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4w4rd5 2 points

I know someone that developed this at 16 without any prior signs or anything, how and when did you get it?

45meatballs 1 point

I don't know if I can answer "how" I got it, because for all I know, I was born with it. If I had to guess around what age I realized I had it/ got it, though, I'd probably say around 14 years old?

[deleted] 2 points


45meatballs 1 point
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SuperciliousSnow 9 points

I hate that subreddit, it's so fucking depressing. If I'm having a bad day it just makes me feel worse.

45meatballs 4 points

I had to cut myself off from using it recently. It kinda messed me up when I was already messed up so now I rarely go on it when I'm in a good mood, let alone a bad mood :/

SuperciliousSnow 2 points

I'm glad you did, though. I used to browse it a lot and it just made me want to lie in bed all day and wallow.

45meatballs 2 points

Yeah, the only difference for me was that I actually did lie in bed all day and wallow.

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m0us3c0p 3 points

20 bucks and I'll call him a chicken fucker

45meatballs 1 point


somenightsgone 37 points

Ok...kat it out!!

45meatballs 1 point

These puns repawlsive!

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RamuneSour 65 points

Friends daughter is in a fight now about having to dye her hair darker. Her mom is a redhead and her father Japanese so her hair is “too light” of a shade of brown than is acceptable.

They had to get her a doctors notice for Elementary and jr high but the high school is being a dilldo about it.

45meatballs 13 points

I saw a story somewhere about a Japanese school trying to force a girl to dye her hair black because "It would make the other students jealous" or some crap, but the mom got involved and used the schools own rules against them. The actual school rules were that "Dying hair was not allowed", and the since the girl had blonde hair, technically, dying it black would be against school rules.

Needless to say, she didn't have to dye her hair.

mellotronworker 16 points

It sounds horrific. What happens if you just don't want to do this?

45meatballs 1 point

Just don't go to the assembly. Hang out in the bathroom with your friends and talk. Or just leave school early. No one will notice, and if they do, they won't care. The teachers don't even care anymore, they're too tired and don't want to be locked in a sweaty gym with a bunch of screaming teenagers, either.

Edit: A lot of teachers just stay in their rooms and grades papers or whatever. I've stayed back and hung with teachers and friends a couple times because pep rallies are suffering.

I once left a pep rally like 20 minutes into it (these things can go on for like an hour) and went to hang out with my friend in another teacher's room. I'd never met the teacher before, but she literally didn't even question why I was there. She could not have cared less.

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45meatballs 1 point

I can't completely talk from experience, but I know a few people who have gone through similar stuff to you, and I can tell that you're definitely not alone. Its pretty common for people with depression to feel nothing. Literally.

The first step to fixing a probelm is recognizing it as a prolelm, too. The fact that you know you don't ever feel anything/ show any emotion, then start trying. I know it's not quite that easy, but you can start small. Tell someone you're upset with them and explain how you feel. Baby steps.

Sorry that this may not be of much help, but I though I might as well try. If I misunderstood the situation, please feel free to correct me. Good luck, buddy.

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