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5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/roosterteeth
Copacetic_ 23 points

It is perfectly acceptable to separate the creator (or artist) and the content (or the art), and only like one of those things.

5mileyFaceInkk 2 points

I feel that's only to a certain extent though. Like, for instance, i don't listen to Xxxtentacion's music because he's a woman abuser. I also feel that his violent behavior in real life stems to his music.

So it its a political thing, sure that's fine. But if they are actually a horrible person, that's different.

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/AskReddit
MediocreProstitute 578 points

Well, he took a couple of Bothans on a ship in the middle of an empty solar system. They look around, nothing but open space. He didn't explicitly have sex with them, but there was the implication

5mileyFaceInkk 1 point

You know, because of the implication

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Whitemouse727 5,126 points

The next year after I went to a different school. The band teachers wife suspected him of cheating so she hired a private investigator. The investigator caught him banging a 14 yo on the side of the road. The teacher tried to run the investigator over with his car. This happened in clermont fl if you want to Google it.

5mileyFaceInkk 3 points

Of course its Florida

notdazzer 4,140 points

They gave us lanyards to put our student ID's on so we could always be showing them. Kinda of a safety feature.

Which turned into the opposite. Lots of people getting in trouble for not having the lanyards around their neck, but that was because they broke when people would pull on them to try pull them off. Or pull on them from the back to try choke people.

That lasted for half the year before they decided it's not such a good idea.

5mileyFaceInkk 1 point

We have lanyards. No issues with choking as far as I know, but out lanyards have little clips in the back that you can unhook. In freshman year it was THE funniest thing to unhook someone's lanyard.

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/dankmemes
Vocall96 0 points

I still don't understand. Tip them off how.

5mileyFaceInkk 9 points

Landa knew the farmer was hiding jews but used the excuse that he didn't know much French so he could switch to English and interrogate the farmer in a language only he and the farmer would understand. This way the Jews don't know they have been found out when he finally gets a confession.

Vocall96 3 points

Oh I see. But what difference would it have made even if the Jews did understand, was it so they wouldn't try running away.

5mileyFaceInkk 4 points


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5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/news
Lefty_Mcgee 6,488 points

“All these black kids need to pull themselves up by the bootstraps!”

Gets 20 full rides to college.....

“Obnoxious attention seeker.”

5mileyFaceInkk 0 points

I don't think it has anything to do with being black.

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/nerdcubed
IrritableStool 5 points

The way this is worded tells me it is counted against every single individual game, film or book. It doesn't count series or franchise, and I would bet that the Harry Potter series and/or franchise still beats the GTA franchise.

Also why are there still so many idiots buying microtransactions on that game to grant it this status?

5mileyFaceInkk 1 point

Because you have to grind for everything otherwise.

IrritableStool -1 points

That's the whole point, isn't it. Don't you see that they've deliberately structured the game this way to force you to give them even more money? Can't you see how greedy that is? Why are you okay with this? There are thousands of games out there that you could play that don't submit you to endless grinding with a price tag on skipping the tedium.

If the game is that boring to grind to get what you want, is it worth playing? Are there not more fun games you can play? Definitely. It just undermines the point of playing the game if you can pay real money for the liberty of not having to play the game in order to get the in-game toys you want. If the game was good enough in the first place, A) you would want - you would actively relish the chance to grind it to get where you want, and B) the economy would actually be fairer than it is - you'd get a fair amount of money for time spent rather than pittance.

Reminder: I'm attacking your point, not your person.

5mileyFaceInkk 5 points

I'm not okay with it. I just said why people pay for it.

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