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Submission Statement: This video displays the use of Police force when political bureaucrats are cornered on their corruption. The education industry is especially suspect in this, as administrators have been taking more and more power, while teachers are getting shafted with larger class sizes and less pay.

The_SaltLife 112 points

message mods to let them know you submitted it. this could be a great /r/conspiracy thread

76willcommenceagain 53 points

got it sorted out with the mods, just a mix up and they reinstated the post super quick

AParticularPlatypus 8 points

That list has half of what you need, limited instructions, and sent me on a wild goose chase. This way is much easier:

You need the Moon Tester Tool and this file:

Go into the add-on screen, enter Moon Tester Tool options, then install the .xpi file.

Firefox/Pale Moon wouldn't let me download it (from here or through their store) so I did it through Chrome.

76willcommenceagain 8 points

Your solution worked seamlessly for me, thanks man.

Note for others: Right click the link and "save link as" to get the RES .xpi file

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