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503Oregonboy 12 points

I use a shutter release cable to take the picture. I set the light sensitivity all the way to the darken side and shined a flashlight into the light capturing diode to shorten the exposer. The moon’s light is concentrated through the telescopes eyepiece so it’ll over expose if you don’t try to minimize the exposer.

503Oregonboy 14 points

I use a shutter release cable to take the picture. I set the light sensitivity all the way to the darken side and shined a flashlight into the light capturing diode to shorten the exposer. The moon’s light is concentrated through the telescopes eyepiece so it’ll over expose if you don’t try to minimize the exposer.

toomanybeersies 2 points

That's like a grand of FP-100 at current market prices. Nice.

503Oregonboy 1 point

If the market price is $35 a box, then 33 boxes x $35 = $1155. It’s value has gone up and is only going up. Plus the additional film rolls and packs, it’s quite an expensive hobby to say the least.

sad-king-billy 2 points

I have exactly one pack of FP100C in my fridge. I have no idea what I will ever use it on. I'm too scared.

503Oregonboy 2 points

Use them for special occasions. Birthdays, trips, events, gatherings...etc. It’s better to be used and cherish the moment.

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503Oregonboy 1 point

Not sure what might be causing it on the b&w film. To me it looks like you might have a light leak. Since it’s on the same area of the film in each shot and the rest looks fine.

Glennard 5 points

Awesome! Came out way better than mine, there was way too much smoke from the humidity at our fireworks and I was shocked how long the exposure took on my SLR680!

503Oregonboy 3 points

I was holding the shutter for a good 5 seconds. No adjustments on the light/darken dial. Surprised it even captured the fireworks on SX-70 film.

503Oregonboy commented on a post in r/analog
503Oregonboy 1 point

How long was the shutter?! Looks amazing!

glg59 2 points

Omg. I can’t remember but I would bet I did a 30-60 second range. Took this over 30 years ago. I’m betting they don’t have yellow sodium lighting on that bridge anymore. Who’s knows? And thanks!

503Oregonboy 1 point

This picture is older than me! Lol. Thanks anyways. 👍🏻

wredditer 4 points

How fresh is that packfilm and how long does it last even after being frozen

503Oregonboy 3 points

Never freeze it. It could burst the chemical packs inside. Just keep it cold and it should last a good 3-5 years without color shifting. After that it may start to shift but work nonetheless.

Michel_NOLA 3 points

And that's just instant film right? Because I have about $500 worth of 35mm film in my freezer, I've always been told to freeze it...

503Oregonboy 1 point

That’s what I’ve heard too. Anything with chemicals pods you SHOULD NOT freeze. 35mm is okay to freeze, at least that’s what I’ve read.

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503Oregonboy commented on a post in r/Polaroid
503Oregonboy 3 points

That’s awesome! I’ve been looking to buy a pouch but all the ones on eBay are expensive or worn out. I’d pay $30, a bit more if it has a shoulder strap. How about adding a pocket to keep an extra pack of film? That could come in handy.

MichaWha 1 point

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like 'em!

A pocket for a pack of film would be a good idea but we'll have to see if it's doable and how it looks like, it would be quite a big addition on a pouch. If you look at the pocket she made just for photos, it's already quite "big"...

503Oregonboy 1 point

We want BIGGER! :D

ar-_0 1 point

What film do you use with this camera?

503Oregonboy 2 points

Fujifilm fp-100c. They don’t make it anymore so what’s out there is all there is left.

gathhelmet 1 point

Such a good find, and nice shots too! Man, where are all these magical Goodwills at?

503Oregonboy 3 points

Portland! 😎

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-ZapRowsdower- 3 points

Hold on, wouldn't an all-dark wheel shorten the exposure? I'd figure you'd want a long exposure for the moonlight?

503Oregonboy 3 points

Oh no! Basically the moon’s light is intensified when viewed through a telescope. I had to shorten it so not to over expose the image too much.

terriblesnaps 2 points

One of the things I struggle with in instant/film photography is centering/framing shots properly, and you nailed it through a telescope haha.

I love how detailed it looks considering it's through a telescope. Awesome stuff.

503Oregonboy 3 points

Thanks! I was racing the clouds before they covered the moon.

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rainbowmushr00m 2 points

Are Easter lily and Domino cactus the same thing?

503Oregonboy 2 points

Yeah! 😎🌵

husbanje 4 points

So good! Where did you get the planters?

503Oregonboy 3 points
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riteflyer27 2 points

This is the first time I upvoted anything from r/food! This looks amazing!

503Oregonboy 2 points

Thanks! 🙌🏻

Veeksvoodoo 2 points

Good job! Just a suggestion but maybe put pieces of foil around the edges to prevent them from burning. How did you make the roses?

503Oregonboy 1 point

I’ll try the foil next time I bake. The roses were made by using blank leaves and rolling 5-6 of them together.

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LemmeSplainIt 10,606 points

My parents live on a very steep hill in a mountain neighborhood, one night they had a freeze over like this where you literally couldn't find a single non-icy patch. My wife and I stayed the night after parking our car at the top of the hill. The next day my dad calls me crying laughing as he watched his security tape of us going ten foot up the hill, sliding twenty back down, my dog giving up on us and literally ripping the leash from my hands like a chew toy (He's over half my weight) and making his way up the hill without us, my wife losing her bags as I try to stop them from continuing down the slope as I lie prone trying to use my nails to stop the slide. I crawled up people's lawns to get to the car. Fuck that day.

Edit: I'll ask my dad if he still has the video tomorrow when he wakes up for all you sick people wanting to watch my misery.

Edit 2: Thank you all for fucking my inbox with RemindMe!'s, no really, I love not being able to find a single reply to any other thread I want to discuss, it's great. Only 18 new messages since I started writing this edit! Damn you, reddit.

Final edit/update: sighhhhh , I'm sorry my friends, this was my dad's reply this morning, sorry to disappoint, though not really, I am almost glad you all didn't see my misery in real time, but again, sorry for the disappointment, I'll look through his computer next time I'm over there to see if I can find It myself and post it, but he thinks he deleted it :/

503Oregonboy 1 point

RemindMe! 2 days

[deleted] 3 points


503Oregonboy 8 points

I found the recipe on the back of a cookie cutter set. The lemon extract adds a nice touch I say.

[deleted] 3 points


503Oregonboy 5 points

I used this store bought icing. They come in many colors. Works great and hardens in minutes. Be sure not to cut too much of the plastic tip or your lines will be too wide and the icing may spread before it hardens.

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503Oregonboy 13 points

This was taking using a tripod and a piece a cardboard to block the light sensor. The light and dark settings were set on the lightest setting. I pushed the shutter button and let go, the camera did the rest. It took a little over 10 seconds before the camera ejected the picture.

What amazes me about the picture is how clear and crisp the pine needles are and the crimping along the metal on top of the ornament.

cheshire26 2 points

Wait, how did you block out the light sensor?

503Oregonboy 2 points

Literally just rested a piece of cardboard in front of the sensor. No tape or nothing. Just placed it in front.

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