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The price is too high. People have made amazing animation with no budget, let alone 350k. Honestly 10k sounds generous for an online cartoon.

Oh fuck thats Mr. Enter.

Several years on YouTube and he still uses a Snowball? And he talks directly into it?

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I'm not sure Jacket outright hates and is completely violent towards Russians. He only seems comfortable (for the most part) attacking mobsters or wrongdoers who also happen to be Russian, and even then, it's implied/possible that he tries to evade any feelings of guilt he would feel while killing them by putting on masks before missions; Jacket doesn't seem to be like Jake, who will even go as far as to attack innocent Russian citizens when provided with the opportunity

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I know 50 Blessings threatens all their killers into going out if they don't answer phone calls, but Jacket might enjoy it. He keeps newspaper clippings of his killings even.

He did kill the homeless dude. I don't think he deserved it. Also you can't really assume Jacket is the usual anti hero when is executions are extremely brutal, you can't just say "they deserved it".

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What I've heard and like to believe is Jacket really hates Russians. After all, Russians killed his squadmates, and shot him in the war.

So when he thinks the Russians are behind the phonecalls? He hates them even more.

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Does anyone else feel this whole joke turned out to be really cringey? The folks over at T_D seem to really enjoy laughing about it as if it's "the best we've got".

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The way it was hyped made it seem like a Thanksgiving Parade sized balloon. But its like 5 times smaller than that

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Well then don't complain about it. This model of paying for things straight from the source is the a la carte model we've wanted.

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Not everyone binge watches shows in a week. To cancel my netflix plan, a service where i watch multiple shows and movies, for a service where I'm only watching one show, is ridiculous.

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the other new song, Can't You See, is also played in this vid, time stamp in YouTube comments.

It is a clever name though. Since we have London, Paris, and Bagdad in Kentucky. A city named Munich wouldn't surprise me if it was real.

I don't think there's NDA on personal experiences ? Plus he doesn't mention the company he's talking about.

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at one point he says a "certain Bellevue company"

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They should swap over to doing "just maps" operations every other op so they can keep them going. I think the lack of new content in the form of maps/skins lately is a big reason why CS has lost between a quarter and a third of its average players in the past 3-4 months.

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Valve did basically kill trading. They sent OPSkins a cease and desist for offering a premium service to bypass the trade hold, and of course, they increased the trade hold.
I wouldn't be surprised if a large amount of players in the game only had it for case opening/trading purposes.

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All their spare time is occupied making a shitload of money. Who's got time to update anything‽

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They updated their website recently.

Not trying to start an argument here, but I'm just confused by this. You are basically ignoring the text that is foundational to your religion and only following the parts that you like to when the text is the literal "word of God." It's like being in an abusive relationship and saying, "Well, he's pretty nice and doesn't hit me when he's sober."

I was raised Lutheran, so I know about reformed Christianity. Hell, my church had a rock band to attract us kids when I was growing up. But I could never separate the fact that despite all the nice lessons that are taught and picked from throughout the Bible, they are right next to passages of God being a murderous asshole. There are so many other ways to view the world that don't rely on suppressing your rational brain simply because the thought of death is scary.

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Its not just being afraid of death.

I look at the world, nature, and everything around us. The universe is so complex and precise that a god had to create it. The Big Bang just happened with no known force behind it? I don't buy that. The fact that we're here at all is astounding and convinces me God exists.

This is what I believe, you don't have to, but I'm just making my case for why i think God exists.

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See also: Speaking in "tongues." I saw some guy go into that crap and I just barely stopped myself from dying laughing.

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Apparently most people in those denominations fake it. If I'm correct, they believe if you don't speak in tongues, the Holy Spirit isn't with you, and if it isn't with you, you can't go go heaven.

And you can say whatever gibberish you want, you don't even have to even pretend to speak a real language.

Like really, they could just grab 20 skins from the workshop, and toss them in a case. They have the ability to funnel money right into their wallets, and they don't. I'd love to see some of the skins on the workshop become a thing, because there's some great looking ones.

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They probably don't want another Howl situation, so they put some research into making sure the skins aren't breaking copyright.

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Valve release cases frequently: OMG VALVE STOP RELEASING CASES AND FIX THE GAME!!!!!!!!!

Valve dont release cases frequently: OMG VALVE WE NEED A NEW CASE NEW SKINS

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Skin creators are paid handsomely when a skin gets in the game. I like the community gets paid back aspect of cases.

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The coconut story isn't that bad imo... now the jolly rancher story is on a whole new level.

Edit: warning - its pretty gross.

Edit2: even though most of the damage is probably done... I'm going to add [nsfl], just because of some of the comments about this.

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Whats worse, guy fucks a coconut which spawns maggots or guy crunches on ghonnorhea?

I think the winner is clear.

You're forgetting the part where the cosmetic items offered gameplay advantages

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I mean, there's no PvP in Payday 2 so I don't see a problem with that very much.

Yeah, I agree that’s a pretty dicey age gap.

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Maybe if the guy is 18. But going after high school girls while in college is still weird.

I like to imagine instead of omg, god says omm. For oh my me.

I know its a meme but normal swear words arent being made ban worthy, if anyone here was worried

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No kidding, Tupac used to date Madonna back in the day and he himself, in a letter he wrote while in prison said that while Madonna had nothing to lose for dating him because to the public eye it seems rebellious and fun but for him it’s like a betrayal to his follower. Sorry I don’t know the correct way to quote on the Reddit app but these are his words:

“For you to be seen with a black man wouldn’t in anyway jeopardize your career. If anything it would make you seem that much more open & exciting. But for me at least in my previous perception I felt due to my ‘image’ I would be letting down half of the people who made me what I thought I was. I never meant to hurt you.”

It’s heartbreaking cause Tupac never let that guilt go and continued to write letters to ask for forgiveness.

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I seriously cannot wrap my head around why it would bother people that Tupac dated a white woman.

I think that's why it was a bad memory. Sad situation having those shitty parents.

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Imagine assuming the quality of a person through a reddit comment.

This is bad information. Pornhub always opens up a new tab when you first click on a video link, but after that the ads are shown in the normal window. I've extensively tested this on chrome on Android, chrome and firefox on Windows, chrome on MacOS and chrome on iOS.

It's worth noting that I always use incognito mode, so the site may perform a little differently if it has saved cookies from you.

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Deleted my original comment. Whoever told me that was punking me.

Uhhhhhhhhh huwhat. No.

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Someone i know told me that and i ran an antivirus right after to see if it was bullshit. Sure enough i had malware.

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haha I feel like it shows more emotion and drawing clothes is a pain in the ass

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You just have to make pants tho

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I do think on this topic that sometimes people can be a bit too forgetful of what they played/watched as kids and how it felt to be denied when you knew you could handle it (whether it was true or not).

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When we saw the first Hunger Games movie in theaters, my dad would cover my eyes over the violent parts. I was 11. I also played Halo, CoD, and more at that time but nah. You just wee blood, the kills aren't even on screen.

I think what really bothers me with this comment is that she is obviously not eating her hot dog with a bun or bread (I'm poor). Who does this?!

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No bread diet maybe?

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