t think. I’m my own worst enemy. I need to work on that.

I do work full time as an engineer in IT, have a wife and son, dogs, cats, responsibilities, blah blah. So, all that is going on in my head as well so I probably haven’t given the game the attention and retrospective analysis it deserves in order to get better. I probably just reinstall old habits even though I watch streamers to see what they do. But, again, I think my biggest hurdle is myself and nerves. My brain gets stupid during fights and I wind up trying to Call of Duty’ing it.

39 points · 1 month ago

I’m 45 and have been playing since Season 1. My K/D this season is around 1.4 :(. I get stupid and rush too much. I need to learn to play smarter. All that said, I do get those 5-7 kill games ever so often after a good night’s sleep.

If you play after sunset, consider using a program like F.lux to lower blue light output from the monitor.

One of the best single player experiences of my life!

This entire post is going way over the top. I don't know why people think the second most followed player on twitch also captain of one of the biggest orgs in the game is going to read an anonymous Reddit post just because the guy said he was an igl in cs.

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It’s more about community involvement. I’m enjoying the conversation and learning things in the process.

The title of the post is dead TSM Myth and is written as an open letter to address him.

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Not arguing that. I’m talking about the effect of the post. We can all learn here.

Late 30s and on ps4 . if you play on that platform ill dm you my username to add me.

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I wish I did, but I’m on PC :(

I’m in my mid 40s. I need more people my age playing.

Just thinking to myself. Would it be advantageous to have a ‘hardcore’ mode where double pumping is viable and high skilled players can compete more based on skill?


I'm trying to get better at aiming, and get my muscle memory built for my current sensitivity (.04 sens. and 800 DPI). I see some pros use an ADS of 1.0 and some others use much less than that. From a muscle memory perspective, it seems like it makes the most sense to use 1.0 since you only have to teach your muscles one sensitivity instead of two.

What are your thoughts on this?


I recently lowered my overall sensitivity a little more and switched to ADS of 1.0 and now that I'm getting more used to it I'm liking that its consistent. Its a personal preference thing for sure.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

That's what I'm doing as well. I'm not at good (currently) with 1.0 ADS, but I feel given time, one sensitivity is the way to go and will translate better when practicing aiming with other tools.


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