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3DPhreak commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
Bacondude12 227 points

Explanation: Voice chat not working on PC


If replicable, how: Try using voice chat on PC

Platform: PC

3DPhreak 2 points

Had this problem as well.

ArchieC 374 points

Explanation: When exiting a squad match with fill, you can still hear the mic input from players in your squad after you quit

Evidence: I died, exited to the main menu and could still hear the random guy from my squad talking

If replicable, how: I guess play a game with fill and don't be in a ps4 party (it has only happened once)

Platform: PS4

3DPhreak 1 point

Happens on PC as well. This could become a privacy issue if someone were to disclose private information thinking no one could hear them. Epic could be held liable for any damages.

dented_brain 2 points

We have hundreds of sites and use mx84s, they work. No complaint about actual functionality.

I only hate them because they don't have a fully functioning API, so I get stuck doing some tasks via GUI... hundreds of times.

3DPhreak 1 point

Thanks! Do you have an example you can share?

TriforceTeching 11 points
3DPhreak 4 points

Thanks! I feel like a moron now. I’m in a meeting with them and fired that question off without thinking much.

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mariofan366 2 points


If you want to conserve some resources, you could leave out the wall until you get to the top. Both leaving out the wall and including it means someone needs to shoot down two platforms to destroy it, so the walls don't do that much.

3DPhreak 2 points

I think you may be onto something here. The only caveat is that it can be shot down by a pair of any one top ramp and any one bottom ramp. The OPs build requires both ramps between a common pair of walls to come down. In a 1v1, your method sounds great. If it’s a 1vMany, it may be better to stick with OPs method unless the team you are against are capable of coordinating an orchestrated attack on those two associated ramps between two walls.

Let’s think about a double wide ramp with your method. I’m going to have to test this. It may be easy to build as all you need are ramps and maybe walls at the end.

Thanks for getting me thinking.

3DPhreak commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
LukeSmacktalker 324 points

You can tell most people in this thread are youger than 20

3DPhreak 4 points

I’m in my 40s. I remember this well. I was driving into work when I heard all the confusion on the radio. Many of the posts here remind me of when I was in 7th grade and the Challenger blew up - how it was all over the news and learning about it at school. I’m not comparing the two events themselves at all.

3DPhreak commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
3DPhreak 1 point

Note to self: Having kids as customers sucks.

gogochi 21 points

Man this community is so entitled.

3DPhreak 8 points

As an engineer myself in IT, the general population has no clue to the intricacies of developing and putting solutions into production and the consequences of unforeseen issues. You can anticipate load, but for reasons outside the scope of this conversation, the estimations can be flawed due to the certain ways some data moves across a data center fabric.

I guarantee Epic is not using infrastructure built from the ground up. The components of the production and test environments most certainly consists of software (and hardware) products made by multiple vendors. How much these other vendors play into this problem is any guess, but from personal network engineering experience, most networking issues are created by buggy vendor code, faulty hardware, or by changes being made to the environment. The same can be said for software and server environments. As a pure example to just prove a point, it’s possible the server cluster technology can’t keep up with the massive transactions taking place because of a database throughput/efficiency problem, but the servers themselves are fine. There could be a network switch hardware issue on that cluster. Or, it could be Epic’s code causing issues.

The point is we just don’t know right now. This is probably the first time the production servers saw this much ‘matchmaking’ load, and the environment just can’t support it yet due to reason X.

And, throwing money at the problem does not always fix things in a timely manner. If new hardware is required, it can take days to weeks to get new gear. If the issue is with a vendor product, it may take time working with the vendor to get a resolution.

This stuff is not easy folks.

And, don’t tell me about how they should have spent millions of dollars on new infrastructure ‘just in case’. Businesses that stay in business do not do that, and that may not have even solved this problem. Good organizations scale it out as needed leaving margins for anticipated growth before additional scaling is required.

This could all be Epic’s fault or it couldn’t be. The community should quit assuming they know.

3DPhreak commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
NickEh30 2,723 points

Haha thanks for all the kind words, everyone! I always lurk here, but never post! :)

3DPhreak 5 points

I really enjoy your streams and vids. Im an older family guy that really appreciates you keeping things PG. I often throw on your streams/vids and the whole family watches. I’ve been playing since last year, and you have definitely helped me get better.

simpy2 2 points

tape on your shift key doesn't work, sometimes you will still randomly stop sprinting and you'd have to repress the key again. i've bought a pedal exactly for this issue

3DPhreak 1 point

Pedal? Please explain

JG1BB 3 points

I saw someone say that they bound their W key to W and Shift keys through their keyboard software. Obviously you are stuck always sprinting then but can slow down via crouching! Worth giving it a go?

3DPhreak 2 points

That is clever! I love Reddit!

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3DPhreak commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
DaedalusMinion 2 points

All the Battlefield games experience issues from time to time. Battlefront......pretty much all online games have issues.

Consistent outages every time a change is pushed to the server happens in none of these games.

There are so many pieces of physical and virtual infrastructure to online games that the developer has no direct control over.

True, if these outages were random. They happen every time they patch the game, which means it is their fault.

You are making excuses because just like you said, we don't have any idea what goes on behind the scenes and as an extension neither do you.

Overwatch deploys changes to PTR before they're pushed to live, Dota has a Test build as well. Can Epic Games not afford to do something similar with the hundreds of millions they're making?

3DPhreak 2 points

Maybe it's because I don't experience the issues personally too often. I don't get to play until I get off work in the late afternoons.

And, you are correct. I do not know what the issue is. I never inferred I did.

So, what's the recourse here? The only thing I can think of is to stop buying skins and stop playing. We can only vote with our time and wallet.

You seem to be a civil and reasonable person. Constructive complaining is fine.

DaedalusMinion 1 point

So, what's the recourse here? The only thing I can think of is to stop buying skins and stop playing. We can only vote with our time and wallet.

I am not interested in boycotting the game, the more time their servers are down- the less people will give a shit about the game.

My personal issue is when people come up with confusing reasons to justify the outages. Epic is not a mom-and-pop shop that needs your approval or cheers- it's the same issue I have with Valve fanboys.

The community should call them out every single time something like this happens so they either invest in better infrastructure (I don't know much about scaling servers to accommodate large player bases so I'm putting down infrastructure as a placeholder) or the community puts its foot down and stops playing.

3DPhreak 2 points

I will admin I'm a fan of Epic, and admittedly, that may be affecting my judgement . I played the original Unreal/UT (and subsequent titles) all the time when I was younger. I've also did some training classes to learn Unreal Engine 4 to make games - as a hobby. So, I have sort of an affinity for Epic Games.

Right or wrong, in my line of work, I've come to expect problems with things like this. A test/dev environment is quintessential, and I would hope that Epic has that - at a minimum internally and maybe a few external users under NDA. You can also stress test things with automation software - which I'm sure they do. Regardless, I didn't realize it was as bad as you say. Again, I rarely experience issues myself due to the time when I can play.

While we are at it, let's add a central time zone server.

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3DPhreak commented on a post in r/networking
3DPhreak 2 points

I learned Python a couple years ago and have used it to automate many things. I recently dove into Ansible and have used it for things as well. Python can do everything Ansible can, but out of the box, Ansible is great for doing things that have a well defined and repeatable process with perhaps a few logic checks. I just pushed IOS and installed it on 200+ Cisco 3650s using Ansible a few weeks ago. It’s great for what it is, but when you need many logic checks and ‘intelligence’, Python is where the true power comes in.

I’ve used Python to create interface standard configs on existing equipment. I had to check if each port was a trunk or part of a port channel and skip those. I then used Ansible with the NAPALM module to create DIFF files for implementation. I’ve used Python to list the MAC address learned on every access port on every switch at a site. It outputs it in a user readable JSON format and lists the OUI vendor of each MAC. This helps me identify rogue switches on the network. I’ve also used Python to poll the interface status MIB using SNMP to get the number of up ports on each switch at a site. I polled every hour for a week and captured the data. This helped with capacity planning for switch refresh activities to understand how many ports are actually in use.

Learn both as both are good. Don’t reinvent the wheel with making Python do the things Ansible is already good at. From a workflow perspective, if you need to use both for one task, have one call the other.

Cheeze_It 3 points

If you want Cisco, and most of their features then Arista is a no brainer.

I personally would like to push you to Juniper. I just feel they have the better product.

3DPhreak 1 point

Thanks, I will. What about junior members on the team with the disparate CLI?

3DPhreak 1 point

After spending time with both Ansible and Python, I feel compelled to say Python is the clear winner. However, that is not to say Ansible doesn’t have its place. It most certainly does. If you have a series of well defined tasks with perhaps a few logic decisions, Ansible is the way to go. I was able to upgrade IOS on hundreds of Cisco switches as the process was well defined.

Now, for anything with tons of logical decisions e.g. create configs to push new interface standards to non trunk ports or ports not in a port channel, Python really shined for me. Getting a list of MAC addresses on every switch port on dozens of switches at the same time while identifying the OUI vendor of the MAC was achieved in a few days using Python.

I guess what I’m saying is the answer I was looking for when I posted this is that both tools are good for what they do. Python can do everything, but you might as well use Ansible for the things it’s designed for so as not to reinvent the wheel. They both have their respective places.

atechnicnate 57 points

Within the Server Hello under "Secure Sockets Layer' there will be a field called: Cipher Suite: - That field will tell you the handshake method used. If you see ECDHE or DHE in there you can tell it's some DH exchange method.

3DPhreak 10 points

Thank you!!!!

3DPhreak commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
3DPhreak 1 point

I was hoping it would have been a fire and forget missile with a parabolic trajectory for top down attacks. For a guided missile, this is way too slow. I feel if this is to be viable, they should make the rocket either less maneuverable or faster. Mortar rounds for those bases a few hundred meters away would be something I could get into.

3DPhreak commented on a post in r/FortniteBattleRoyale
austinyo6 1 point

I played with someone in a PUG squad who saw 3 of us mark the same spot, he had a mic and I asked him if he was going with us. Long pause before he finally said “nah I like going over here (which he didn’t mark where “here” was), jumped at the same moment and just went his own way (ironically to Tilted). He died in about 2 minutes and I just told him to queue up for singles next time or do “no fill” in squads if he has no intention of trying to get us to come with him or if he doesn’t plan on going where the majority agree to go. He told me I was being a jerk. I told him I disagree and that he’s wasting our time doing what he did.

Am I wrong in saying that? I guess I’m just hopeful that common sense and social norms could actually have a place in gaming.

This is why I haven’t had a console for about 5 years hahaha. I’m loving FortNITE and it’s taken me off a massive gaming hiatus, but you’d think it would teach kids manners and group behavior faster in a setting they actually care about. I can understand why a 12 year old is such a punk in school, because he doesn’t wanna be there... he wants to be home... playing FortNITE, but in an actual gaming setting I’m surprised PUG squads are so dysfunctional. You’d think everyone would wanna win...

It’s also crazy how many screaming matches and how much borderline verbal abuse I’ve heard taken place between a child’s parents in the background while they play FortNITE. Mom and dad might not be setting a good example of problem solving, but at least their kid has a PS4, right??

3DPhreak 1 point

I’m pretty upfront about my disdain towards squad team members that want to solo and land wherever they choose.

About parents, I am a parent that enjoys playing duos with my son.

VA_Network_Nerd 35 points

What are technical requirements?

3DPhreak 3 points

Lots of different requirements depending on where in the network I’m talking about. We have DMVPN using EIGRP for backup circuits. BGP for primary MPLS. Eigrp locally between routers and core.

I’d like to consider alternatives for our ASR Internet gateways and branch office access switches. Internet GWs are BGP only with 1 x 10 gig ckts. Access switches are POE+ with layer 2 only - no routing other than management SVI.

ElectroSpore 3 points

Are you talking about ALL Cisco or something specific? IE Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Wireless, or Voice?

I find SOME Cisco platforms are better than the alternatives but others are horrible.

Also preparing for future pain did you use Cisco propitiatory protocols in your current deployment?

3DPhreak 1 point

Routers and switches - Specifically ASR routers. I’m also considering branch core and access switches. We do have EIGRP so probably only access switches for now.

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