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0 points · 20 days ago

Could someone help explain the appeal of Rest In Peace to me?

The way I see it, RIP is just a shittier grafdigger's cage that has the significant drawback of turning off Ravager's modular triggers. The only graveyard interactions I care about are dredge's creatures and flashbacking spells, which are both answered by cage. Plus, cage has the upside of dealing with CoCo decks that may also chord for reclamation sage/combo piece. Cage is also 1 mana artifact, and doesnt require any colors.

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4 points · 19 days ago · edited 19 days ago

As has been mentioned RIP shuts off delve. It's also a lot better against Mardu Pyromancer due to Bedlam Reveler. RIP also counters KCI but cage does not. Off the top of my head RIP also shuts off Tarmogoyf, Lili Last Hope, Knight of the Reliquary, Search for Azcanta, Scavenging Ooze, and it also works wayyyy better against Ancient Grudge than cage does.

Also if a Cage gets answered you're back to square 1 whereas RIP generates value by wiping the graveyard. If you have cage vs storm, Hollow one, or Grishoalbrand they'll just fill up the yard then bounce/kill cage and go off. That plan does not work against RIP.

18 points · 24 days ago

I don't really get the argument that he's bad because they will remove it. They are gonna use that removal anyways, overseer just punishes them for not having removal really hard. If you're cutting overseer, cut it because you're not playing against decks where his active ability is not very important.

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That's not entirely true, he's the MOST vulnerable to removal of any threat. Ravager, plating, etched, and master all fare better against Bolt, Path, and fatal push. He's the least resilient by far. Better the removal hit a land or a 1 drop than having to waste 2 mana on an overseer that gets removed

21 points · 24 days ago

Stoneforge Mystic would be safe to unban. T3 Batterskull is hardly any worse than T3 Karn, and that's been fine in the format.

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1 card getting t3 Skull vs likely having to tutor 1-2 lands + drawing Karn are not really the same

I think the biggest bones of contention, IMHO, are the Spellskite and Blood Moons.

As others have pointed out, Spellskite is great in a Bogles meta, but lacklustre elsewhere.

Stubborn Denial is great at the moment, especially since you run Karn.

I prefer Damping Sphere over Blood Moon ATM. I've dropped it against Storm and Tron and it just wrecks them

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I don't think the Damping Sphere/Blood Moon split is that simple. Blood moon is a lot more resilient whereas Damping sphere dies to all the artifact hate they side in

11 points · 27 days ago · edited 27 days ago

I'm confused. Doesn't Walking Ballista have CMC 0 no matter how much you cast it for?

E: Okay, I get it. Thanks!

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While in play or in your hand it's 0 and could be hit by both Abrupt Decay and Inquisition of Kozilek for example. While on the stack the CMC is whatever the Xs are, in this case CMC =8

There is at least one problem and that's that FPTP generally has fewer candidates making it easier for people to become informed and decide between them. With Ranked Choice there's simply more options, which might be overwhelming to some people causing them to not vote at all.

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I agree that element might reduce voter turnout, but having more options means candidates people like more, which would increase turnout


So I've played against humans a few times and I'm really struggling with how to beat the deck in terms of sideboard cards. Here's my current sideboard for reference:

2x Ancient Grudge

2x Ghirapur Aether Grid

2x Grafdigger's Cage

2x Whipflare

1x Spell Pierce

1x Stubborn Denial

1x Blood Moon

1x Thoughtseize

1x Spellskite

1x Ceremonious Rejection

1x Rest in Peace

So it seems like none of these cards (or any others I've seen in most affinity sideboards) are actually very good against 5-Colour humans. The Blood Moon is a little slow and can often be mostly blanked by an Aether vial or Noble Hierarch. Aether Grid is slow and often by the time you can play it their creatures are being pumped by Thalia's Lieutenant.

Whipflare seems pretty solid but it suffers from the same problems where the biggest threats like Mantis Rider, Thalia's Lieutenant, and Champion of the Parish usually dodge it completely.

Also I find the match-up hard because the deck has so many fliers that can actually block all my threats. Kitesail Freebooter and Mantis Rider seem to stop any attempts I have of going offensive. How do you side here and how do you beat the deck?

0 points · 1 month ago

Singal pest seems the best answer. Get into a race war and get signal pest with a plating. Watch em scoop.

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Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

Honestly against Mantis Rider/Freebooter + their fast clock I don't find that works most of the time

If Humans is that rough for you 1 x Torpor Orb in SB is extremely difficult for them to beat. I have run it in my SB @ times. FWIW it can also punish CoCo/Chord decks being cute using Reclamation Sage over an actual spell against us.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Hey good idea, thanks!

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How much does the production of counterfits cost? I would guess a few cents. That's still enough profit, even if the cards cost 1$.

Think about how low the margins are on a lot of the other things China sells. Selling something with production costs of 4 cents for a dollar is still massively worth it.

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As i said counterfeits will always be produced and a few people will always buy them. My point is that most people only look to counterfeits if card prices are insane.

I doubt that. If you can get it cheaper, people will do so, no matter how much cheaper.

Look at the music industry and what happened to CD sales versus illegal downloads. CD's weren't 1000$. Compared to a modern deck, they were actually quite cheap. People didn't care.

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How many times do I have to say, YES some people will always buy counterfeits. MOST people would only consider doing that if prices got out of control

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If you're jonesing for an effect like that, try [[Welding Jar]] I run two mainboard and it only saves 1 thing but realistically that's all you need as long as that one thing had a Plating or a bunch of ravager counters.

-3 points · 1 month ago

EDH is incredibly casual, I'm sure 90% of play groups would be totally fine with proxies. Same for cubes. And if not, oh well, theres still a fuck ton of other incredibly fun commander decks to build. There's certainly no shortage there. And legacy is just boring. Even with reprints it would still be pay to win. Nobody wants that except legacy players.

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I dislike proxies for EDH because it devalues the money everyone else spent. Why should I have to pay money for cards while someone else just prints them online?

Second turn 2 mana 0 power creature? You won’t believe how big it’s gonna get!

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[[Kor Spiritdancer]]

3 points · 1 month ago

I would in general say moon. The impact of moon in the matchups you want it in make the loss of man lands completely worth it (if 5c humans can’t cast spells, and Tron is down to 1 mana lands, they aren’t much of a threat.)

Additionally, you touched on it, blood moon isn’t an artifact, and will not be hit by spree/shatterstorm effects. This has a myriad of benefits, enchantment hate being boarded out being big. While not being an artifact (RIP metal craft, ravager, plating) has its downsides, the fact that it effectively avoids most removal in the problem decks makes it a pretty good choice

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The fact that Damping Sphere is an artifact has upsides and downsides but overall I'd say it's better as an artifact because it makes it so that you can side it in without diluting your artifact count. Also if the opponent has an artifact removal spell it's going to take out something important (Cranial, Overseer, Master) so the fact that it can hit Damping Sphere isn't so bad.

your logic has flaws, if we are boarding something is cause that silver bullet really disrupts with whatever the opponent is doing so that card (damping sphere) takes precedent over plating, overseer or master. thats just they way i see it

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  1. That's dependent on the boardstate.
  2. My point was that whether they kill Sphere or not they will be getting your best artifact so even if Sphere was immune you'd still end up losing a Plating or Overseer


It's basically a max 15hr/week work placement at minimum wage. I got it in a lab so that got me some experience, connections, etc.

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Don't you have to be a summer students to do that though?

If you assume 50% of the revised duals have been destroyed (which is way, way too high of a rate of attrition), that leaves you with 94,500 in supply on each dual. Even if you buy 1000 of an individual revised dual, you only have bought up 1% of the available supply. 1% ain't shit for leverage.

There's simply too much supply to 'destroy the market' on revised cards. Create a temporary panic maybe, but prices will equalize again over time as people with the other 99% of the supply start looking to sell.

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First we take your assumption that half are destroyed. Then consider that most of the intact duals are being used/collected by players who are not selling them (those duals aren't on the market). The number of duals people are willing to sell for at or near the current price isn't all that high but I agree it would be an expensive gambit

those duals aren't on the market)

well, some fraction of them would BECOME on the market, as prices rise

really tough problem to figure out how many, though. but not zero.

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Yeah i agree with you, like i said it would take a lot of money. My main point was that duals printed != duals on the market

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People are forgetting about Eldrazi Tron and Colorless Eldrazi. These tier modern decks want to play this card because colorless decks do not have much in the way of card draw or card selection.

It protects itself, draws cards, is reasonably costed, and is better in multiples. This card does not go below $25. If it gets played in standard, there is LOTS of upside here.

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Protects itself? The decks you mentioned play very few artifacts so how is a 2/2 going to protect him

I love legacy. I’ve played hundreds of games with proxies and in free-to-play programs. I would love to play in sanctioned tournaments but, every time I consider buying a deck, I’m blown away by how expensive key cards can be. Volcanic Island is like 300 dollars, Underground Sea is 400. How are new players supposed to approach this format? I want to support the format, but it’s very difficult:(

Nonrotating formats are expensive my dude. It's just the way of the world.

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Saying that's 'the way of the world' doesn't make as much sense when there's a company out there that could make decisions to resolve this issue.

It could be in a core set, provided exalted was a returning keyword, which it could be easily.

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M14 (or was it M13) already had exalted with no Hierarch reprint

And the incest reveal wasn't even a shock because it was heavily implied in the season 6 finale!

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I think it was more the fact that his parents were married which legitimized him that was the shock

Or for example if a thing has a purpose. If you're diabetic, a taste for greens is better than a sweet tooth.

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Realistically having a taste for vegetables would be awesome for almost everyone

-5 points · 2 months ago


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Original Poster7 points · 2 months ago

Do you really think that's the reason..... not access to healthcare, better food, better education, I mean seriously

People liked Alara. Multi-color themes are usually well received because the cards tend to be more powerful and exciting. Alara is a consistent source of cool cards for EDH and some powerful constructed cards too.


There were three notable problems with Alara. The first is that they developed it using 5 different teams - 1 for each shard. This meant that there was very little overlap between strategies - unlike in Ravnica where the guilds were developed by one team and meant to overlap in cool ways.

The other problem was that the mana fixing was atrocious. You just couldn't build the shard decks and have reliable mana fixing.

And then in Alara Reborn they used a "The whole set is multi-color" which was basically not well-received. Complexity was really high and the draft format felt scatter brained and overwhelming.

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Good points all around but I just thought I'd mention that the fact that OG alara had bad fixing doesn't mean that a newer one couldn't have good fixing. KTK was 3 colours and the limited environment was all 3 colour decks.

Not really? LA Fitness for example charges only $30, and I don't see what's so special about AC or Goldring that merits the high cost (2x the price). Most of the time AC is full and often have athletic teams that come over and book the entire floor and almost all the racks. (Side note: how is it fair to pay for a gym membership and not be able to use the equipment at certain times because it's been 'booked'?) Sure, they have two gyms and provide plenty of other facilities (basketball court, badminton, etc.), but there should be a separate cost for those that just want to use the gym.

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Glad you brought that up. I just did a little research and here ( are the costs for LA fitness. Witht the $100 joining fee + 3x$30 it comes to ~$190, much more than the U of T gyms for a summer. Also LA fitness locations are not as convenient as the U of T ones

Sure, if you're thinking about this from a short-term perspective. As U of T students, we've technically waived that 'joining fee' anyway. Even if we were to consider this "joining fee", that's not that much more. I'm not going to be a U of T student forever, so the deal from LA fitness is much better. I also don't need to worry about not being able to use the equipment. Also, there are many gyms cheaper than LA fitness ($10-20 range).

Convenience is only your opinion -- not everyone lives on campus. Arguable, there are LA fitness locations around the entire city, but only two U of T gym location. So, the opposite: the locations are not convenient!

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Ok so first you say LA is cheaper then when I prove that wrong "other gyms" are cheaper. Now secondly the point is this: you're on summer break and you have 2 choices, 1. Sign up for the U of T gym for $150 or 2. Pay joining fees +3 months at another gym which is >$150. So as I said their price is pretty reasonable given that U of T students only need 3 months and the rest is in tuition. Also if you look up LA fitness locations not a single one is downtown so for a lot of u of t students that's inconvenient

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Makes no sense for the TTC to offer a further discounted pass if it's opt-in only.

He's saying that it makes no sense to offer it (referring to UPass) if it's opt-in only , not that it is already opt-in only.

Opt-in only already exists. It's called the Post-Secondary Metropass.

These sentences make it clear that he's talking about the current Post-Secondary Metropass (which is opt-in only)

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Oh I see. my bad

Even for the internet it's shocking.

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Ryan says that he opened a word doc for creedthoughts so that it wouldn't get onto the internet. He says even for the intranet (where it would be found) it's shocking

I kind of doubt it. That would imply the rest of the intranet within the office was shocking, which other than Kevin, it's probably not. He definitely says internet. He keeps it off the Internet by using the word doc. It still makes sense that way I think.

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I think he's pretty clearly saying internet. Also if it wasn't ON the internet how could it be shocking for the internet. It was however on the intranet.

Ohhhh was that supposed to be a jab that the wine was too cheap and would only work for cooking? Or that she hasn’t started cooking yet?

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That it was cheap. Cooking wine is usually like <$10

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