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why is it TMI to ask what your job is? that's incredibly important to this discussion

can you give us an idea of what industry you're in or what you do in general?

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I really don't see how my job is important to the discussion. I freelance, as well as work for a small but rapidly growing organization, that I now have more time to work for, because I don't need to get a second or third job to live.

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UBI is all about economics, so we need to know what jobs or industries people leave because of UBI, and what jobs or interests they pursue now that they have UBI.

I'm sure your UBI has changed your behavior, and you are probably now pursuing something you are more passionate about, or you can now take a bigger risk with the more money you have.

It would just be nice to know the behavior/job/industry changes people make before and after a UBI check. This is not to say what you are pursuing now is worthless or less useful than your past job, but it's important to know what decisions people make due to getting UBI

Edit: if you want your privacy too I completely understand and dont think youre dodging anything, especially since you've gotten alot of hate in this thread lmao

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Source Data here:

Network Graphs were produced in Python using pandas and NetworkX packages. The entire project can be found on my GitHub at:

Character Nodes are weighted by the amount of lines during the play, and the Connecting Edges are weighted by how many scenes and lines characters have together.

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Submission Statement: This video displays the use of Police force when political bureaucrats are cornered on their corruption. The education industry is especially suspect in this, as administrators have been taking more and more power, while teachers are getting shafted with larger class sizes and less pay.

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message mods to let them know you submitted it. this could be a great /r/conspiracy thread

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got it sorted out with the mods, just a mix up and they reinstated the post super quick

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