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5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/mildlyinteresting
UpdootsOnlyPlease -508 points

This is utterly disgusting and immature. You should be ashamed of yourself. Clean up that dirty mind of yours before it infects other innocent people, including the children of this website.

Edit: oh, no! What are you doing? You do realize that downvoting me only proves how morally bankrupt you all are, right? Grow some morals, you heathens.

EEddiitt: you’re killing me here AS WELL, folks. I don’t want my karma to be shattered like it was here. At the same time, I’m not a coward who deletes comments that are downvoted, so please spare me. Have some mercy.

5mileyFaceInkk 2 points

I just think you're being sarcastic.

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/gaming
RomeStar 7 points

Eve is dead

5mileyFaceInkk 5 points

Obviously not. There's currently almost 3,000 average every day. That's just the steam launcher.

Dfost35 3 points

I always loved reading stories about this game and it’s events rather than playing it

5mileyFaceInkk 1 point

Its almost like reading about some far off countries doings. An entirely player regulated economy, and wars that go down in legend.

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5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/AskReddit
decard2187 663 points

Going into a music shop and only being able to play like 1% of the guitars there.

5mileyFaceInkk 1 point

I think guitars are weird. Wouldn't left handed actually be right handed since your left fingers are on the fret? I imagine the strumming isn't as important to the dominant hand anyway.

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/AskReddit
ThePrussianGrippe 1,865 points

Many a time have I heard the God part censored, but not the damn.

That’s hilarious to me.

Edit: holy ***damn fucking shit people, I get it, you find the fact they center hole in asshole funny. So do the other 40 people who commented that in reply already.

5mileyFaceInkk 15 points

Or asshole. Ass is not bleeped but hole is.

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/pcgaming
CricketDrop 212 points

Isn't that standard operating procedure for Square Enix?

They publish a lot of popular games that people generally like on PC. I'm thinking of these:

  • Deus Ex
  • Hitman
  • Just Cause
  • Tomb Raider
  • Sleeping Dogs

I wasn't aware of any botched PC versions among these. The ones I've played have looked and performed really well.

5mileyFaceInkk 1 point

Sleeping Dogs needs a sequel

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/pcgaming
Rupperrt -1 points

Already playing it just fine. Removing denuvo won’t make it less demanding.

5mileyFaceInkk 2 points

You'd be surprised.

[deleted] 2 points


5mileyFaceInkk 0 points

DRM like denuvo is on AC Origins. I

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/AskReddit
asoiahats 39 points

My attractive SIL is a high school teacher. Apparently the kids have a bizarre obsession with my brother, her husband. They try to get her to give them his social media info but she won’t, yet they persist. I think kids these days when they hear about someone the first thing they do is look him up on social media. My brother was this mysterious person that they couldn’t locate.

One evening the school had a movie night and the kids begged her to bring him along. When he pulled his car up they lined up down the block to meet him.

5mileyFaceInkk 1 point

Something similar happened in my middle school class. My science teacher would talk about her husband in passing, and everyone wanted to know about him. Like people were legit excited when he came to school one time to bring her something.

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/wholesomememes

This is from a YouTube Red reality show called Ultimate Expedition, where they got a number of semi-famous people to make a group and see who can survive a huge mountain climb in Peru, whoever weaks out gets eliminated. There's a former WWF fighter, a female videogame streamer... and Steve-O.

First thing he does when he gets to the hotel is go in the bathroom and say "they made me promise I wouldn't drink tap water here". Then he starts to laugh, scoops up some water from the freaking toilet, and drinks it up, laughing like an idiot. I don't like people who do stuff like this, so I immediately disliked him.

However the very next scene with him was this one depicted in this gif. He really went around trying to feed street dogs, he really slept in a tent outside the hotel when they didn't allow the dig in the bedroom, he really brings the dog in the expedition. So sweet. I started cheering for him very hard.

And maybe I'll stop being so judgemental. A person can do something very stupid now and something very wholesome before the end of the day.

5mileyFaceInkk 3 points

Man you'll hate Jackass and Wild Boys

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/AskReddit
yalldusty 89 points

Anything that has “supreme” on it lol

5mileyFaceInkk 13 points

I like Supreme's hats and such, they are just way too expensive. Most i woill pay for a hat is like $25. They start at like $60. Supreme is just like apple, peddling insanely expensive shit as a status symbol.

SwampassMonstar 590 points

Snap chatting yourself listening to a song in your car while driving or smoking a blunt

5mileyFaceInkk 78 points

I know a guy who does this literally every day.

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/ScottishPeopleTwitter
pablorobo 270 points

“Hun” is associated with the soccer team Glasgow Rangers (colloquially “The Huns”). Glasgow has 2 teams Rangers and Celtic. Both have a fair proportion of bigoted fans hating each other ( traditionally a Protestant / Catholic split respectively). When both play each other (at least 4 times a year) there is a tide of vitriol, violence and, often later, domestic violence as bad tempers are taken home. The city’s A&E departments hate those games, as probably do the police.

Personally: fuck both of them they’ve ruined Scottish football and if they disappeared over night I for one would celebrate. COYB.

5mileyFaceInkk 1 point

Why do people care so much about a fucking ball game that they beat their spouses over it?

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/AskReddit
BPSteve 695 points

In highschool basketball there is no shot clock, so you can score and then intentionally stall by passing and running around to drain the clock. There was a boy's highschool game that ended 2-0 after the team scored in the first 15 seconds, got the ball back, then stalled the entire rest of the game

EDIT: to clarify from some comments, currently 8 states in the U.S. have shot clocks for highschool basketball. Most highschool programs argue that a shot clock isn't necessary because it forces players to shoot quickly, rather than wait and allow matchups to develop so that players can better develop matchup-based strategies, which are beneficial at the college/pro level. Obviously this can lead to situations like I mentioned before where it's taken advantage of. Another is cost, since many highschools don't have scoreboards equipped with shot clock counters, so it would cost extra money to either get a new scoreboard, or install shot clock counters near the backboards. Plus the cost/effort of having another official there to be a clock enforcer

5mileyFaceInkk 1 point

There's shot clocks at my high school.

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/Music
HonestConman21 43 points

Twisted metal black

5mileyFaceInkk 25 points

Thank you. Everyone i s saying how much they loved the game without actually saying the title.

RavingAndDrooling 401 points

Per Wikipedia... It was originally released as "Paint It, Black", the comma being an error by Decca Records, but, nonetheless, stirred controversy among fans over its racial interpretation.[15]

5mileyFaceInkk 4 points

I never even thought of that before. How do you even stretch that hard.

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/pcgaming
bmoss18 -25 points

Half the users were reported to be on PS4, not counting Xbox.

5mileyFaceInkk 38 points

That doesnt change the fact Siege is t In the top 10 most played on steam.

Born2Rune 215 points

Sho did, it's funny how these companies soon change their tune when the platform gets popular enough.

Look at CliffyB, he soon tried to jump on the bandwagon after shitting all over the PC. I'm sure he'll blame something again.

5mileyFaceInkk 69 points

I wonder who he'll blame for LawBreakers then?

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/AskReddit
LilSucBoi 305 points

When people are both anti-abortion and think adaption is some kind of childish cop-out are disgusting. They are so wrapped up in their morals that they don’t want to solve the problem.

5mileyFaceInkk 2 points

Im anti abortion and think putting a child up for adoption is the best course for if you don't want a child. No shame. If you didnt intend for a child you shouldnt have to keep it. So long as it isn't killed of course.

Flickerfire 2,576 points

My multi-genre-spanning musical tastes. No one said you had to listen to my with it.

5mileyFaceInkk 2 points

My saved songs on spotify ranges from The Weeknd to Tyler the Creator to Green Day.

5mileyFaceInkk commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Notorious-Ned-Bigby 4,809 points

I'd like to add in Cartels. Like damn, I'm ashamed to say I got morbidly curious and watched cartel executions on LiveLeaks. There is some medieval torture going on in parts of the world, I'm glad I get to chill in my house like a normal guy.

5mileyFaceInkk 1 point

I wouldn't call Cartels romanticised, especially with shows like Narcos, and movies like Sicario. Narcos starts out kind of romanticising but pretty much throws it out the window with the shit Pablo pulls.

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