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daddy_mark 3 points

Poop goblins to the rescue?

45meatballs 1 point
AmnesiacManiac 2 points

Oh, thank you a lot! It means "Love you" in portuguese. It made my girlfriend happy haha

45meatballs 1 point

That's really beautiful! I'm glad I could make someone happy :)

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45meatballs commented on a post in r/casualiama
45meatballs 1 point

If you could know the answer to ANY question, what would it be?

ilike2codeitcodeit 2 points

It sounds vain but I would love to understand, in a holistic sense, how other people perceive me.

45meatballs 2 points

Actually, that an amazing answer. I would personally ove to live a day in someone else's life not only so I could see what it's like, but to see what they see me as.

45meatballs commented on a post in r/AskReddit
SuperciliousSnow 3 points

I'm glad you did, though. I used to browse it a lot and it just made me want to lie in bed all day and wallow.

45meatballs 2 points

Yeah, the only difference for me was that I actually did lie in bed all day and wallow.

SuperciliousSnow 9 points

I hate that subreddit, it's so fucking depressing. If I'm having a bad day it just makes me feel worse.

45meatballs 6 points

I had to cut myself off from using it recently. It kinda messed me up when I was already messed up so now I rarely go on it when I'm in a good mood, let alone a bad mood :/

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