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Hey recumbent bicycle guy, NOPE.

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I think this hippo is so young, that it hasn't really learned how to deal with a threat before. It probably knows what a threat is, but isn't smart enough to know how to handle it.

It knows the lions are there (speaking of which, there are probably more than just 2 lions, IMO -- others are likely watching nearby), and it knows it's fucked at this point. The hippo is separated from the rest of its herd, and it's a baby, so it doesn't know what the fuck to do, so he just... gets eaten.

Edit: In a way, it's like asking why the young child went to the weird guy's van since the weird guy was offering him candy. The kid doesn't know he's about to get killed/raped, cuz he's just a kid. More specifically, this is a situation where the kid runs away from the weird guy, but gets lost, and the weird guy just constantly follows him until the kid gets too tired of running.

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So the hippo eventually gets candy?

Reality is messy. People also like to say shit just because they can, or for shock value.

But, really though, those country back woods rednecks you know that are truly racist. Do you think they are hanging out on voat?

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no, they are hanging out on boat - an older platform known for it’s catfishing

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Fuck these 5 fish in particular

Kebabong. Best kind.

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Kinda like the “Ask Reddit” sub. People divulge a lot of personal info about themselves and I bet there’s a lot of valuable aggregate intel on ‘anonymous’ users gathered here just by asking otherwise seemingly innocuous questions.

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According to all three of my black roommates, they can shit talk white people all day because blacks aren't racist.

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And no message could have been any clearer

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something something blanket

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I'll smoke a pizza with you. roll it up!

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pizza rolls

Haha...I have this mental image of your whole group sitting in a circle, and when you say “Ready...NOW!” everyone hands their phone to the person sitting to their right.

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All i could think about when reading this thread was THIS

Haha..this is perfect. The crab that gets the shell with the hole in it is like the person that gets the iPhone with the crack in the corner of the screen.

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Ha ha perfect analogy! This may sound sexist but I don’t know any females without a cracked screen lol

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Holyshit that shit is actually A M A Z I N G

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Another great lefty one-punch JAW SHOT

I’m not even kidding, Paul called me to fix his prius. I fix the hybrid batteries.

Small world.

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What kind of battery did you install that made his Prius capable of going 120-140 mph? I need that


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this one!

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an apple a day something dr. something

AirPods 2

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Boom. (Beeeep.)

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what is the name of this face? it’s the all time funniest shit on reddit IMHO

It's the lenny face, or at least it's a variation on it.

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thank you

There’s a whole documentary about it. I’d have to do some digging. Basically they got a human-sized opening cut out of the window so a person could stand “outside” of the building. They then rented a helicopter to film people standing in the opening. The same group was later found celebrating as they watched the nyc skyline up in smoke on 9/11. They were later arrested and released under suspicious circumstances.

Also they were on the same floor the plane hit. IIRC.

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Florence about to float my goats

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Floats Mah Goats 🐐

4.4k points · 7 days agoGilded1

Of course the Marines are evacing, you think a single one of their buildings are up to code?

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Shots fired

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Greer is my spot

Is nice down there. We backpacked into the white mountains. Got some beer at the molly butler before lol

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There are some great rooms (Molly rooms) available that are connected to the bar. The restaurant used to be 3/4 stars as well.

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