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Strzok's The Strokes is a REAL G-MAN (had to plug my new fav band)

Can someone please tell me it is ILLEGAL for a sitting (P)resident to meet with a foreign DICTATOR (who meddled in the US Presidential election) in secrecy?

(t)rump supporters would GLADLY go to Auschwitz for this asshole of a (P)resident

What will Sean Insanity say about his lawyer now? Pour Michael, Pour Michael

if gerrymandering ended it would spell doom to the Trumpistan party. Used to live in Detroit and this district mapped out is the ONLY place white people live-it is skewed beyond bogus

I mean it's also a Reader Letter to the Advocate. You don't get much more leftist than that.

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I really don't like these opinion articles going to the front page. Not only are they usually glaringly obvious, but we need more actual news, and the opinion pieces make me understand why people on the right don't read r/politics or real news in general.

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womp womp

The true Republican Party needs to disassociate and dismember themselves from this Porn Stars and Russian Spies Corruption and Collusion ridden (P)residency that has invaded the WH. Give them their own 'Party'-The Republican Party, The Democratic Party, The Independent Party and now The Trumpistan Party

I thought the Reality winner was trump and that he was going to jail-then I read the article.

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